Holy Wars (Flametal Cover by Ben Woods) - ft. 55FCE Negra Ltd.

Alright friends, here's another electrifying flametal cover from the amazing Ben Woods. This time enjoy Megadeth's Holy Wars on the 55FCE Negra Thinbody. If you want to try to flamenco-ify your favorite metal songs, check out these tutorials: - />- /> Thanks Ben! Check out some of Ben's other videos by subscribing to the Cordoba Youtube Channel: /> ------ CREDITS ------ Player: Ben Woods Guitar: Cordoba Espana 55FCE Negra Mic: Pair of Neumann KM84's ------ MORE ------ Cordoba: />Ben Woods: />Cordoba Contact: />Facebook: />Twitter: or @cordobaguitars Pinterest: />Instagram: @cordobaguitars

Adrián García Torres
Guerras Santas - Megamuerte
Nacho Rodríguez
"Yes!!! I've finally learned how to play Holy Wars!!!" *goes to YouTube and watches this video* "Oh shit..."
Sukma Darmawan
His wife's so lucky
Angel Noose
How do I go back to regular music now?
Roberto Nome
*Rust In Peace... Guitar pick*
Jace Carsonne
They say he fingered a girl once... She is now dead.
Wow, I thought this was gonna suck. I was immediately proven wrong
The most impressive thing I've ever seen on a guitar
Metal Maestro
Mert 4
he just played for 0:55 that part
David Roberto Mustaina Marty Friedmanino
Joe N.
How can Lil Wayne have more views than this guy?
Aye Lmao
The funny thing is Holy Wars actually has a part with spanish guitar
This cured my cancer
Owen MacIntosh
Best part 0:00-2:40
Some guy : Why do play holy wars only with your fingers? Him : what does "only with your fingers" mean?
Dakota Cole
Thats cool and all. But can he play smoke on the water?
Fabrizio Caneo
Como le puedo dar like 2 veces?
Pablo Otero
playing holy wars without a pick is amazing, I ve never believe this could be posible. 
grim fiddle
Why do I even play guitar still...?
Nikola Tesla
There is a band called Megadeth or something like that who plays a cover of this flamenco song... (sarcasm off)
Irish Patrick Michael Collins
This dude is beyond almost every guitarist out there! Please keep doing your thing!
Imagine if Paco de Lucia played metal...
Take pride in knowing Dave Mustaine has watched this and he thinks it's "mind-blowing". If you don't believe me, check out his twitter. Great job.
SS 70
i actually headbanged along :D
Jeremey Lampson
Thank you for consolidating my holy wars fix to under 3 minutes 🤘🏻
*learns enter sandman* I can play 😎 *sees this* Motherfu-..
Fabrizio del Castillo
Guerras Santas - Megamuerte Compositor: Juan David Roberto Mustain, Martin Freído
Sr. Ciervo Crispador
Left hand of a metal player, right hand of a flamenco player... The perfect guitarrist is here...
mohd harith
Wow. Great cover. Disappointed didnt cover the solo
James Batzer
Absolutely fantastic... amazing technique!
maxi maximo
Increíble. Que técnica. Impresionante.
Anonymous Prime
I am honestly at a Loss for words. That was absolutely amazing
Connor Quintana
Well that was the best orgasm of my life
Kurt Neverminds
That's some high level stuff !!!
Sinister Stef
Damn, i read this as Halo Wars Never mind :/
Angel Zanetti -
Why not use a 12 string ?
This is the most impressive thing I've ever seen. I'm not even joking..
Mo Shahir
Much love from Malaysia. ❤
If Ben is a straight man, he’s probably very popular with the ladies. 💀
flamenco+ heavy metal+ AMAZING GUITARIST= the best video of guitar
alex fborges
Caralho mano. você destruiu tudo.
Richard Gredwulf-Cronley
If I could play this with the same skill I would consider my life complete.
adams kariel
tre-men-do!!! <3
I regret that I have but only one Thumb to give! That was amazing!
Yoshiki G
OH HELL YEAH!!! You sir, ROCK! \m/
The fastest fingers in the wolrd
Will Shaw
This is absolutely amazing
Wow, amazzziiinggg...!!! This dude plays so brilliant. He makes it look so easy...!!!
Sir Babz
holy shit this is brilliant 👍👍
Dany Gomes
Dave would be very proud amazing performance!!!
Dam electricfying
slot kross
muy sarpado aguante megadeth ImI
Tony Moncivaiz
Man that's amazing I wish I could play like that but damn you killed it bro. 🤘🤘
Edward Ace
Holy s**t!!!! Amazing!!!!🖤🎸🎶🤘🏻😎
Intro Ducing
The fusion of all 4 Impractical Jokers.
Teemu Myyryläinen
That was cool.... i wish i had that amount of finger picking skills and technic ...but i guess im bit too lazy to practice enough…
Mehmet Köseler
dude how many fingers you have ı couldn't see
Bugseph Bunnin
David Mostaza Martín Hombre-Freído
Arathian Digna
The tapping foot detracts from the amazing quality of the performance.
Tanvir Ahmed Khan
WOW... What was that? I don't have vocabulary for the complement. Hats off to you, Maestro! 💜
And I thought metal needed distortion...... Respect from 🇸🇪🤘
Nikolay Jovanovic
Imagine electric with distortion played this way, 🤔🤘
john kelly
Just when you think you've seen it all... Brilliant
Ahmet Serdar Balkan
Wtf You are very skill about guitar
Mohsin Ali Farooqi
I can't believe when I see his style of playing guitar 😍
you are amazing. The best cover I've seen
Holy shit! I meant.. wars.. :D Amazing
R. Vered
I will personally sterilize the two people who disliked this!
Kevin Gs WK
aka Robert Trujillo threatens megadeths job
joey bates
Amazing job your skill is off the charts keep up the good work
Dude this is amazing.Can't believe this hasn't reached a few milion views. Awesome cover man!! Great guitar work!!
Absolutely mind blowing! 🌚
am I seeing ok? how is this even possible?
Nikki Simpson
BRAVO bravo bravo👏👏👏 Outstanding! Mister you are totally owning that tune & the style works so well...
That sh.t's a master piece bro!
Dani Manrique M.
Holywars? More like holy sh*t! that's awesome .
Que Porra é essa??? Wtf man? Holy shit
this looks like it's so satisfying to play
Metal Morphine
i just damaged the replay button
Edwin Quintero
wooo increíble!!
Wow, I enjoy many different types of music including Vicente Amigo and Megadeth, and this is an awesome crossover I never imagined!
After watching this, I broke my guitar
Leo Kovalsky
shreding on acoustic guitar
I think Friedman and Mustaine are happy as hell after watching this.
Music And Coffee
You've done an amazing job on this, great work!
It's one of those moments that you don't feel like such a hot shit guitarist for a few days. And for a good reason. That aside... WOW! :)
Destroys all guitarists throughout all time.
Gabriel Konstantinovich
wowww is awesome, you have tremendous talent. you could do a tutorial slowly showing the scale to do what you do in the second 0:54 please
Benjamin Lara
Wow 0:54 - 1:11 that was amazing
Can play it on bass with just fingers, let alone guitar! Great job!
Anh Tuan Pham
Des pa ci to
Logorrhée Absconse
Awsome. Megadeth in Flamenco style works so well. Great job.
Dick Gordon
Overkilled it! \m/
Yang Zhang
Thanks, I throw my guitar again
Someone get this man a bass guitar!!
The finger movement looks so unreal, great job!
Yankı Yıldız
Finally ,great musician arranged metal music on flamenco guitar..This masterpiece deserves more and more thumbs !
Big Jack Gameplays
Before seen the video: why? After video: why Megadeth don't play like this?