Hang Massive - Once Again - 2011 ( hang drum duo ) ( HD )

Enjoy a nice Hang Drum performance. WEBSITE ➤ />TOUR DATES ➤ /> Download a free track and get regular updates on new music, videos, concerts and special offers: /> Check our Bandcamp page for high quality downloads and CD's /> LUMINOUS EMPTINESS TOUR 2019 We will have a huge tour of our new album show starting in March 2019. Russian and European dates are now announced. /> SOCIALS Instagram ➤ ( @hangmassive ) />Facebook ➤ /> Enjoy a short Hang Drum duo video filmed on an autumnal morning in the beautiful town of Bath Spa, UK. The instrument played is called a Hang. It is a hand crafted instrument made in Switzerland since the year 2000. The music is by the Hang Massive duo, Danny Cudd and Markus Offbeat. In the time since releasing this video we have recorded and released a great range of music in a variety of styles. All can be listened to and enjoyed freely on our website audio player: /> We have CDs of all of the music available and many of our downloads can be enjoyed on a donation basis. /> Thank you for all of the shares and likes and comments on this video. It is an amazing in this current time how we can share our art with so many people around the world regardless of our physical location. In so many ways we become increasingly interconnected with the whole world and we have a shared experience of being human. Sharing and liking and posting the video helps us in so many ways and supports us to continue doing what we love. Thank you to all that support our mission. For Booking inquiries - [email protected] For licensing inquiries - [email protected] The music of Hang Massive is sourced in the teachings of Balanced View, a global grass-roots organisation for human empowerment and social change. Both Danny and Markus have been students of Balanced View and the founder, Candice O’Denver for many years. Candice is a formal lineage holder of the Nyingma Dzogchen lineage. Candice’s root teachers are H.H. Minling Trichen Rinpoche and Venerable Wangdor Rinpoche. /> © Copyright 2018 Hang Massive

Hang Massive
We will have a large tour of Europe starting in March. We will tour with a brand new show which features many tracks from our new album as well as a selection of previous music. We will also have a new visual and light show. We hope to see you there!  Tickets and info - http://hangmusic.com/tour-dates These are the current confirmed dates 😊 March 24 - Moscow - 🇷🇺 March 27 - St Petersberg - 🇷🇺 March 30 - Copenhagen - 🇩🇰 March 31 - Aarhus - 🇩🇰 April 1 - Malmo - 🇸🇪 April 2 - Gothenburg - 🇸🇪 April 3 - Oslo - 🇳🇴 April 4 - Karlstad - 🇸🇪 April 5 - Stockholm - 🇸🇪 April 7 - Tallinn - 🇪🇪 April 9 - Riga - 🇱🇻 April 10 - Vilnius - 🇱🇹 April 11 - Gdansk - 🇵🇱 April 12 - Warsaw - 🇵🇱 April 13 - Krakow - 🇵🇱 April 18 - Lisbon - 🇵🇹 April 19 - Porto - 🇵🇹 April 25 - Madrid - 🇪🇸 April 26 - Barcelona - 🇪🇸 April 27 - Montpellier - 🇫🇷 April 28 - Paris - 🇫🇷 April 30 - Lyon - 🇫🇷 May 1 - Toulouse - 🇫🇷 May 2 - Bordeaux 🇫🇷 May 3 - Brussels - 🇧🇪 May 4 - Melkweg - 🇳🇱 May 5 - Cologne - 🇩🇪 May 8 - Leipzig - 🇩🇪 May 9 - Munich - 🇩🇪 May 10 - Frankfurt - 🇩🇪 May 12 - Hamburg - 🇩🇪 May 13 - Hannover - 🇩🇪 May 14 - Berlin - 🇩🇪 May 15 - Prague - 🇨🇿 May 16 - Vienna - 🇦🇹 May 17 - Bratislava - 🇸🇰 May 18 - Graz - 🇦🇹 May 19 - Budapest - 🇭🇺 May 21 - Milan - 🇮🇹 May 22 - Lugano - 🇨🇭 May 24 - Geneva - 🇨🇭 May 25 - Zurich - 🇨🇭 May 30 - Bristol - 🇬🇧 June 1 - London - 🇬🇧 June 4 - Edinburgh - 🇬🇧
Nomen Nescio
this is one of a few reasons the aliens will not destroy us :)
Can you do a ghetto version using only kitchen implements?
Claudia Zárate
Who is listening this real master piece in 2019 again?
Вадим Густов
В руках талантливого человека и тазик - инструмент
Марсианин Колобок
Инопланетяне там внутри наверное оглохли вхлам
exposed bitch
At school we watched this in music class and I loved it but I couldn't remember the title so I searched two dudes playing an instrument in the forest and this was the third result 😂😂😂
Flavio Menezes
I got here by typing drum that looks like an ufo
Tapirus Sbrabous
The only thing that separates me from my Hang Drum is $1500.
Stephanie Ber
This helps me with my depression
Наталья Н
Как будто Душою звучат... Так красиво... Ничего не сказать... Ребята ваше звучание...,Космосом прикасаются моей души ... Вселенная, поистине внутри... И звезды счастья,радости зажигаются... БРАВО!!!БРАВИСИМО!!!!!!! Добра, здоровья Вам и Вдохновения!!!!!!!!!!! И Божьего для Вас Благословения!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Milo Estobar
Why I can't use my wok like that?
Piff Paff
Make me remember good old tunes on beta minecraft, thanks guys
elzbieta chilinska
Very creative and beautiful.Thanks for sharing.👍
No matter how progressive and technologically advanced we make our society the power of Acoustic music is immeasurable and Eternal. No wonder why there is so much importance given to acoustic instruments like flute and Veena in Hindu & Buddhism mythology. The planet is much older than we think and many unknown civilizations lived here. I love acoustic music 🤘
Это... это очень классно... такое ощущение что время останавливается... это очень красиво звучит
Austin Murphy
Humans are so cool, when we aren't focused on killing each other anyways.
Евгений Сибиряк
Парни, диск я все ещё жду!
да да и я опять это слушаю..как когда то в 2011. опять и не могу наслушаться
Red Ketchup
After 8 years is always amazing !!
cognac c
beautiful ...just BEAUTIFUL 💛💛💛....GREETINGS FROM INDIA
Adrián moises Coronel
Excelente música,fascinante,greetings from México.
Noor Diamond
Wow 2011👍 And me knowing this instrument in 2019 😐
Kayna Khouchane
Merci ❤️🌈🌞🙏🏽
Pamela Topper
THIS is what I want my life to sound like! Thank you for helping me find my rhythm. You guys are truly inspiring.
Анна Нефедова
Первый раз слышу. Ничего необычнее еще не слышала. Музыка очень успакаивает.
I think they pretty much got the Hang of the instrument
Tahana Herbert
Great Sound very hipnotic 🎵🎼🎼🎼
Gosh this song si so hyonotising... Thank you for this amazing moment !
Sveta Cot
Так классно,отдыхаешь просто..
Тимур Долидзе
6,6 тысяч «минусов», какие, бл..ь ценители.. Классная музыка!
Искандир Самошин
очень помогает заснуть. Музыку на данном инструменте слушаю много лет. Еще помогает спокойный джаз, asmr, dark ambient, звуки дождя) В восторге
Debra Lee Furness
So good, I could listen to this all day. 💕😊💕
Tatjana S.
Magical... Thank you, guys! Joy, pleasure, relax and only positive thinking - all caused your music <3
Niko Bellick
Мне нужно бежать, но я не могу выключить это видео... Блин как же это гармонично!...
Silvi Ch
Great sound, great rendering. both musicians look complementary. I love 💕 ThankYou for my soul
Ilma Schutt
Анатолий Локтев
Всё на позитиве! Шикарно 👍👍👍
My garbage can tops sound completely different! #Mesmerizing
I love your sound. Great sound. Just beautiful for my soul. ThankYou 😘😘😘👌👍
Listening Point
How long do you have to practice before you earn your sock hat thingy?
Георгий Хажанец
Ханг необычный инструмент 👍 в машине слушаю за рулем, успокаивает хорошо когда на дорогах хаос.
very nice. I was just thinking about getting a steel drum and stumbled on to this video. This has opened my mind to infinity. I'm so happy right now. thanks
Wow! This is beautiful music !
Heike Knauer
still awesome after all those years!!! great stuff!
נתן כהן
Joudy Magdy
This music make me feel comfortable :-)
Аза Гудиева
Ещё две девушки так играют. Видели? Превосходно удачи🎶💓❤️ 🤞
Nikolai Nowikov
Не знал что на тазиках можно так виртуозно исполнять ...
Александр Поляков
Музыка завораживает и погружает в другую реальность .Просто космос.
Manon Crbnns
Waouuu !!! C'est incroyable !! Merci pour ce moment !
Рубэн Закиров
Дизы ставят! Вниманииииияяя! ВЕСЛОУХИЕЕЕ👂👂👂!!! Тадаааам!
receitas com a yo
Amei quero um ❤❤😍😍😍
Olie Mowers
I so wish these guys would come out to Colorado and play. <3 this echoing in the mountains would be amazing
Samuel Bedsole
It seems impossible such sounds can come from those instruments, but they do.
Danya Danya
Спасибо. Божественная мелодия и исполнение! Более 5 лет слушаю и не могу наслушаться!
phubblewubb phubblewubb
Just incredible...........It's now 3 days later and your music is so under my skin so I've ordered 2 CD's from your official site!
Chloe Midy
Tellement magique et envoûtant 😍
кирилл корзун
сколько просмотрел видио с хангами эти пацана играют круче всех и мотивчик то что надо
Music Unity and Vibration
Realmente hermoso!!! Me gustaría grabar ese instrumento en mis composiciones.. Saludos
Grace Wang
Love you guys so much : ) Thank you for your kind spirit and gentle energy 🙂
Мммм, кайф! 🔥👌
Black Dragon
Nice but goes on for too long
Hang Massive
OOOOOO!!!!! Just a few away from 10 Million views - Wow , Epic! Who is gonna be the number 10?
Khushal Badhan
This is great. Thanks to YouTube's improved algorithms, I found you. (Not exactly). They must have developed algorithms which can check video contents and music and not just the title or keywords. Love from India.
Kindergarden CoolKid
how come these guys can play a beautiful song on a ufo but I cant play one chord on a ukulele? xD
mahedi hassan
When I see your music then, I will miss my One of the Best Friend & Brother Because? Long time ago,He was gone to the blues from my life without me,,,, God Bless Him,,, ,,,Thank You Boys,,,
Sergey Sviridov
Это действительно космос КАЙФ СУПЕР
Vienna-Katharina Buhl
I first thought what's it with these pans. I am pansexual now
Angie Mendez
Qué maravilla!!
Bystra Dziewczyna
I am in Heaven. Thanks You! 💝
David N
They're not drums. They're tiny ufo's recovered from Roswell, and the tiny aliens inside, absolutely, hate, this.
Вадим Алябьев
35 мил. Просмотров. Это показатель. 👍✌👌👏👏👏
Hang Massive
4.20 Million Views!! Have a look. Activating our Google Plus Account :)
михаил прохватилов
Вот почему НельзЯ выбрасывать старые тазики!!!
ⴰⵛⴽⵉⵜ ⵍⵔⴰⵏⴳ ⵙⵏⴻⵖ_ⵜ ⵙⵉ ⵔⵜ ⵓⵔ ⵏⴷⵉⵎⴻⵖ ⴰⵔⴰ 😊😊
Viclass Vadim
Beautiful composition. Thank you for sharing. I wish you a big success!!!
- Otto -
В сотый раз пересматриваю... Великолепно!!!!!
Николай Липнин
Какой тур-вас на первом КПП свяжут-Грибники блин!
Raushan Mukanova
Salam Aleikum-Hi rom the new capital of Kazakhstan-city Nur-sultan. Thank you very much for this such magic, light incrediable, gentle music.
Dagoberto Godoy
me gustaría tener un instrumento de esos
Anthony Thomas
Noémie B.
4 years ago I was traveling in Paris on the bridge of Pont des Arts and I bought your disc because you were so amazing. Later I met you in Monmartre, and now I see you poping up on my youtube! So proud of you you got 15 millions views!!!! THUMBS UP!
Елена Писарева
Прекрасно! 😊Благодарю! 😊🙏❤️🌞
Maxim Kotov
Again and again and once again im listening this masterpiece)))
Cristina Balestra
Che figata è magnifico ,brvissimissimi
Carlos Cezar
Cara que estrumentos são esses maravilhoso adorei muito massa nota 10 dezzzz.
Лиля Белая
Это волшебно.... И наслушаться никак....
This is so beautiful. Thank you. May I ask how you mic your handpans? I've been having trouble with that. Thanks so much.
Riad Dadashev
Thank u for this masterpiece. From 2019. Just crying.
angga rawn
i hear like a gamelan 😁 but its so good👌
This music put me in a trance. So unique and unusual.
Татьяна Кукавская
это же просто изумительно!
Clan of Kyrgyzstan 90
Giovanni Di Martino
Man this is a real TRIP
Bea Torres
Wow, amazing awesome many blessings your way
Gulishan Sido
You two are amazing.
Bede Carrigan
this video is the embodiment of relationship goals
Mark Motz
Hang Massive, love the sound, helps me refocus and relax, sending love from Ohio, USA