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Thenukah Krishnan
This is what we call SERUPADI. Good one Kelly. Many of the comments I have seen in Sri Reddy's interviews are always humiliating and discouraging her. If a guy behaves the same, its okay. But if a women goes through that than she is at fault. They can accept SANJU but cant accept her. Enna ore hair thinking??
Ka lai
Well said kk...I love you....😘😘😘
chairmanraja ramasamy
I strongly agree with u.sri reddyya en ivlo kevala paduthuranganu terila? Sad mind set of our people.u r the replica of my mind .thanks
Abba. Finally someone who has some sense. Sick and tired of ppl pointing at her. Even she herself admitted it was her fault. But the point is this kind of abuse and harassment should stop. It happens in every field nu perumaya solranga. Shame on them. It should stop in all field. Take responsibility and provide comfort zone.
நெத்தி அடி🙌 பாதிக்கப்பட்ட பெண் முன் வந்து சொல்ல மாட்டங்கனு தைரியத்துல தான், சில மிருகங்கள் மனிதர்கள் ரூபத்தில் நடமாடுகின்றனர்.. அப்படி தைரியமாக தனக்கு நடந்த கொடுமைகளை கூறினால், சமூகத்தில் அவளை பார்க்கும் பார்வை என்னவோ கொடுரமானது.. srireddy எல்லா interview-ல் தன் தவறையும் சுட்டி காட்டி தான் பேசியுள்ளார்..இப்படி பேசி சமூகம் தன்னை அங்கீகரிக்காது என நன்கு அறிந்தும் தனக்கு இழைக்கப்பட்ட கொடுமையை பகிரங்கமாக கூறியுள்ளார்.. இந்நிகழ்வு இனி பணி இடங்களில் எவனும் பெண்ணை தவறாக அணுக பயப்பட வைக்கும்.. பெண்களும் துணிந்து பேச நம் சமூகம் அங்கீகரிக்க வேண்டும்.
sandhiya Dhanabalan
India la sethavana tha nonduvanga
Archana Chandran
Sema akka... Nethi adi.... She s telling all.. But nobody take action on opposite side... Instead asking how ?when? Where? it happens ....making fun on about her sex life experience.... Really feeling sad...money makes anything...
# Miss Dora Doraemon #
Dear KK , in all this sri reddy revealations, the most saddest thing that i think is, that both men and women , who ever listens to her talks, just say 1- that she is lying 2- she is publicity seeker 3- they even degrade her by saying words like call girl or prostitute 4- she is shameless, first she slpt with them and now she is blaming them because she did not get an offer in movies 5- they say that, so if she had got the movie offers as promised, she would not have complained 6 - and the degrading list goes on... As u said, yes nonody is concerned about what happened and why it happened and how it can be stopped. Everyone is just blaming her and branding her with bad names. The worst part is that the popular actors and actresses are also among these people who are just trying to shift the talks from the casting couch topic to the topic that whether or not sri reddy is a good woman with modesty... these actors and actresses r just trying to save the names of their tollywood and kollywood instead of supporting the victim.. whether or not she is a victim but many top bollywood directors and actors have come forward to say that casting couch does exist since the beginings of 1980s but these south indian cinema people r just trying to save the false pride and prestige of their respective cinemas.... that is a shame.... sorry for the long comment but being a woman from india, i could not stop myself from being bothered about the bias and prejudices that indian women r subjected to when they come out and speak about the injustice done to them by the dominant men.... the other sad part is that women r women's enemies in this injustice, for example, women pimp supply girls in flesh trade to the men, when there is sexual abuse among family ,some mothers or sisters or mother in laws stop the victim from seeking help . and in this case, the selfish actresses like rakul preet singh, r supporting men and coming out with press meets to say that there is no such thing as casting couch.. shame on her... well she has her motives though.. sri reddy is fighting for telugu girls or native girls to be given chances in movies to act instead of hindi actresses, and this rakul preet singh is a hindi girl rocking telugu cinema with all the big male super stars, so definitely she feels threatened.... well, i can go on and on tallking but i dont want it to be a boring one for u KK .... so once again so sorry for this long comment but i do hope u read it....
Bhuvi vasu
Correct sis i agree ur speech👏👏
Lekshmy Kothandaraman
Totally agree with you Kelly.
Shankar Bhashiyam
The way u say "can we just talk" in the introduction, and that music followed by it, ......on the bang, I liked both
Dheepika Chakravarthy
Nothing will change .. Simply ppl are going to judge her !!
Akshara Jerry
The best video ! No one interviewed men ! Everyone's target is women- the victim
Well said sis
Abinaya Ravichandran
Correct kk still all people blame only Sri Reddy...they didn't even accuse single word against the culprits...bad attitude
manju tech in tamil
Super dear nice explanation
Anand Krishnan
This is what I say and what I like in Can we just talk Speaking from heart and thank you for doing this series Kelly 🤗 Particularly the most stupid thing what the general public will do is victim blaming theory which is the worst one If someone is opening up the whole society starts blaming them itself rather than supporting Hope things will change in future Even I don't know whether it is true or not whatever Sri Reddy saying but at least a proper investigation has to be made on that
Gowthami Prabha
A big round of applause fr ur boldness..inga nadigar sangam sri reddy ku against aa tha pesidu
LIDWS Hendricks
I totally agree with you on this. In almost all of Reddy's interviews she keeps reinforcing the need to have a committee to address such issues in the film industry.
Shalini K
Instead of hurting ones emotion people must think about the truth in depth.... KK in our society as you know Money, status and popularity make people to behave in inhuman way ..... The majority tends to put all the blame on the weak ......
Mej Haris
Super nalla detective question sa tha iruku poi seravendivangaluku purinja sari 🙄😒
Vinothini sankaran
I enjoyed your expression... so cool... I am watching again for just how you perceived Sri Reddy issue... different view. Well said
kushman vedious
Now a days Ppl r afraid to give complaints just becz they don't get justice after so much of effort and ill treated by public.
Vigneshwari Murugan
Kelly awesome explanation. You really are an inspiration.
Krithika Sasha
Nandigar sanghamlaye oru black sheep irruku, srireddy told this in one of the interview..i wonder wat proof people are expecting from that girl and especially men will not support another men even if he is wrong coz they are allllllll friends in industry and ifffffff they support this girl they will not get chance...many guys messed up her life and now they tell is she is messing up other life...its the same reaction....what the........... 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡
Sitra Devi
There's many Sri Reddy out there cruel world. So sad for the victims not getting justice. Well said Kanaga. Do more videos like this will always support you girl
Kavery Kandasamy
One of the biggest reasons that Thamil film industry does not have Thamil heroin is because of the well-known (but no one will admit to) casting couch ideology. This is why Thamil people do not like or let their women in the family work in movies unless it is behind the camera. It is easier for a woman to come from another state, act, and leave even if she gets a bad name from doing what she needs to do to earn money. Her reputation will be limited to where she did work. Why would she be doing this for a publicity stunt? If she didn't get the movies after doing what they asked, what is the guarantee she would get them now? She has nothing to lose. I think she is so fed up with the men that run the industry and nothing has changed that she took all the courage that she had to overthrow them. If it doesn't change much at least she will inspire people to speak against the wrongdoings that are happening in the industry. The men in the industry will also think before doing such things in fear of being unmasked. She may be one woman and she may not get her justice, but I think she is paving a better furutre for women to enter the industry in a respectful way.
haseena haq
Kk the voice and expression that can we just talk....superb...sisssy....always waiting for ur videos....love u😗😗😗😍
Chinju Anu
So positive !! Sometimes a woman can understand another woman Better!
raju bai
Hahahah... Exactly... Sis.. Keep it up tq
It's true akka
Jayashree Jothiprakash
Yes rightly said, guilty ones are coming fwd to stop her like vishal, Karthi
Soniya Preethi
India manam poguthu...before it is said that female is respected in India. Now no: 1 danger place for women.😔. Sri reddy ku justice ?
Bharath Joshua
Kk wow you said has girls and also boys super to use this words 👏👏👏
Miss Mohan
You're super opinionated Must be a Singaporean 😂😂
Veralevel thitangal
Absolutely.. Ppl r telling she is not pretty enough to exploit.. How rubbish statement... Ppl make... Exploiters look out for the most vulnerable...
Umadevi 04
Well said ka
Visalatchy Naidu
Well said!! Bravely talked...
mrs. Mubeena
This mam is highly knowledgeable.......hi Kelly.........a heart from tamilnadu
T Dylan
Semma yaar. Super aa sonninga.... climax.....than..super. Aana nyayama sonna yaar than keppanga???
Spoorthy A
I like u.. but not sure you always speak so fun or only for your videos... 🙂
Kodeeshwari Pounrajan
Well said 👍👍
Super kk!!! Very well said♡♡♡
RS Ramesh
Unlike other Tamil videos, this video has perfect English subtitles
Namma Idha pathi pesunaale not only this issue but also the sex harassment Indha society first andha ponnadhan thappa paakum. They just want to blame her instead of supporting or protecting.
adlin joe
atlast money will win kk
Celine Diya
Super Kelly well said I agree with you correct solluriga love you
deepak r
Super sister Clear explanation Love u kaa
Krithika Senthil
Akka how knowledge u r ? Super speeck sis
Smitha Reddy
You rock kelly. Awesome!
Daphne anand
Love you, very thoughtful. The media has been posing unwanted questions on the victims, rather they don't try to offer some sort of help. You're right a counselling needs to be given for the affected victims. I wish and hope the industry wakes and realizes stuff.
Ishvareya P
you're too underrated
Ranjith Kumar
Nenga pesurathu Tamil ah eruntha nalla erukkum please
Sis ur always super ya cn v jst tLk n kk comedy both r awesum i luv u
lucky lolitta
well said sis 😘😍
dr mtr
Good one 🤘🏼 👍🏼 👍🏼
jungoo luvs countryside hobi luvs Sprite
You go girl....
Swathi Rajeshwaran
Very nicely said, no body looked at this angle in the Telugu industry as well as now in the Tamil industry, sad to be a part of such an atrocious society, where people are blaming the victim , rather than taking action against people involved, and making an environment safer for women to work in .
punitha valli
Great explanation..
Rajkumar Saravanan
I can't express my feeling after seeing this video. Very perfect explanation and required amount of talk is ur scene roo!!!! Very 😍😍😍😍 lovely sister..
Michael Sowmi Jk
Crt ya .....good speech kk 👍👍👍👍
Arun Nadaraja
Well said ! Finally there is a hero think as hw i wander !
Jana Jani
Usually i do not comment. But this video was really a good one. Thank you for this video KK! 🙏🏽 I was waiting for this. 👌🏾
Rajeshwari HARINI
good mam well said I agree it 😊
Saimadhavi K
Really proud to b ur follower en manasukula sri reddy pavam she should get justice thonalum na support panna enna edhachum nenaipangalonu bayandhutan bcz biggboss mumtaz support panaly kalaikranga but aft seen this def am going to share thx
Saranya Chakrapani
You have nailed it. Sema
Navyantara Reddy
Yesss Sister!!! Why the society is so lame 😤😤😤
sha swt
What a clarity in yur speech... Well said kelly👌👌👍👍keep rocking wit yur awesome workssss......
Ku Mar
You have earned a new subscriber dear😍.. Heart me if u are proud too😎
Lana Dela
You are 💯 % right.
Gunavathy Raveendran
Well said kelly! I just dnt undrstn, y this ppl keep saying she would have avoid it! WAT THE FISH? Y No one ask, 1st of all why all those man is hungry for a woman body?
Saravanan Gurunathan
Super Ji I love you
Devy SL Karthikeyan
Correct, I agree. But Even if women here shout metoo.. their going to get loads of advise/abuses and the accused is going to be free with lot of fanbase and respect :(
Priya vijay
Nalla seruppu adi.. awesome KK
Latha Venkatesh
go girl , well said. great job, keep going:):):)
nanthini devi ramachandran
Well said sista..
Art Travel Life Vlogs, GM
Really proud of you dear . I am so happy that you came out to speak for that lady. Akka you are a motivation
Ragavi Ranganathan
You are absolutely right!
Anitha Nitha
Well said..logic
Mathan Kumar
Akka super
Sabestina Kennet
Great effort on this video. Naanga nenaikrom neenga soliteenga 😊 #afriendfromUAE
Can we just talk... Will be better if Amanda talking..
Deena prasanth
Ur good lady....luv the way u talk..keep going
Correctly said sis.
Tight slap Indian male chauvinism. Now I love you more dear KK.
Shilpa Sathish
Superb sis well spoken u r 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏
Sneha Rajan
Seruppadi avungalukku!!!!
Lak Priya
Semma maa super👍
Surekha Anandprabu
Excellent.....you just nailed it ... 👍👏👏
Nisha Yusof
Another well done topic of discussion by Queen Kelly!
Murali Dharan
Kelly wow superb #gutzgirl #kk .here no one has a gutz and if we said. it's something funny of them .proud of u #kk
Rizlin Lin
100% true
swetha sriram
Super sister......
Santhosh Balachandran
nailed it 👍
BR Trendy Learning
Gud job✔
Hats off girl. First time I am reporting # Metoo
sowmya swt
Good one kelly sisy
Harshitha Keerti
I subscribed,loved it sis😍😍😍
anushya anu
Superb kk....
Nesa Malar