Mai Hime E01 - Pepper Cut

Download: /> These pepper cut versions of the episodes are mainly targeted at yuri fans; both those who haven't seen Mai-HiME before and those who already have seen it and just feel like re-watching it. The main difference is that the yuri subtext between Mai and Mikoto has been increased (if it's even still supposed to be called subtext), while Tate's screen time has been greatly reduced (he's also solely paired with Shiho now). Additionally several unrelated scenes with het-subtext have also been edited or removed. I made sure to keep the story coherent while making these edits, so you shouldn't feel like you're missing anything while watching this if you haven't seen the original version before and I also tried to make all cuts as seamless as possible (so you shouldn't be able to notice most cuts). The rest of the episodes can be viewed from the playlist: /> The subtitles and original versions of the episodes came from Coalgirls (

Cameron knapp
This was released a decade after the anime premiered on tv 📺. The 10th anniversary. I bet you YouTubers can not wait for the 20th anniversary.
I am a Yuri fan but I don't get why you have to cut those hetero romance scenes. I'd rather prefer the very full version with those scenes than with these cuts. If I want to watch yuri, I'll just watch full yuri animes tho.
Mark Uyeda
What's pepper cut?