Lord of War final scene...

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Ryan C
I don't know why everyone is complaining, I feel like Nicholas cage suited the role really well. He's a good actor
Aurelio Leon
The final message about the UN's permanent security council is erased in some videos.
One of the better films with nicolas cage.
His Arabic was pretty good in the end
never go to war..especially with yourself
Chris P
Such a Boss, get's paid to get out of jail!! Love it.
ad set
One of the best movies I've seen, with great role from Cage. It was way better than War Dogs.
JCDenton 2012
And then that knock on the door near the end... XD
"I would tell you to go to Hell, but I think you're already there." All things considered, that was a pretty deep burn. Nothing hits like reality.
In Time, Lord of War, Good Kill, The Truman Show all from the same filmmaker, talk about activism
Sino The Awoken
the ending of this movie is extremely strong and probably one of the best things about the movie
fiddlers green
some of those men are the enemies... of your enemies. I love that line
Mari Mon
''_Umbrellas to the Sahara? Sun umbrellas'' LOL Dudes this movie is so beautiful, so poetic. I'm crying right now !!! This scene is creepy!!!
Marian Paździoch
Message of this movie is : don't buy weapons; develop, produce and sell them to others.
Blake Westman
3:37 Valentine knows that the Lord of War is right again. His expression and acting is epic.
Erik Sixx
ever heard of AUDIO???!!!
Leonardo J.
The world is a mysterious place
Dhimas Afihandarin
But unfortunately for you.. i'm a necessary evil.
Neil Tomlinson
Underrated Flick.
Time.Arq I Taller RT
I love the Suit that they both wear, one Custom maybe even from Savile Road, while the other from CostCo, powerful Scene, with even the Slight Details on Place
alice hatterz
A better ending line that would have made more sense would be “never go to war, just provide the ammunition.” Lol
In Time, Lord of War, Good Kill, The Truman Show all from the same filmmaker, talk about activism
Ironically, the arms dealer that this movie is based on, died from cancer.
Curious how EVERYONE from video games to movies,to every image shows AK47 as the evil Soviet weapon that post cold war Russia sold to everyone..Ironic that our US GOVT who is just as money hungry never sold a single M16 or any of our arms.. /End sarcasm
Ray Zhong
2:09 look at Yuri's reaction after Jack told him he didn't fully appreciate the seriousness of his situation. People always say Nicholas Cage overacts. Look how nuanced and subtle he is here. He's a really good actor.
Casper Richter
while private arms dealing around the world flourishes, the U.S., the UK, France, Russia and China (the five permanent members of the UN Security Council) are the world's leading arms suppliers
Jacob Peters
that face at 4:35 after the knock tho xD
Phenomenal scene. Excellent acting. Just excellent.
Random Gabe
This should be the opening to the movie, gives you such a good idea everything behind the man.
2:07 "I don't think you fully appreciate... the MAGNITUDE of your situation"
O K?
The number 1 rule "don't get into any relationship other than focus on customers. And own survival."
alex symmes
All these years later and I still think this is Nick Cage’s best movie
Lei Pei
pleasure doing business with you...
Marina Capri
There is so much truth in this video clip that it’s horrifying.
Stefan Tomasi
2:22 I feel bad for Yuri as he got divorced/separated from Ava and he lost his brother. So sad when tragedies occur to a family.
Ah, THAT MOMENT when Yuri/Cage hears "...but I think..." then some of his smugness disappears.
Jack Valentine is like the naive little kid in class who draws pictures of all the children in the world holding hands and dreams about "making the world a better place" (not knowing that the "rules" don't apply equally to everyone in the real world). Throughout this scene, Jack tries really hard to squeeze some sign of shame and remorse out of Yuri (Nicolas Cage's character). However, all Jack ends up getting is a rude awakening to how the world actually works.
Limiter Removal
underrated movie coz it speaks of truth
Pheel Macababe
"i would tell you to go to hell, but i think your already there"
RAS reggae
Nick Friend
....I dislike guns, but when your chased into a dead end ally or similar and the mad man with the gun or machete wants to rob/kill you, what are you going to wish for in your hand? That's right, that chunk of metal in your hand is your savior, where is the cop when you need one at that very moment? Meanwhile, the madman/mean bas***d robs you, then tells you, "Jesz your seen my face." Bang/cut, down you go. Banning guns will only make it easier for the criminals, they will have their black market gun, and have nothing to worry about in robbing or killing for the fun, Joe Blog, he has no gun. You see my point out there.The scenario I just told you, now your with your family, wife's pushing the pram or holding your son/daughter's hand with you, what you going to wish for at that moment? The gun is your protector, your cop in hand. Besides, if they ban guns, there will still be a demand for protection, so some guy invents another weapon for the civilian, perhaps a laser gun, 10 times more powerful and worse than a gun, we have the right to protect ourselves, so get used to weapons being around.
David Muzzatti
If you pay attention, movies will educate you on the way this world works & who controls it. The banking scene from "The International" is another such gem. Alas, as Agent 'K' said in the bench scene from 'Men In Black', "Humans for the most part don't have a clue. Don't want one or need one either. They're happy. They think they have a good bead on things."
"I would tell you to go to Hell, but I work there and I don't want to see your face every day."
John Johnson
Could you lower the volume a little more, because I can actually make out their voices
Saman Dadkhah
while private gunrunners continue to thrive, the world's biggest arms suppliers are US, UK, Russia, France, and China. They are also the five permanent members of the UN security council
Enno Pramono
The last man standing after the war is ARM DEALER. That ispires me a lot
Raven lovecraft
There are only two tragedies in life. One is not getting what you want, the other is getting it. ...
Bryan A.Cal
has nick ever fought aliens and if so why not.
Official Filmilen
I love this ending and it shows how an international arms dealer can go free
And there's your answer to what is REALLY going on in Syria and the *Arab Spring* as a whole.
Steve Rzucidlo
This is a very truthful moment in this scene. I could have lived this life but I found a much higher purpose.
lorne mcneil
love it best part of the film ,based on a true story if any 1 forgets
But i was no fool. Just because they needed me one minute didn't mean they wouldn't make me a scapegoat the next
Dylan Kaiser
Valentine must be pissed. yuri is so much smarter than him
listen up peasants, laws are for you to follow
Rowell Mason
God I love this movie
Danger Close
I think the Jack Reacher movies (Tom Cruise) stole that scene from them. The ole "You're gonna hear a knock.........
Sam Fisher
Justice vs Chicago PD lol
"I like you Jack - well maybe not..."
Ben Schmidt
theres no business like the arms business. Open doors even surprise merchant bankers. 'some of those men are enemies of your countries enemies'- case closed.
Ivan Ayala
Ethan Hawke's acting is amazing in this.
Only two people have seen the end of war: the dead, and the arms dealers.
faded fella
Power Corrupts and leverages the connections with it to sustain. Creating division and war to feed off the carnage, chaos, profits and exploitation. Systems of extreme hierarchical inequality cause civil unrest that breeds revolution and collapse. These interconnected structures made of systems of bodies in a state of connected enforced order survive only through the actions and choices of man. But as the stars and man will change and die nothing lasts forever. From having been awoken from nothing to being emerged in conscious reality than back to nothing or maybe to the next step in the pattern.
one of very few american films which shows the reaility
aqeel -
laid one on him and true
Stephen Sansom
He's not hell.
This such a criminally underrated movie. So much sinister truths in it. Absolutely love this movie.
thunberbolt two
I love this scene.
I love how it seemed that Nicolas had the upper hand, psychologically, until Ethan completely turned the tables with his last line.
Best credentials in the world ... 5:48
reaper6436 reaper
This is who the Vegas shooter was. he was selling guns and ammo for the FBI
I love how the guy goes from "Omg... I'm doing something illegal.... I'm gonna be caught! ... no... maybe not... ok... don't panic.... " to "............................dude. _takes a smoke_ "
Brian Ellinger
You are horrible people please just kill me while I sleep
Maan Mallak
حسبنا الله ونعم الوكيل
“Those people are enemies of your enemies”
janning schrotter
This is so true.
Darth Vader
Best film ever !!!
zazou bakou
last scene phrases seem a sort of similar to Rhett Butler' saying in the old good "Gone with the wind" ... )
عبدالله الأسمري
Goverment of USA is the source of all evils in the world.
what a sad world to live in.
The other guy looks like idubbbz but more mature
West coast renegade
Hey if it isn't me selling the guns it will be a major superpower. So it doesn't really matter in the end
MiSt 526
It seems unlikely that a guy who is so successful at selling weapons would actually be doing his own legwork and personally bribing border guards
On 2Wheels
02:03. You get credited for time served if you're incarcerated when fighting your case...
Mabunda Sifiso
Best line of the movie: Most people are happy just to get out of jail, I expect to get paid to leave
Kyle Clark
I like you...well maybe not.
Totally underrated movie inspired by the harsh reality of this world. The movie makes you think. Alot of people are worried about devil and such horrible things,when the ones they should worry about are devils that wear suits who allow and perpetrate such evil to continue in this world.
Darth Vader
Best movie ever
I don't think there has ever been more true statement in a movie, " The enemy of my enemy is my friend". Our government does things you would only expect from third world countries
Sam Fisher
That's a USMC wheel hat.
Eleeth Tahgra
Umbrella is a good business.
troller droller
an eye for an eye would make the whole world blind
James Shiflett
You think maybe the next time you could record that clip a little quieter? (Sarcasm)
zee zing
Sooooo true
Some of nick cages films we're a little lack luster but this movie was a definite must see. This part says it all
Oskar Helmers
why is killing so wrong.
Winter Sky
Being an arms dealer looks cool. Hmm.
Ali Hammad Shah
So US is funding the Balouch to carry out insurgency in Pakistan.
They say they want to take our guns to keep us all safe. Yet the bad guys always will have guns. Guns that came from us.