LORD OF WAR - Intro (The Life Of A Bullet) [HD]

The opening sequence of Lord Of War (2005), an intelligent, thought-provoking examination of the gun trade. But I don´t wanna get political. Just enjoy. Music: Buffalo Springfield - For What It´s Worth (1967)

The first time I saw this movie I didn't like it. I was just some stupid kid expecting an action movie and was greatly disappointed. I watched it again a few years later and saw it as it was meant to be and now it's one of my favorite movies.
Jack Harrison
From the cradle to the cranium.
I like how at the end he points his loaded gun at his friends before deciding to shoot the kid.
Eric B
the best movie that Cage has done in his entire career
Sergey Mayorshin
Shit, this is just so good.
A kid in Africa could've used that bullet.. Ohh wait, he did..
From the factory to a drugged out kid's head.
Cage can make bad movies forever. This one settled the score for all times.
How do we arm the other 11? Make everybody American
Ryan Nigro
The reality is that odds are a cartridge is going to sit it's entire life in a prepper's closet
Hur dur I'm a guns expert. -Everyone in the comments
Terry Green
this would make a great HBO mini sereses
dragon breathjr.
Boom headshot +150
"How do we arm the other 11..." God I love they way he thinks.
The Grauniad
poor muzzle discipline
I never noticed that the boxes are addressed to Odessa, Ukraine until now.
facedrill pie
soviet 7.62x39 brass cased no
Kyle Cho
the paper tag on the box indicates this arsenal as located in Odessa, Ukraine~
Trollin Alot
[HD] - 480p. Seems legit.
wow, nice shot!
praise the lord and pass the ammunition
Robin P
This film is pretty sad but true. Watched it a few days ago, the beginning was the best beginning of any film I've seen so far.
UAV is online
Christoffer Larsson
I fucking love this movie
Best Nicolas Cage movie.
Khongor Shatar
When hollywood made real movies not crappy films with bad plots and terrible CGI
Raoul Duke
Great opening lines, this is a really underrated movie with an actual message, more people should watch it.
Crimson Tiger
Some see a box of bullets, I see a box worth more than gold. Also the brass casings are innaccurate, if this is the Soviet Union, Russia, they would have used steel casings.
what i find kind of scary is that for the majority of the scenes, the bullet/cartridge is pointing forwards. Sure, it's that round's POV, but its kind of like... the bullet has always been ready to fire, from the instant it was produced.
Alan Wasson
someone should have told them that 7.62x39 ammunition is 90% steel cased. Not brass....js...
Jeremy Kyle
R.I.P bullet :'(
Michael Richard Roberts
Just watched this, yet again, and I'm always so upset when I say to people, "Have you seen Lord of War starring Nicholas Cage.". I always get a no, and I say, "Please at least watch the intro.".
Joseph Kayuha Jr.
This is one of my favorite intros for some reason
leo Malovini
Best Nicholas Cage movie ever! 
Bob Boberson
Tonight on “how it’s made”
Zadott Erazo
The only reason why there aren't any news about group of youtubers kill each other over a anti killing message is because most of them are 11out of the 12.
Automatic Oversteer
This movie and the National Treasure movies are the best movies with Nick Cage.
480p is not HD 
The idea is what counts. The fact that the CGI is awful is irrelevant. They're not trying to impress you with CGI. There's a message behind the opening, especially when the bullets get in the hands of the wrong people.
Luke Duck
Best intro ever.
Lazy Shokker
god i love this intro, really good movie :)
Doggo Master
I like how the "For What It's Worth" is playing, an anti-violence song.
Alan Wasson
and I love how the bore on that rifle looks like its a damn 10 gauge. lmao
Ratso Rizzo
This movie based on real man Victor Boot
awesome movie
Tali Sparta
I find it ironic and rather sad when people call war and violent acts inhuman when it seems thats all people have ever done. Cain and able, Romulus and Remus brother has killed brother for every reason ever thought of ever for no reason at all. Of all the things mankind is inhuman is certainly one of them. (I understand wars have to be fought at times but we are smart enough to figure out how star work but foolish enough to kill each other over greed and if the sun is a star or some god.)
Intro (The Life Of A Bullet) [HD]... highest quality is 480p...
This is pretty good. An NRA ad played right before the intro to a film which was definitely anti-gun. Cool beans.
Headshot +14 points
Asain Persuasion
Music (Buffalo Springfield For What its worth)
2:04 wtf?
Manuel Delgado
Nice shot O-O
tal sam Chan
Jerry McDreamy
Rather be shot by that bullet than have a staring contest with Nicolas Cage
Chaos- 9573
The best movie ever made in my opinion
nate smith
I don't know if you guys know this or not but this movie is based on true story
At least half of those guns are in America.
m I o . o I m
excellent soundtrack, excellent story, excellent cinematography, excellent locations, excellent sets, excellent actors (yes even nic cage)... why hasn't everyone seen this movie 10 times over like i have?
Damn after watching this video i don't think i want to be a bullet
Tyler Musson
one of the best movies ever... politics aside
Mr Hilter
One of the best movies. Definitely a must see.
needs more ebola.
Rick O'Shay
I certainly wouldn't want to be standing on that road.
Erik S
How to arm the other 11 simple by having NO GUN CONTROL GOD BLESS THE GOP!
Anyone has the name of the song ?
He's probably holding a gun he's never seen the inside of, with bullets that were covered in mud, and lucky if he'd hit someone at the end of the barrel.
Why the hell is the guy that shot the bullet muzzle sweeping all his friends? What an asshole.
Nicholas Cage is a Ukrainian arms dealer. Your argument is invalid. How do we arm the other 11? YOU DON'T SAY?
Ciaphas Cain
Steel is cheaper than brass, the AK was built to fire steel cased ammo. Eastern block nations do to some extent produce brass cased ammo now but 99% of what you'll see is steel cased ammo for the AK family of rifles over seas on any battle field from Africa to the Middle East to Eastern Europe and South America.
He's saying most 7.63x39 is steel-cased.
Kenny Grenier
yeah sure bud...
f lotars
This is a movie, but it is also reality: watch?v=ZRuSS0iiFyo
cheeki breeki
Brass cased 7.62x39mmm soviet milsurp? This must be science fiction!
Michael Magone
LOOKS like a COD map.
Salt Factory
and what message was that?
b n
Worst part is that noob is gonna have to wait to get back into the game
well that escalated quickly...
Working on it. Thanks!
Love your film reviews, hope more come out soon.
Ben Dutkiewicz
I see you saying this because you want attention and there's no reason to talk down about the site unless your about as smart as a rock
bob roger
Just like every movie, black people die first
le reddit army
Joe Aaron Blackwell
Why do I have this DVD on PSP?
long long ago, when Nicolas Cage movies were great!!
I think you need to look up the definition of HD
HD? Yeah right
The midget sent me :D
Solid choice of weaponry here, however, to remove the brain a person would have to use some sort of saw, which would make a much better weapon.
Jasmine Chaulk
11 out of 12 people would rather use their brain over a bullet.
Perky Bellsprout
Always loved this intro.
Such a good intro!
A Google+ Page
Distributed defense, wiki weapon.
He was a kid, at the end.
he shoulda ducked
Krishan Patel
At the beginning he says 'There are enough firearms for every 1 out of 12 people' so that's why he asks how to arm the other 11
CR Opportunity
Most bullets hit nothing, that's why you need so many.
D Shields
"How do we arm the other 11?"
Jacob C
0:31 "The only question is... huhdowenodow the other eleven?" The fuck did he say?