Blueprint: Evil Bikes - The Following

Originally published 5/7/2015. Read more about the Following here:

Skills With Phil
I really hope this is the rebound for them. The undead rode amazing and it's easily one of the coolest brands in the industry.
S Rao83
How things have changed in a year 😂.. bet no one thought we would have 29er downhill bikes too
Willyjaybob Indy
Love the BLUEPRINT vids... Keep them coming.
Hayden Wright
Fantastic video, well done. It's rare to find people who will actually ask the tough questions
Quinn Erno
That creepy guy in the background
Joshua Amahit
I wished they kept the uprising in production. would love to have an evil on 26.
I'm really digging this blueprint series.
Jim Borghini
Dave Weigel heli-skiing?
B. Stone
I love in the beginning, Vernon says, "what the Hell...!" right when the little girl with her dad is walking by haha!
All he meant is to say he is very stubborn which is a very positive attribute in an individual, because there would be no dedication without it. What each individual use it for is a completely different story. He's clearly shown he has courage, because he's been willing to go through a ton of bullshit before that bike ended up being a physical thing, and that deserves respect! I've never tried the bike myself. I just like the inventor, because he actually is a winner.
I expected the folks at Evil to be a bit more hardcore and bit less "punchy and playful"
Wild Outdoor Living
That looks so sick!
R. Treb
damn , needs credit as a visionary. now everyone has a slack 29er trail bike.
Dig the crap out of these vids
I hope Bike magazine continues with Blueprint series. I really like those videos.
29er all the way, so many benefits.
These interviews are pretty cool!
Yuri Boiblu
i wanna try this wreckoning.
i wouldnt trust this guy with my money and my life, thats for sure
bike love
James Wilkins
Well I'm an old fart who does not ride golf carts. Boutique status or no, I love what I've seen of this line.
Pablo Moll
Luke Strobel is such a sick rider...tons of style
Luke Strobel shreds!
i dont see any downside to 29's as long as the rims and spokes are strong enough to take a beating as far as geometry working around the rim size they seemed to have nailed it . an extra inch and a half isnt going to make much difference except in bed maybe
jared harris
I want one
Paul Cartwright
I don't see the point tbh ,! .? A bike that I can't trust ? Mmmm no thanks I'll keep my Bronson ,they test it at the factory .... YOU KNOW LIKE BEFORE THEY GIVE IT TO CUSTOMERS., ,! Douches
Matt Leonard
vern is looking swole in this video
my next bike
Brandon L
wasnt this video already out?
Ben Battista
So they never actually covered the issue. The bikes cracking! How has that been fixed? Or is it still bad? I want an undead haha
So does Evil make 29ers only then?
would a 140mm or even 150mm fork change the geo drastically?
Honda 2000
Evil makes awesome bikes. They also have shaped/read the market brilliantly. They got everyone hooked on their 29er following....then the Wreckining came out and people loved it too. Then made the Following MB a tad longer. Now bikes have gotten longer, and seemingly rightfully so, and boooom, they introduce the OFFERING, which should be their best selling 29er, as it has bang on Geometry for where I’d guess where the industry will settle on for a long time. I’d say many many Evil fans that bought the original Following, then bought the Following MB, and will buy the new OFFERING. Smart company and killer bikes. I have ridden the calling and it’s a bomber 130mm bike that pedals better than most XC bikes. I want to try the OFFERING out and see how the 29in wheels shred.