Yohanna - Is It True (Iceland) LIVE 2009 Eurovision Song Contest

Yohanna represented Iceland at the 2009 Eurovision Song Contest in Moscow with the song Is It True

sadly she participated in the wrong year
George Delavinias
The best Icelandic entry ever. The real winner
Rob P.R. Cap
10 years on, this song still sends chills through me.
David Arnold
im surprised that Iceland has not won yet
Any other year, she would have one!
Only 19 years old! Wow!!!
SHE WAS ONLY 18 HERE????!?!?!
I WANTED HER TO WIN SO MUCH!!! One of the best entries in Eurovision history. Love from Greece
Esc Fan
I really wish yohanna had competed in a different year! I loved it all iceland! Well done!
After all these years , still a good one. Love from Turkey <3
Yesenia Sandoval
Masterpiece! <3<3<3<3<3
Reigo Rahumäe
For me it is the most beautiful ESC song ever
Luis Zuñiga
Please Iceland send her to Eurovision 2017 🙏
Iceland should send her again and then she should be the winner!
She has such a stunning voice! One of my favourite entries ever. Bring back Yohanna💓
Enrique Parellada
2:22 to 3:00 Perfect vocals, goosebumps... Just the wrong year. Probably the best voice ever in the ESC.
The best one. I really love this from Portugal! <3
EurovisionFan Slovakia
Love this song. Please, Yohanna, come back with other awesome song like this...
Benas Kirša
One of the best performances I have ever seen on Eurovision stage. It was just so beautiful in every aspect - the song, the staging, the singer, the voice. It had absolutely everything. She totally blew me away. It's something that leaves you speechless and touches the deepest corners of your heart.
The real winner of ESC 2009!
Emanuele Fabbri
the real winner in 2009!!!
Alya Li
Yohanna is beautiful
Eurovision Slovakia
Come back Yohanna! Iceland needs you! 🇮🇸🇮🇸🇮🇸
I'm pretty sure the backing singers took part separately in other editions of ESC, lol Iceland really is so small :D
Dragana Ristic
My winner of 2009. She should've won! Nothing against Norway, but this song is much better
Sarp Yalçın
the true winner-or-second in esc 2009, yohanna did very good job.. but alexandar rybak was very nice too, I am between them. azerbaijan was good too. (türküm la çaktırmayın heryerdeyiz :D)
Alfred Spiteri
One of my favs in the eurovision and the stage it was spectacular
George Austin Tay
Is it GOD? Is it JESUS??? Flawless song, 1000x better than the winner
One of our best entries ever, and so above the standard of what we usually send. Very special, and Yohanna nailed the performance (both times!). We were unlucky to go up against Rybak that year, but I will always be proud of this effort.
Gennaro Romano
After 9 years this masterpiece make me cry again 💋💟
Eduard Uy
Magical and flawless love from the Philippines :) one of the best entries of Iceland
Backing singers are Hera Björk (next year's entrant) and the boy who sang "This is my life" previous year.
Come back to be a winner 💙🇮🇸
Ilya Tarend
ThHer vocal and song are so perfect! Like it!
Leclercq Thibaut
Sweetness, beauty, she seems to come out of a fairy tale and I love the song as well. She would have won if she had represented any other country.
An emotionnal song, I largely prefer it over Fairytale that sounds too "Cock-a-doodle-dooish" for me
2:40 This moment is the best from the entire competition. When I listen this moment I fell in love with her. The winner for me. My favourite song from the entire ESC, then angel and then my secret combination. I think she should have received more points than Alexander Rybak. The second most robbed contestant from all the competitions. The first one is Allison from America's next top model in cycle 12 and 17 (out of the point but I wanted to speak about it). PS Yohanna one of the most beautiful women in the ESC.
Freddy Harper Davis
This is my ALL TIME eurovision favourite, absolutely fantastic!! I was gutted that she didn't win, but it is a song that did very well and rightly so
Jeni ena
She was my winner this year ❤️
Julah Mayfield
One of my favorite. Greetings from Indonesia.
True winner in my heart, love from Lithuania <3
Troy Condorato
Definitely by far the winner of 2009. The real winner is not real.
Leah Rowden
3:05 Spasibo! Thank you!
Compare the 2009 performance and 2019. Just FML
Ali Emre
They uploaded her performance 4 years ago!! 😂😂
Gizmos Monster
Iceland deserves to win, damnit! they should have won in 2009, 2010, 2012 or 2016.
ESC Alin
I do not remember last song sent by Iceland that I do not like it.
Marko Luka Klikić
Sorry, Alexander. But this is the only song in the ESC hisotry that made me cry, this is the most beutiful ballad in the history of ESC. Definetly the right winner of 2009
Leah Rowden
I desperately wanted this to win.
I wish that year had had two winners :(
carlo R R
10 years after and I keep the faith that Yohanna comes back to save Iceland.YOHANNA COME BACK PLEASE!!!!!!
Fue un enorme robo para Islandia!
Patrik Olsson
The dress :'( She's amazing tho!
I’m sorry but I’m still upset she didn’t win. This performance was absolutely breathtaking. Rybak is very talented, for me he was 3rd.. but Yohanna deserved to win 🥰
Gaming Tylker
Iceland is the most underated country in esc (Edit: I mean their other songs this one came 2nd but it should have won)
bdNiNjA JeSsOrE
It is true we love you !!!
The Puddingmaster
This is amazing, but I still think Norway was better Seriously, if this would've been in 2011, 2013 or 2017 this would've won
Wow... I love this song! ❤❤❤
Cléa 74
This one million times better than the studio version!!!! Love it!!!
If someone asks me draw an angel, i will use this image as an inspiration.
One of my absolute favorite ESC songs. Iceland should have won back then. Hope to hear her again in the future.
christopher -
Even though I love fairytale i still think Yohanna deserved it more - goosebumps after the first word ❤️ mindblowing
Maximilian Linkman
Deniz NL
I like this entry a lot, but I totally forgot about it until a couple of years ago.
Brodie Houlette
Totally robbed that year! Excellent entry from Iceland.
Yohanna is so beautiful. I think that will be very difficult to the icelandic singers to reach an amazing and beautiful song like this. I'm in love forever with this girl peformance and song... for my the real winner of 2009 :) Greetings to Reykjavik from Mexico :)
If somebody asks me to describe an angel, i will probably describe this lovely lady.
Renato Pereira
My favourite esc song ever! Love from Portugal
The firegirl Dancer
im still listen it 2018 <3 much love for this one
Zeinabi Gugunava
Село и в Африке село, Сердючка пела,мазер Факер 😀რა სირი ხარ,ჩემი კაი ,თფუი ვკვდები გინებით
Банџи Далтон
This voice, this beauty, this awesome song, exacly top 3 !!! Maybe wrong year but very good resultat
Danni FX
If you put it to speed 2 its already a remix
Yohana please came back to win Eurovision
Ron Weasley
i’m really glad because she got what she deserved. she was just unlucky, because there was rybak at the same time and she couldn’t beat him. iceland is really underrated but this 2nd place gives me happinnes. loves from turkey
Harrison González-García
First...I can't believe this was 10 years ago! OMG! Time fucking flies! Second , the performance and staging was ON POINT! What an EPIC moment!
nice song, good job , from TURKEY
Kirsten Zammit
18 years old wowwwww
ESC Galaxy
So beautiful and emotional song!
I feel goosebums everytime when I listen this...
The best song of 00,s
one of my favourites ever❤️
Aerin Øckalingen
I can see the Erna Hrönn at the back such a sweet and good singer 💕
Aerin Øckalingen
I can see the Erna Hrönn at the back such a sweet and good singer 💕
Petter John
ICELAND this is your TOP entry
Butterfly Effect
It was my favourite and still listening in 2018. Beautiful voice and beautiful song!
jaKov !
I loved Norway but Iceland was better
One of the best. Greetings from Greece :-)
Should've won instead of Rybak .-.
Jozef secret
Iceland have BEST musics in Eurovision❣❣❣Love from Slovakia
Dilara Fataliyeva
i loved this song so much now 2018 an im watching again
fall from the Sky
This was 10 years ago?!?!?! Time flies so fast :/
Rexhep Kameraj
One thing is sure : If Norway's Alexander wasn't participating in 2009, Iceland would be the winner. Amazing song and performance.
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Iceland is amazing at Eurovision! I want them to win and this was amazing. Even though it's 6th in my 2009 top, it's great! Iceland should win soon.
Kaan Çakıroğlu
Please come back Yohanna Eurovision need u 💕💕
lake hatari
A clearly deserved 2nd place. If i did not love Alexander too much, i would have been happy seeing Iceland winning in 2009.
Nothing against Norway and Alex (he was great), but seriously... IS IT TRUE??? YOHANNA CAME 2ND??? THIS IS A REAL WINNER IN MY EYES... MASTERPIECE 💙💙💙
Berta Silva
One of my favourite songs of Eurovision!