Evil Uprising: 2014 Bible of Bike - Mountain Bike Tests

The Evil Uprising is a holy terror on descents, mind-blowingly good on the climbs—Evil's carbon all-mountain rig was worth the wait. See more mountain bike reviews and the best mountain bikes of 2014 on the Bike Magazine's fifth annual Bike Bible. Bikemag.com/2014-bike-bible

these guys are progressively more drunk in every video I watch.
Back to 26 it is then : )
Tommy Huynh t_wrex_mtb
Twenty six!
Kamera Guy
good stuff guys! I just wish there was more b-roll of the bike(s) in your testing. The discussion is great to hear, but how about doing it on top of bike footage :)
Quintin Jones
what trail did you test this bike on?
William McNear
evil uprising lol
ערן שולנר
Which do you prefer, YETI SB66C or EVIL UPRISING?
to stuffy for me. shock, components, under too much work. Give it two more years lets see how it rolls….
i think if a bike is going break a college fund, you may as well not have the college fund. unless you can put someone through college for $7000.
Ricardo From Réunion
This bike finished fifth at the last Megavalanche race to Réunion Island with Florent Payet !!!
Christiaan Bourdrez
I have one, the mud clearance in not a big deal!  I live in Seattle!  It's rainy and yes I ride through mud, no problem. Kevin backs up his products, no worries YO!  Get one.
Why no 650B 
gail murray
Where did my comment go ?
You guys know that this bike is ridden and tested in Seattle, right? Mud is not a bother.
paul battrick
no problems with mud at all i live in dorset England rain all the time mud clay actually the flat carbon yoke cleans the tyre great bike. as for the ride amazing its true what the say great going up really fast down had mine 6 months. best bike iv had,  iv had a lot.
Liem Vo
What saddle is that?
Craig T
Where can i buy one of these bike from
Colman Baldwinson
should I buy an Evil Uprising, 2014 Ibis HD, Specialized Camber Evo, or Specialized Stumpjumber
Larry Burke
Don't do it. I had a Tomac Eli, loved the bike. Unfortunately the frame cracked (in half) right as Tomac was going out of business. They came back, with new owners, but that was useless to me. This sound like it could develop into the same deal.
Where were all these videos filmed. I'm assuming Utah.
I want this bike but the tire clearance looks like a bummer for mud infested trails...
Mr T
His kids are getting bummed??!!
Pascal Pereira
The Uprising as 3 Year limited warranty + Lifetime Crash Replacement and not 2 Years warranty like said on video. 
Seems sweet. All those linkages must raise the weight as it is no lighter than a Foes or Intense aluminum frame. I'm sure whatever they were after could be done in a simpler, lighter fashion (with slightly higher CG but less weight). 
Trevor P
Why don't you guys get a set. I mean the lighting is absolute shit. One video your in the kitchen and the next is the garage. Find a room, set up chairs and lights and then film the video
"I was able to clean sections that I had never cleaned on other bikes" I hear this in every video. #CSB