Ott Lepland - Kuula - Live - Grand Final - 2012 Eurovision Song Contest

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Estonians, please sing in your language. It's beautiful !!!
Olav Ehala
Easily one of the better voices in Eurovision history
Johan Parquet
Proud of my my country (France) that give him top points 🇫🇷🇪🇪
jolie maison
I think this song is a big example for understand that a big song with a lot of passion and talent doesn't need to be singing in English for excited the audience.
One of the best entries Estonia sent.
I have come to the realization that this is one of the most beautiful songs I have ever heard. It just touches my heart, every time.
George Austin Tay
The Estonian language is incomprehensible to most Europeans, but it can deliver many emotions without the need to understand it. Kaelakee hääl, Keelatud maa, Rändajad, Kuula, Et uus saaks alguse... all PERFECT songs.
He sang from the deepest deep of his heart👏👏👏
anna m
what a beautiful song, beautiful language, beautiful man, beautiful voice and beautiful♥
Mads D
Still to this day, I love this song. I was so disappointed that Estonia didn’t win that year. It’s such a simple deep-felt song that showcases his vocals and the language beautifully. To me, this is what Eurovision is about.
Peter Sente
Ott Lepland succeeds in making Kuula sound better live than in the studio version. A simple act but a great performance!
Gerard Hayes
One of the best songs in Eurovision history.
Sander De Boer
One of the best not english songs ever in the whole history of ESC. So beautiful
No surprise Estonia got 6th place: - great voice - beautiful song with meaning - handsome singer Plus, Ott sings in his mother tongue. Well done Estonia!
Veronika ESC
Simply performance, but it shows that Eurovision is song contest. Brilliant voice ❤️
Kirti Pae
Proud to be Estonian. God he's so talented<3
Music has no language barriers. Spectacular song/singer in every way. Translates as "Hear Me"...
This performance will never stop making me speechless. Amazing!
Fernando Diaz
The best estonian entry ever! beautiful song, beautiful lyrics, beautiful language, great voice, perfect execution. Awesome! Btw he deserved the 1st place but in that edition were great songs like Azerbaijan, Albania, Sweeden, Cyprus, Spain.. a lot!
Ott, you 're still hot. You are an incredible artist. Never stop singing. People need voices like yours.
When an artist can create an intense emotion to people who doesn't have a clue of what he sings... he reaches his goal ! Congratulation Ott. I follow your carriere from as far as Canada !
Fantastic song by a fantastic singer. One of the best contest songs ever
Lea Zupičić
I don't understand a word of estonian but I always like their songs..Estonia is really good in eurovision lately at least to me
Victor Aleixo
Boggles my mind that Estonia won in 2001 with a mediocre song, but couldn't muster a top 5 with this masterpiece! Literally gives me chills. 2012 was a tough year, but still! Top 3 should've been Sweden, Spain, and Estonia.
It's been 3 years and I'm still so in love with it LMAO. One of the best 3 vocalists that year with the girl from Albania and the one from Spain
OMG, this voice, this song.. I just have no words, it's so exciting, so beautiful! Voted for Ott that year! He deserved 1st place, I believe! Estonia, send more such talanted singers, please! Greetings from Russia! :3
Almost 5 years later and still love this song. Thumbs up if it is your case too.
Still one of my favourite ever... I'm a straight man, but still that voice gets my panties all wet! ...and then again... just watch that dude! How handsome can u be? Those eyebrows! I could just mute the song and watch! Wait what? ...I am straight!...I am!
Still the best song from 2012 by a mile - such an amazing voice and a beautifully understated performance. Well done Eesti and Ott!
3 years later and still listening to Ott. Such a pity he didn't win Eurovision song contest in 2012 !  Magaline , Montreal, Canada
I voted for estonia in 2012! Great song. Best wishes from germany! Still listening to this song occasionally
Valdis T
If the Eurovision Song Contest were still song contest and not a circus, Estonia probably worth to win in 2012
Tara king
hairs stand out on my neck just awesome]
Fellix Crawford
One of the best, sing in native language. So beautiful
Alex Zhdanov
Я без ума от этой песни, да и исполнитель тоже очень нравится. От него просто светится какая то положительная энергия как от ангела.
Pure class, a great example of simple scene acting and high quality ... Tired of all the bullshit with crazy and scratching moves sooo boring such bad trashy songs ... Estonia gave a lesson that year through Ott Lepland, tremendous voice and performance and  melody and sung in estonian ... Please keep on singing in your beautiful language ... Greetings from Spain well well done Eesti
already 2 years...damn time runs so fast. But Ott is still the best for ever.
euro il
Excellent execution!!!!!!!!
Estonian songs make me want to learn eesti to understand them, except feeling them!!! Anybody here in 2019?
Holger Fradley
This is my all time favorite appearance. And his grin at the end of the song shows that he knows that he did everything right.
Maro Anna Galstaun
Julita Justienė
Such an amazing song, still listening to it ... ❤️
What place did this one get? So beautiful!
The song that made me fall in love with this language. I will take the challenge of trying to learn it.
Archer Hill
It sounds like "Culo" in Spanish, that means ass... but it's a great song and Ott has a powerful voice. I liked him so much, so I don't care what seems he's saying xD Congratulations for the sixth place, He deserved it.
Margaret Rose
Best Estonian entry for me. Love it very much.
Mark O' Donnell
Still my winner. No offence to Loreen which I also love but Ott's performance and the song are off the scale. Sat firmly in my all time favourite songs list. Estonia should feel very very proud.
Siim Koger
Estonian language was made for singing
Ormi Ader
I was in the army in 2012. I bet with my troop leader that this song gets into TOP 10 in Final. And I won.
Nargis Hasan
Still listening from Azerbaijan what a touching song and voice of course even though I don't understand any word LOVE KUULA!!!
I'm estonian and I'm over the moon happy when I'm reading all of these supportive, loving comments about my mother tongue. Thank you all who think estonian sounds amazing and should be sang in more at Eurovision <3
And Finland gave 10 points. Last year we liked your song too <3
One of the best eurovision entries EVER!! GREAT OTT!!
George Austin Tay
3:11 "YAAASSS!"
Liana Kivi
I am agree, this song would have been a victory song, if there were no this political points game
Still my winner of 2012. (Although it was hard to decide between this, Germany and Serbia but I believe Estonia takes the cake)
the crazy girl
the lyricks translated are (btw don't judge translated them myself) listen,what tells the line of sight, listen,how far it takes you, listen,what more the wind has to say look,when darkness is on the road, wait, in them the light still stays, listen, how breathes your land, listen, now listen, what stayed in silence, listen those simple moments only, you listen, a heart has a voice too listen,the sound of the rainbow look, and soon you will see, listen, this song of living, listen...only listen,what stayed in silence, listen, those simple moments only you listen, a heart has a voice too into the shadows a road has gone by, i look and search still silence has the power to ring i am waiting for you here,where half the way you listen, shouting is my voice listen what stayed in silence, listen, those simple moments only, you listen, my heart has a voice listen, what tells the line of sight listen,how far it takes you, listen,what more the wind has to say
I wish we played more estonian songs in the Eurovision, as its such a beautiful language :)
...I was not sure if I liked it before the finals... after this performance I voted for him with love from Greece...
love this. so emotive. his delivery, wow
Rico oric
This was my winner that year. Love this song. ❤
So proud that we sent this song that year! Ott did a perfect job! Our language sounds so beautiful! It's the best song we have sent to Eurovision. :)
Autumn Is Cool
200 people were so amazed that they missed the like button😒
Nare Shahnazaryan
I really LIke it,,, 3 years passd, and I can listen this sont till now, and with the same great pleasure..)
Margaret Rose
The real winner of Eurovision '12, hands down! Amazing performance, amazing voice ♥
karen howell
Still one of my all time favourite Eurovision songs, brilliant voice
Set Kassimova
Ott Lepland very nice and beautiful song! Bravo!
Beautiful everything! Magical! ❤️
Rufio Feelwix
Song gets me every time!
Gabriella Tombor
It's a beautiful song! Every year, I listen to it again and again..... Thx from Hungary!
Andrei Gss
2018 still sounds great! Молодец
Best Song 2012 GREAT
Better than the winner
love this song!!!! from URUGUAY
Pateriko Spaghetti
He truly opens his heart to us! That's tremendous and very unusual by today's standards. Very authentic! Thank you!
Jenny Syse
Can we all agree that this is one of the best background singers in Eurovision history.
This song speaks about listening and peace. This song's title is in English: "Listen"
This is absolutely phenomenal! What an absolutely beautiful song and voice! His performance live is so so so much better than the CD version.
Rita N.
damn, almost forgot how awesome this song is. Also the singer, yummm ;)
athanos lee
my first choice that year
Mattias Sjögren
an Amazing voice <3 from Sweden!
This man always makes me cry everytime I watch his live performance :) The lyrics and emotion behind his performance resonate a lot with me and I'm sure many others.
Tina Olsen
I loved this song.....WOW
John John
amazing live performance
Songs sung in native languages are so much more exciting, than some song performed in bad english. Not understanding estonian would certainly not bother me as much (as I don't know any word) as not understanding english, just because the skills used are so BAD, when I personally do speak and understand it without any troubles at all. Those songs really make me mad sometimes. BTW: I think estonian is one of the most beautiful languages I ever listened to. So please, Estonian TV, go back to sending songs to the ESC that are in Estonian.
Margaret Rose
Definitely the best performance that night! And Ott was so lovely ♥ I agree with Mr. Lordi that he is the cutest guy in the competition :) Can't wait when Ott Lepland will compete for Estonia in Eurovision again.
Rui Duarte
Beautifull song, great performance, really nice language, use allways estonian... My winner of 2012! Greetings from Portugal your friends from south EU.
Pete Tofky
Best of Baku 2012 ( with Pastora Soler & Zeljko Josimović !!!
His bulge!!!!! jeah!!!!
Maria João Silva
One of the best songs in the history of Eurovision Song Contest
Raúl Tabar
He is from the magical city of Tallinn 😍😍🌆🌆🌆🌆🌆🌆🌆🤟🤟🤟
STILL listening to it, 2018!!! Masterpiece!!!
Alex Zhdanov
Отличная песня и шикарное исполнение, очень нравится. На мой взгляд был достоин победы.
Estonia can be proud! 2 years later and i still listen to this beautiful song from time to time, together with Spain's Quedate Conmigo. I've long forgotten other songs from that year. :P
Olga B.
What a language, what a song, what a handsome guy with such powerful voice! Wow wow
Вадим Бондар
I like it! funny thing - the songs i voted for never win. What do you want, people, good songs or "fresh meat"?
Mario Losberg
Amazing song.. great performance and strong voice... still listening...  :)  
Regoč Stribor
on Croatian Kula is some old tower ,made of stone..
Koen Valcke
Great performance, wonderful voice and song. Impressed me that year and it still does!