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NYC Luke
I remember watching this the day it came out while smoking some bubba kush with the crew
chris peralta
lyrics are better than anything. i hear on the radio
Ha-Young Synn
sounds like knockout by top and gd haha
alan mitch
i bet if gd stumbled across this he'd totally be up for a collaboration, dfd is sick.
Chronic Cast
smoking bubba and listening to this = perfect ;)
Michael Yu
Probably the greatest song ever made
Don't listen to the haters. Number 1 rule of the internet, ignore trolls and stupid kids, they are usually jealous or just want to ruin your day. I really loved this track! Keep up the good work!
Glad to say i knew him since 09
88 Over Everything
Bring back this dumb
that KRINK sticker on his laptop tells me he gets down with the writers, respect dude.
Mike Schertenlieb
oooohhhh snap never noticed that first line... Big Bang and Diplo (i see what you did there).
Michael Vidal
Still can't believe this was produced by Diplo.  Look at him now... Jack U, Major Lazer, Mad Decent! 
Tibape VEVO
dum is legend
Sara Martins
Yung Lyfe Alert
Is that a DJ Hero turntable lol
...What is hip hop then?
Actually, what GD and Top were "singing" isn't hip-hop, it's just pop music turned into a rap version. Please don't call other people stupid when you don't even know what hip-hop is.
your fuckin picture.
Oumar Sarr
I remember watching this when it came out, still the best
Silas Paiin
Shahid Salam
the beginning starts and i'm like wait i know this song omg he covered one of my fave korean songs your version is so good man going through your videos lately and i must say i have become a fan
everyone know bubba is the poor man's kush
Sammie Kosuki
always and only smokin dat bubba kush....if u liked this song, youtube search "dienaked - checkup" for an underground asian rapper whos trynna blow up. u won't be disappointing
Ethan Delgado
for real?
Is that a DJ Hero set there?
william patterson
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damn i high key wish dfd would collab with jay park and gd&top. <33
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Colby Sears
compliment, but yeah probaly
Breeze Bruce
I think this is suppose to be a complement?
Electric Origin
you're a fucking sickcunt
andrew polk
wait what?
Samuel Yael
fuck now im curious
Edvards Kalnins
They would get yolly
Deidra lenakeysha
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Straight crackuille o'neal
The Dude That Comments
Jacob Slater
Right, I think only us Kansans know what that means. LoL
Angel M
This is dope
what is her youtube channel name? the video is unavailable
Eric Kim
I hope Diplo and YG entertainment sees this. So sick.
The Dude That Comments
I didn't say "Western Kansas".
Tobias Vu
its gd and top - knockout
then turn off your computer and get back to the farm breh
Brian Cheuk
"Wear my clothes and my shoes, and have my ID. But it'll never turn you into a rapper like me." Dumb saw it coming, Korean Jesus <3
The Dude That Comments
I'm a middle-class straight white boy from Kansas and all these drug adverts in the comments intimidate me.
beat sounds sooo familiar, i popped to it before.
ricky riner
Adams lincoln your a fucking Narc !! Nobody in there right mind would ever expect that you're telling the truth you moron! Your Cop ... Stop wasteing ppls time with ur Bullshit!
Azeddine Labbaïze
Joind YG !
I know most people will just skip over this, but Im doing this for those wholl actually read on. Im a rapper, God has blessed me with a gift and all I want is to share it. All I have is my dream, I cant afford to pay for ads, I dont know anyone in the industry, and most of the people around me only half-listen to tracks, so I’m not given any recognition as a rapper. If you can, please check out my music on my channel. Love and peace all day, God bless.
Double J
DFD we rlly need to collab someday hyung..I respect your music n grind. Keep doing ur thing!!
Sam Dao
you and traphik need to make another video together
Nicholas Parker
Where can I download this?
dumb on some real shit when the fuck can i get an MP3 of this?!?!?!?
Jordan Naish
Don't bother now it is down now.
cris stuf morgan
Best fucking asian raper whers my kush
Gd and Top were singing a hip hop song too ...Good job stupid
you know it
Breezy B
Killed it in Toronto last night!
Joe Arroyo
what album is bubba kush off of
I like this guy.
Jesper's Shark Adventure
this is sick
Actually my comment along with others helped the channel get taken down, bro.
Adham Tounsy
your advertising for the dumbass kid bro..
is this legit??
Dylan Lamoureux
check out my buddy, representing a small city in Ontario Canada /watch?v=stB6XmqXVvg
TOP and G-Dragon should see this!
tenzing kchok
man dfd i need d lyrics plzz ???
Aaron Fredrickson
Dumb! PLZ for the love of korean fucking jesus! studio recordings or Bubba Kush and Selfish! Need both these awesome tracks to hoot and cruise around with my friends to!
Sadly this isnt on iTunes
Eric Bergstedt
well the bitings over hahahaha
dumbfounded is gonna blow up, believe that
Jorge Mendoza
3rd Demension Extracts
Completely Sideways
ill, I like the video's simplicity & the cameraman did a decent job of creating interest
Completely Sideways
yo dude rap your own adventure bro
wav.yliving 波打つ
You know its true because his account is closed lol
It's a dj hero set
lol, I just tried to check that out n his account has been removed...
Michael Yack
No shit. Read the description.
Jake Kivanc
Guys, this beat is from Knock Out by GD & TOP. It's not DFD's beat.
What an absolute TUNE
its a girl hahaahaha
yeah the first 30 seconds i couldnt tell because that persons voice sounds like shes spitting with a mouth full of balls haha.
Jonny Vargas
ofcourse its not from that other kid, that kid was reading most of the lyrics while dfd does it ALL by memory! that proves that its originally from dfd and not from that kid, the only thing that the kid changes was when dfd talks about the racial stereotypes
BAU5 inc
Lol dj hero turntables
haha at first i was like nah its not dumbs song, then i replayed dfd and fuck its exactly the same. And believe it or not, thats a chick! at least i think it is
its time for the percolator
Eric Bergstedt
Holy crap like first of all its not original at all and he blows to. or wait is that a girl?
everyone go flag this kid please, I gave him the benefit of doubt, but I checked out the video, and he straight up had the balls to say "I wrote and produced my self". Uses the damn same lyrics AND even goes "that bubba, bubba, that bubba kush" at the end EXACTLY like DFD did. Ridiculous.
gd & top?
Yo Joey Wdup
aye I know you guys hate seeing these kinds of stuff, but please check out my channel! I’m a pretty big fan of Dumb and I rap as well. I’m not trying to say I could compare anything to him, but it would be much appreciated if you at least give me a chance and see what I got.
beat the rappers on the radio
Keveung Jr.
You guise know since that this beat is from knockout by gd and TOP, that kid can get in bigger trouble with YG?(Unless I'm wrong). You can atleast get that delusional girl to relinquish her "original". /watch?v=olMYqhqUvHg What a biter. Ironic that she took this song :P "never turn you into a rapper like me". Huehuehue
dope ass shit
yeah same as some of D-Pryde's verse
First time i heard this i jizzed in my pants.
What. The. fuck... Well, report her!