How LEBRON'S Nephew Prepared For LaMelo Ball! Meechie Johnson Is Built For GREATNESS 💪

Beating Melo, Ep. 1 ►► LaMelo Talks ZION ►► />Melo's FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL ►► /> This game was CRAZYYYYYYYY! LaMelo, Rocket Watts and Spire vs. Meechie Johnson (LeBron's nephew....) and Garfield, you know it was a movie! We chilled with Meechie as he prepared for the game, going to practice, his house, class, all that! He's only a sophomore but he's got that competitive fire for real. Spire came out on top at the end, but this vid is all about the all the prep that went into the game. Check it out, you won't be dissapointed! What player you want to go behind-the-scenes with next? Follow Us On Social! --------------------------------- Instagram: />Twitter: />Facebook: />---------------------------------

YouTube Guy
Look what melo has these kids doing 😂 Edit: I've never got this much likes thank you so much
“He’s not just a great basketball player, he’s a student athlete and works hard in the classroom” *whole putting headphones on during class*😂
Stephen A. Smith
Melo got these kids motivated, can't tell me he's not league bound 🤷🏾‍♂️
Hulk Hobo
He prepared himself for that L and ass whooping from Spire Academy. Melo also dropped a triple dub on his head 🤣🤣🤣🤧
Latifah Allen
So this team didn’t get beat by like 40 points
This man worked out just to beat melo 🤔
Aaron Escamilla
Makes no sense. His team and him got blown out. The crowd got outsmarted. No one can stop a BBB brother. They are unstoppable. Their father trained them well since they were born.
Trace Gagnon
Doubted you? Mf we ain't even heard of you 😂🤧
Zach Salisbury
Too bad they lost by like 40
@1:03 "He's not just a great basketball player, he's a great student athlete" as he puts on mf Beats in class lolol.
Ronald Walker
Overtime tried to make it look back and forth but.....😂
But they said Melo just another player though 😂
Miller _
Now you can’t tell me Melo is overrated when there’s a whole series of people just trying to beat him
The fact that his dad knows Lebron doesn't make him his uncle. That's not how uncles work. But whatever it takes for that clickbait.
slum slum
But didn't melo have a 30 pt triple double on him and spire blew them out? It was a 15 pt triple double lol
King TSB
they got slapped by 30... i guess he didnt prepare well enough
Omega The Iota
Melo motivating dudes to play better and we questioning his draft stock ? 😂😂 League bound
Ryan Tarighi
isn’t it weird when like 10 people say first and you’re like wtf😂😂
8:17 they wrong for showing that on his own vid
Emmanuel Efezokhae
So he prepped, just too lose
Rio The Kid
I’m dead why this titled “beating Melo” 😂
Elliott Perez
Loses by 33. BUT... “I HAD 19,6, and 5.” That’s the wrong mentality fs
Great student athlete and then proceeds to show him sitting in class with Beats on his head lmfao
Preston Dow
He didn’t prepare well
Kobe B. Bryant
He said when he first found out they were facing spire, he said it's time to start getting in the gym. Thats your damn job. That's where you supposed to be, not just to beat melo😐
Jaden Denham
But they got blown tf out this video not adding up..🤔
Levi Cook
Spire destroyed Garfield Heights don’t nobody give a damn about how he prepared to lose
Clickbait, he's not Lebrons Nephew
Sonny Vlogs
All that prepping didn’t help him from getting a triple double put on his head 😂😂🤦🏽‍♂️
Can u have lavar do the ot challenge
abdel rahman nasser
1:07 “he’s a great student athlete” Preceded to put on beats headphone during class.
Who else waiting for the game where LaMelo drops 50?
simply amazing
God damn that man is flat faced
Noah Restivo
How bron got a nephew? He was an only child?
Kenneth Burrows
And still got washed🤦🏽‍♂️
The Blair Dude
whos number 11 tho? hes the real bucket lol
Lost Thoughts
Imagine how bad it would've been without that extra training lol
Beating melo ep2.... But he aint beat him lost by over 30. 😕
With that last name, you sure he ain’t Magic “The Cure” Johnson’s nephew?!
first this bih clickbait, second spite clapped garfield’s cheeks 🤨
His bottom lip😂
Chris Rondo
Wth the caption made it seem he killed melo 🤣
When i saw the title i thought he was actually going to win...
PT Musik ✪
lebron’s nephew 😂😂😂 foh
Click bait but good video. Why does every college player and younger get hype and want to play defense after they make a it because they don't do it often
Matt Riley
I'm still wondering how OT doesn't have 1 mil...
He put his headphones on during class while you were saying he's a student athlete
vDribble 2k
I like how he doesn’t talk down on players he gonna make it far
Lamelo has all these kids doing all of this just to get waxed by 30 😂. League him 🏀
Trent Rains
They got destroyed tho 😂
Kristian Ryden
Hahahahahahaha and they got beat by like 20 hahahahaha prepare? hahahaha
Ahmad Wright
Yall clearly showed this man attention just to put Lebrons name in the title
Humble and respectful, good luck in the future kid
Siang C
Too bad he doesnt have LBJ genetic. We all knows genetic > talents in NBA
Jade Burigsay
Overtime Clickbait.
Vicro Gamer
Wait what did Larry say at the end. Cuz he told me to pause. Lmao ik kind of corny
my friend
Bro melo really got people to do the most😂 omg bro
The score 93 to 60
Now we’re ready for julian newman to get his chance to play melo
He didn’t do all that good this game tho
Cheetogod 55
At first I was finna say how Lebron da goat 🐐 gotta nephew but then I thought about his wife
Oscar Saroza
Something tells me they didnt prepare enough!.!.!.?
Bailey Downing
Lamelo better after that hair cut
He has skills. I like him. Kinda small though
XXXV Nullify
Melo clapped them lmao 😂
Detroit Scoot
Didn’t this nigha lose😂?
Dylan Both
Meechie Johnson OT Challenge? Please?
Marc Porter
Damn who is #11 on Garfield
Ari Jordan
A team full of D1 recruits and prospects yet they keep mentioning Melo smh.
Damian Vice
“I’m still hustling homie but I switched lanes” yeah someone go ahead and drop the song name below imma need that
Terrell Scott
My highschool jus beat these dudes😂
Hint Aspect
they still lost tho?
Mason Mallory
Technically if you tend for chickens... Aren’t you considered a _CHICKEN TENDER_
Koisansoap 0
Great job team! *loses by 33
Tommie Albar
A Lisp and an Underbite TUFF 😹 must not be gettin no type of gooch 🐱🙅‍♂️
Main overtime be trolling
gay lord
Clay Da kid
Meechie threw 0% of shade towards Melo!
Curtis Young
I fw Sonny Johnson he gone be some serious his senior year he just a sophomore now🤦🏽‍♂️
Jay Chizza
LeBron James does not have any siblings. Therefore, LeBron James cannot have any nieces or nephews. This is fake news.
Mon3y Talk
He ain't prepare good enough
Jayvoo23bbp O4
Why #11 ain’t getting no eyes he raw 💪😆 And this is about the only time I wanted melo to lose😬
So he’s in fact not lebrons nephew?
Alejandro Araya
So are we going to ignore the fact that #11 was balling even more than Meechie??
I see u Meechie!!!! Keep working hard, and you'll make it far in life.
Fast Pony
Lamelo not serious as always
908 Fredy
I thought that was Westbrook at 5:57 🤦🏽‍♂️
Basket Ball
He definitely not 6'2 curry 6'3 but their heights are far away @ 3:03
Vondo From The Basement
This is just a reach in my opinion 🤦🏾‍♂️ using Melo’s name as well as Bron just to make a story
Kvng_ Vibez
Melo and all of them 🤷🏾‍♂️
Boi said he's 6'2 but look small next to Steff Curry
carlos bukets
They lost and call him by his name
my friend
Spire took the dub tho 😂
Nickps 22
Crazy how the same people saying Melo was a ball hog are the same people saying oak hill scared
50,000 subs with no videos challenge
Use me as a I’m making the NBA button
John Collentine
They lost by 33 points... lmao he did not prepare very well at all lmao
Tray got game
Hey Larry make another lie detector video
Wayne Jenkins
Should’ve featured #11
Ken li
48 points at half time. Can't stop them. Melos team to athletic...they start slow and finish fast. Next you realize you down by 30
And got his ass cracked by the spires team 😭😭