Mai HiME Episode 26 Ending - chaterinhouse

award winning manga!!

Russel Evangelista
i saw arika in this ending 😁
Full Moon Lover
she ninja'd the apple
Mei Aihara
Mikoto's, Mai first Kiss. Yaay! Season two please!? I want Natsuki and Shizura, Mikoto and Mai story.
semioz harlown
8.29 Hey, Shizuru...where are you touching?. LOL. ShizuNaT <3 !!
Jas Yuna
i luv how u see just for a moment arika from mai otome near the end
sad scean runed thanks to Mikotos hunger :3
One of the very best Anime`s ever and my current favorite. If you want to see the whole series free with / eng. sub, go to ``
jam estranghero
Mei Aihara
I prefer MaiKoto and ShizNat. They are a lovely couple. Season two please?
Mei Aihara
Mikoto and Mai so lovely couple. eehhh!
Mei Aihara
MaiKoto heart the RomCom.couple in Mai-Hime. love, love,.love
sandra flores
tate and mai was so cute team 💞
XxRainbowAngelxX -Minecraft-Games-
So no one ship MaiNat? It's sad to see that though :(
kareem youngblood
I was crying so hard when Mai thought mikoto died but then she was just hungry that made mad and happy at the same time 😫
i don't understand why is Takumi Tokiha revived with the heart disease.
Hanna Rosary Lumaad
4:14 hahaha
The plot was really deep and immersive. It was twisted, violent and interesting.. Than everyone came back to life, fought the ultimate evil and lived happily ever after.. No sacrifice, everyone's happy.. WORST LAST EPISODE EVER!!
Christian Appel
I prefer the director´s cut episode with extra scenes at the ending. Love goes through the stomach and you could see that Mikoto´s wound wasn´t that bad. But it was so cute and sad. The sound was so funny. She was just hungy for Mai´s love and cooking at the same time. How Akira perfectly cuts the apple into pieces within a second. A perfect match for Takumi and a true ninja girl. :D