Eddie Hall Deadlift World Record 500kg (1102lbs) - Includes Full Aftermath!!

The Beast Eddie Hall becomes the first man to deadlift 500kg, setting a new deadlift world record 500 kg (1102lbs), at Europe's Strongest Man / World Deadlift Championship 9th July 2016, in front of a crowd of 10,000 people at the First Direct Arena - this is how to deadlift ! See all the deadlift lifts at the World Deadlift Championship event, which saw 4 deadlift world records at /> The Beast Eddie Hall Deadlift World Record 500kg (1102lbs) - Includes Full Aftermath!! The video shows the build up and the full aftermath for the 500 kg world record deadlift, which still remains today the current world record deadlift on a standard Olympic bar with standard sized Olympic weight plates. The Beast Eddie Hall deadlifted 463kg in Europe's Strongest man the year before in 2015, see to take the deadlift world record from Benedickt Magnusson. Then in The World Deadlift Championship in 2016, at Europe's Strongest Man, The Beast Eddie Hall lifted a new world record deadlift of 465kg (1025lbs) doing it as a speed rep!!! See /> The 465kg (1025lbs) world record deadlift set by The Beast Eddie Hall was equalled on the night by Jerry Pritchett and Benedikt Magnusson, see Benedikt Magnusson's 465kg world record deadlift at but both men couldn't lift the big 500kg deadlift which The Beast Eddie Hall managed, to set yet another new world record deadlift outright. See Benedikt Magnusson 500kg world record deadlift attempt at /> Now back to The Beast Eddie Hall deadlift world record 500kg, It was a great lift Eddie The Beast Hall, but the celebration afterwards wasn't as good as my personal best deadlift, the 'dancing deadlift' ! See below for more deadlift and strongman videos from Europe's Strongest Man / World Deadlift Championships: - Europe's Strongest Man / World Deadlift Championship 2015: - Mark Felix deadlift 400kg (882lbs) - /> Jerry Pritchett Deadlift 435kg (959lbs) /> The Beast Eddie Hall Deadlift World Record 463kg / 1020lbs - WITH NO SUIT!! /> Europe's Strongest Man / World Deadlift Championship 2016: - The Beast Eddie Hall Deadlift World Record 465kg Speed Rep /> Benedikt Magnusson Deadlift World Record 465kg (1025lbs) /> 500kg Benedikt Magnusson Deadlift World Record Attempt /> The Beast Eddie Hall deadlift world record 500kg - including aftermath /> The Beast Eddie Hall deadlift world record 500kg - short version /> Strongman World Record Car Walk - Laurence Shahlaei /> Dean Wild Dancing Deadlift [chasing a 500lbs natural deadlift] /> Don't forget to like the video, add a comment and subscribe to my channel for loads more strength / strongman / powerlifting / deadlifting videos! Follow us:- Instagram: @Wild_Strength Twitter: @Wild__Strength

Anthony Gutierrez
Who is here from eddie hall and brian shaw QnA?
But can he open a pickle jar
If you don't have a medical team on stand by, did you really do deadlifts?
Hyper Trophy Winner
This dude probably folded paper airplanes out of 3/4 inch plywood as a kid.
Isaac Vecchia
The power of No Nut November
Brad castleberry could do it for reps
Michal Valta
The crowd: EDDIE! EDDIE! EDDIE! Eddie: Who's Eddie?
Big Chungus
At that moment of the lift, he was thinking about his kids
How many pounds do you want to add? Him: yes
bimmer boyz
You can get a hernia just from watching this.
Still the greatest! Who's here after watching Thor at Arnolds?
Krews Gaming
I remember carrying a 50kg rice sack and is was heavy as hell
He said after he did the lift he went temporarily blind and had memory loss for four days true dedication
Ezekiel Fili
Hold my spinal cord...
Green Guy
Pfft that's nothing... I helped the teacher to move the tables
dark BuRst
"When Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone, he had 3 missed calls from Eddie Hall. " That dude commentator was hilarious as hell.
That man wasn't lifting a car off his kids. That man lifted the damn world off his kids. I think the title "The Beast" is too small for this man.
W00f W00f
I wonder if he identified as a construction crane during the lift?
Eriko. Oy
This dude built the pyramids
It nearly bloody killed him though! Thats it done...no more records. If u wana lift more get a forklift or a silverback
Eddie Hall grabs the mic: “I broke my back.... spinal”
That lift took a year off his life, that’s the absolute peak of human strength and dedication
I lifted 1500 pounds once, with a forklift.
One second Eddie, i forgot to press record.. Do you mind giving it another go?....
Nathan Purvis
I thought they were going to bring out the defibrillator for a second
lanis samanfa
he remind me of  zangief in a street fighter
overin dertip
This is what happen to me when i drink beer with two hands!
Humans don't give humans enough credit.
Baijeed Chowdhury
Hold my beer, OK give it back
Incredible lift. He's truly pushing the limits of the human body
Gordon Ramsay
Anyone here after the 2019 Arnold clasic 500kg dead lift attempt?
baldy hardnut
Strongest feat ever done and it from Britain. So proud...
Mason Capen
What it feels like to pick up 20 pounds for me
I could deadlift 600kg... on the surface of the moon.
I've seen this Over and Over again.... This guy LIVED for that lift! And his WSM-title! SUCH greatness!
S550 Danny
It’s called deadlifting for this reason. Absolute madman
Buckshot Chief
my hearts beating just imaging being in his shoes before he pulled it off
How many are here after watching the Q&A with Eddie and Brian?
Guy looks pretty strong, I reckon he can become Worlds Strongest Man in the future with more practice and experience
Darth Sidious
Half a tonne puts it more into perspective what a beast!
Menelik The First
It’s amazing to think that 9 million people watched this video, but none of them can do what this man did.
Jarno Breen
He didn't lift 500 kg, he just pushed the earth a bit down...
John Lewis
Everyone who see this comment pray to God to get me out of my troubles
kevin g
I love when people start wiggling the camera and you can't see what's going on
wolfgamer2006 0
Whos here after brian and eddie q&a
Ogre Shaman
That guy with the fan is doing a great job , kudos
Shivek Dhar
If this was dragon ball, eddie's power level in the scouter will be at measely 80-100.
Bob Ross
Breed this man. His progeny will be the start of Space Marines.
Hi! Everyone! I’m 146cm tall and can deadlift 180 also squat 155kg! Is that good for my height
cnniz fakenewz
I looked the other way Eddie.Can you do that once more?
Can we all just take a moment and respect the guy with the fan?
Jakob Strand
"When Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone he had 3 missed calls from Eddie Hall"
KJV And Samson lay till midnight, and arose at midnight, and took the doors of the gate of the city, and the two posts, and went away with them, bar and all, and put them upon his shoulders, and carried them up to the top of an hill that is before Hebron.
John Halchishick
eddie lifts 500kg like that and i'm struggling breaking my 190kg pr... this guy is legend
They should tell Eddie about fork lifts...Or maybe some body should tell fork lifts about Eddie.
Stefano Cicatiello
Antonio meucci has invented the thelephone anyway
siri bergström
I literally started crying, what an absolute legend.
I mean yea that's cool but he's built like a butterball turkey
James Armitage
Dude said he had a brain bleed after this. He bled from his mouth, nose and eyes. He had concussion for a couple weeks and also lost his eyesight for a few days. This man was prepared to kill himself for this accolade but i hope to god he nor anyone else attempts to top it.
Thomas Bailey
He inherited his power from shaggy
jesus saves cars s
There running Dyno fans for his to cool his human power hahaha guess he makes 1044 stp🤣🤣🤣🤣
If he farted at 3:47 it would have created a hole in the floor! Some scientists even think it would have created a mini black hole. Scary to think about such things. Good thing Eddie didn't eat beans the day before! :D
For that deadlift he researched hysterical strength and how to enter in it. The fact that he pulled it off in a controlled environment is insane....
Shane Phillips
It is crazy to think that this was the heaviest object ever lifted by a human off the floor in the two hundred thousand years of human history
Controversial Kevin
in general lifting x 2,6 times your bodyweight is impressive
Minecraft Steve
Bro just imagine trying to lift 5 ksi’s
NoSoup ForYou
Dom can do this for 10 reps
Phil Glover
Well done Eddie you make me proud to be a stokie well done that man 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧
The Big W
Gillette doesn't approve
auot ukun
Respect from my couch to this man, and fuc* the haters who thumb down this video smh
J Liz
Wow I felt my back crack on that one great job Eddie😎
Mike Justice
Last time I put that much gear/equipment on I was going into combat in Iraq....
he has kanji for power strength cool
Hey mate, what do you do for a living? You know the man who lifted 500kg? Yeah!!! I'm the skinny ginger dude holding the fan! 😂
Just 2 days ago I lifted a 300kgs baby grand piano along with 3 other men, and yet I cramped both of my arm. But look at this guy
Didnt Zydrunas Savickas deadlift more?
Bob Saturday
this guy still alive ? almost had the big one right there great lift remember when Vasily Alekseyev c&j 255 in 76 and he made it look easy , still seems like the big lift of all time
Imagine guys like him having daughters and they bring the new boyfriend home to meet daddy for the first time.
Adrian Santana
But can he lift my grades up??🤔🤔
Matt Ball
Bet i could out run him
Steven Criscione
If Eddie Hall were a battleship, he would have cracked the Bismarck and half on the 1st few shots! Hahaha!
My Sacroilliac hurts just watching this. Hope he is OK.
amine mouati
سلاحف النينجا الأبطال في الحقيقة من الناس عدم التدخين في تونس الجو بارد هناك جائزة مالية أنا أحب الفن في الكتابة من قبل شخص ما تنساش المهبة خلاها على جنب الشاطئ أكون مريت من دولة في العالم الخارجي من شر في كل مكان And thank you Good job
Kris B
I also have someone hold a fan on me at the gym.
i believe 405 brigade homie beat him by 60 pounds
i believe 405 brigade homie beat him by 60 pounds
Deadlift is the most taxing and hardest lift..... dude is a bad ass.
Bruh he said he lost his vision after that deadlift in the hospital.
nick jayden
when you play minecraft instead of fornite
John Herr
Wow! That gave me goose bumps. What a tremendous amount of training and mental fortitude it must have took to reach that goal. ♥️
The Irish Hammer
Wow a world record that will Never be broken... My hat goes off to you Eddie, some people will never understand
Sadio FirmiMo
Chuck Norris called he wants his dumbbell back
Danger Guy
I could do that easily With a forklift
Dunno about his building pyramids, but he has the structural integrity of one.
nicolas -
not only lifted but smiling like saying this was easy
Tommy Wiseau
The craziest thing is, the heaviest he had done before this lift was about 40Kg lighter.... Adrenaline is powerful
For people running low on time: 3:14
lemon tree
He lifted it so easily Aswell 🤣 he could of done 505 or 510 in the mindset he was in there. But obviously he was just gonna do the 500 that no one has ever done.
Fabian Diaz
With a bit more years of experience and dedication, he could come close to deadlifting that as easy as Brad Castleberry can curl it.