Blue Rangers Team Up Morph & Battle | Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel Episode 22 | Dino Charge

Blue Rangers vs Sledge. Dino Charge and Ninja Steel Team Up Morph and Battle. Preston and Koda morph into the Blue Rangers for this battle against Sledge. The Sudarso Brothers share a beautiful scene together! Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel Episode 22 Clips: /> Cast: Yoshi Sudarso (Koda / Dino Charge Blue Ranger), Peter Sudarso (Preston / Blue Ranger) This video is from Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel "The Poisy Show (Episode 22 / Christmas Special). . #PowerRangers #GoGoPowerRangers #Hasbro Subscribe for More Power Rangers: /> Shop for Power Rangers here: />Facebook: />Instagram: />Twitter: /> All-new episodes of Power Rangers Beast Morphers air on Nickelodeon.

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Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel Episode 22 "The Poisy Show" Christmas Special Clips
It’s nice to see the Blues Brothers together again.
Epic Fortnite Gamer
Should've just done forever blue
Noah Choudhury
That hug from Koda to Preston was just Yoshi excited to be finally sharing a scene with Peter, this has got to be a dream come true for them 😄
Austin Pena
The fact they're actually brothers
Time Lord18
Brothers reunited for Christmas so exciting
Glenna Stephenson
2:27-2:38 Sledge has faced 10 Rangers, a black hole, his extremely powerful boss, and Heckyl... and yet he was scared off by a T-rex.😁😂😂😂🤣
BlueNeon 4237
Go! Sudarso Brothers!
Predator Arroyo
YOSHA LUCKY! 😄✊ Koda is back for the showdown against Sledge and for the christmas episode. Go for it Sudarso brothers! 😄👊
SoundBlaster 1987
This could only be described as a BLUES BROTHERS situation!
Danny Rhodes
It's great to have Yoshi and Peter together
Omg loving seeing the Sudarso brothers on screen together 💖 probably the best part of this episode
Isaac the Worship Warrior
2:46 wait a minute did they really just include a Japanese reference. He called the Tyrannosaurus "Kyruya" which is almost similar to "Kyoryu," and thats Japanese for Dinosaur
This is probably the closest to a Dino Charge/Super Ninja Steel team-up, but love the sudarso brothers together again :D Wooooooooo!!!! :O
Dylan Santos
Yeah Koda’s back
EJ Elec Flame Tails
A team up? In a Christmas special?
Wow not using stock footage of the morphing instead we get a glowing affect
Clark A Farrell
Awesome Power Rangers Dino steel
сергей Курмыза
2:31 Hey, Sledge, meet Rex, T-Rex! He just came buy to wish you a merry X-mas Jurassic style!
Isaac the Worship Warrior
As Thanos once said, this......does put a smile on my face. ☺
Braxton Bobo
Best Christmas team up ever
Jesse Torres
Brothers in blue.
Rodney Colbert
I wish all of the dino charge ranger appear like Tyler,Chase,Riley, Shelby,Ivan,james,prince Philip, Kendall,zenowing full team
Tim Dakis
I love this part cause I just met both of them Peter Sudarso (Peston) and Yoshi Sudarso (Koda) together at Rangerstop in Orlando Florida last month on November 9 and 10.
Kenny Kasensouk
Blue Ranger Team Up
Summer Rose
Sudarso Brothers fighting together? That’s awesome!!! 🙌👏
That...that wasn't really a fight.
Strider Xanthos
CURSED INSTAMORPHS! Make a Special Morph for the Sudarso brothers you lazy forgotten shell of company Saban Brands! That being said, it was awesome for them to have this at the finale.
Josephson Ognita
Now that's brother power!
Kenny Kasensouk
Little Boy Blue
Roberto Martinez
First sledge talks about the energems and now the power star's
Marley Linkous
Blue boys are best boys! I love the Sudarso brothers. 😊😊💙💙🐱‍🐉🐱‍👤
O'Shea Kerr
Definitely a good moment to remember for 2018 in the history of Power Rangers. ⭕💯
Shark Dude 7
They finally did it. BLUE BROTHERS FOR THE WIN
Alvid Utama D.
Koda huge Preston so tightly as brothers, because indeed they are brothers :D 2 blue Sudarso brothers "head-to-head" :D glad to see it ... Greetings from Indonesia
Nicole Holbrook
It's amazing to see Yoshi and Peter together again.
The Blue Bro's are back at it again, against sledge.
Delio Dario
Oh Yeah The Sudarso Brothers AMAZING
Will Smyser
Christ was born after the cave man era so I guess Koda just told his family about it after returning. And lol dinosaurs and cave men. I guess since DInoCharge is a whole other dimension yo can make up whatever rules you want.
Becky Deitz
Yee! The Sudarso brothers are back together again!
Travis letchford
How does Sledge know about the power star
SuperMickeyMatt Jr.
Rodney Colbert
Brody and aiden,Preston and koda brothers both youngest and oldest 👬
Madison-fakhara al'ab aljamil walfarh Logan-Drake
I guess we did get a forever blue after all
Davidcito Gutiérrez
#AnotherRechargingBlueDinoSuperCharge Sledge say: Guess Who's Back!!
Øhma PlayMaker [Beyblade Espace]
0:57 Sudarso Brothers ^^
Tatsuo Static
Well, this was the closest team up from the previous series we had in a long time
Brothers together , awesome!!
Thomas Franco
Nice blue brothers together again
Blue brothers 💙
Nexus Prime42
Did Saban and nick really ask Universal to just used the JP Rex roar for just this scene then its glorious.
Gale Mara
Does this remind anyone of the power ranger in space blue to the rescue where they brought back Justin?
The Salty Pearl
“I think I’m seeing double” throwback quote from the original Saban era! The nostalgia :))
David Kay
What a coincidence that the Sudarso brothers are on the special episode of Power Rangers together.
Niiadjei Anang
Gregory Gow
Brothers Reunited! Yoshi (Koda) And Peter (Preston) Sudarso!
Randall Hedgehog
Awesome cave man blue ranger is back
Thomas Flemming
yesssssssssssssssssssssss two brothersssss
Eli J. Brony
I bet the Sudarso brothers had a blast with this episode since it focuses on them.
Princess Peach
Amazing job keep up the good work Neo - Saban Power Rangers
cpt marvelous
Kinda disappointed we didn't get an actual morphing sequence with these two, but its great to see them team up nonetheless.
G1 Grimlock
Two blue 😂😂😂😂
Brandon Lai
Koda Knows Sledge
Kevin Dao
That's nice to see Koda Dino charge Blue Ranger again and it's really good video
I still hope Saban adapts the Ninja Storm/Alien/Ninja Steel Crossover.
Solo Man
Favorite part is 1:43 brothers morph
Erin Sigal
It's awesome finally seeing the brothers on screen together :D
we know that koda understands full sentences why the writers had preston speaking broken english lol
Koral Davis
It was a nice team up between brothers😂😂😂 tears of joy!
Caitlin Lopez
It's great that Koda was able to team up with Preston to not only save Brody, Calvin, Hayley, Sarah, and Aiden not to mention destroy Sledge, Poisandra, and Wrench for good.
Nathan Robinson
The best scene ever
Wiktor Adamski
Sledge: two blues? I think I’m seeing double Me:THAT’S BECAUSE THEIR BROTHERS
You know, I kinda wished that the T-Rex could have been the Gabutyra from Dino Force Brave. That would have been a nice nod to the Korean series :)
This was cute!
Is it just me or does that Sledge costume look like they made it from scratch after loosing the better/original one?
Tim Oneal
Where's the power rangers dino supercharge
WeNeedLives Productions
Koda has always been my favorite ranger
Eminent Loner Productions
Better than Clash of the Red Rangers from Power Rangers Samurai.
Sarah Sarbear S.
So nice to see them FINALLY get the screen time we all wanted! I loved this so much.
Daniel Fryar
Would've been cool to give Dino Charge blue ranger full control of the Dino Charge MegaZord, since the red one went solo on some megazord fights, at least I think he did.
Chalish Akatsuki
Sudarso Brothers in Action 😎😎😎 love from Indonesia 🇮🇩🇮🇩🇮🇩
Fandom Enforcer
Brother team up!
SudaBros together in this episode (and interacting, finally!) = literally better than Dimensions in Danger by a million times
trex advent
Sledge couldn't handle the power of Blue, Is that what this season lining to see?
Fandragøn Wølfie chronos
Why is the Indonesian subtitle sucks? But I'm happy to see the sudarso brothers
Jason Lopez
Brothers in Blue
Smiler Pink Cyrus
Ok goodbye ninja steel
Koral Davis
I love Kodas reaction when he learned that Sledge was still alive.
At first I thought it was Rexy who scared Sledge.
Cecil Pierre
I doubt the mystic force rangers need a portal device they have magic but then so does Preston but hr should train with the mystic force rangers.
Isnt koda from the ice age hold up
Lupin Green
would'vee been cool for preston and koda to fight sledge and each do their finishers to finish him off. Still, I like that at least they got to morph and kick sledge together not to mention interact for a decent amount of time Also I'm glad we got dinosaurs in this cause it would've been pretty bad if we didn't get any while exploring this time period
Litsy Ariza
OMG I new it the new episodes in Netflix slege or green guy joined the Ninja still monsters
Jackie Ellis
It is epic to see Koda again!!! And it megaepic to see the blue ranger bros unite once again!!!!!
Brittany Brown
Whoever thought of the idea of putting the brothers in one episode was an amazing idea! Yes Yoshi was in the 10th episode for the 25th Anniversary of the power rangers, which was cool to see but in this particular episode Peter And Yoshi / Preston and Koda are the only 2 rangers fighting side by side together to stop Sledge and save their friends! Bravo for the brothers together episode! Amazing Job!
slime playz
Power ranger physics: gets blasted by a gun rolls non stop on a flat surface as if it were a hill
trex advent
What would happen if Preston met Koda's Brother?
Keemanee Dickens
The two blue Rangers just skedaddled right to the portal.
Max -1
Fun fact: Both of the blue rangers actors is indonesian
Combined the Sudarso Bros have as many Ranger Powers as Tommy. Peter has Ninja Steel Blue and HyperForce Red, and Yoshi has DinoCharge Blue, TimeForce Silver, and HyperForce Green. Hope they get a Power Rangers HyperForce Season 2 to continue after the cliffhanger.