Tekashi 6ix9ine Explains Why He Fired His Team, Recent Shooting & New Album

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THROWBACK to when we bet 6ix9ine he wouldn't top this list 👉🏽 https://ihr.fm/2RZfzar
when you think the video has frozen but its just 6ix9ine thinking hard lol
Mia Sines
I actually miss seeing this guy on social media 😔
Damien Hair
People hate him when he's around, and miss him when he's gone. Smh.
eryn kerner
Thats crazy to think hes in prison right now.
Alana Williams
47:05 6ix9ine: “When I went to Chicago, my motive wasn’t to go to people’s hoods and make them feel bad-“ CTG: “yes it was” 6ix9ine: “Yeah it was”
løst inthedarkness
tekashi be buffering when he talk.
this dude is a character 28:41 30:34 47:05 48:00
malachi walker
Who else is watching this bc they have nothing else interesting to watch?😂
Mike Hawk
“My mom got this lady from Mexico to rub oils on me” 😂😂😂😂 only Latinos will understand how serious that is
Donald Anderson
I wish 69 would have listen to Fat Joe 😩
The feds also tried picking up akademiks same day but he was to heavy. They dropped all charges and akademiks
BACKEND A.T.M Macaveli A.T.M
That guy is another one in history we'll never forget
Jr S
This dude is intelligent. Jus got caught up with some greedy dirty niggas.
This guy should have a movie
89 Jaden
Free 69 HES a legend, the comeup was real 🇲🇽
The Abstract
*Has Angela actually ever finished one of those smoothies?*
alexis_rainbows 69
42:04 when you forget to do ur chores and your mom is in the driveway
Vinay Doal
*May 2019 anyone?*
Derek Devers
I can't wait for him to get out and tell really went on!!
Freeway Pacheco
I didn’t know Florida Natural made canned juice. Where can I buy this?
He adjusted is glasses 134 times. I counted
Rafay M
30:35 CTG has a mental breakdown
Tom Watson
Professor 6ix 9ine and his beautiful spectacles
rontavius snipes
6ix9ine will be home soon!!! Niggas iffy ugh
Dab Savage
47:04 is the funniest thing EVER
Cam Mims
Who else watching this in the bed right now
Charlamagne always trying to tell someone they got anxiety lol
52 Groovin
BRO IM HERE LOOKING FOR THE FAKE LAUGH WHERE IS IT?? *edited* found it 😂😂😂 30:35
Ambria Alexander
He is a really good speaker. 😂❤️ 36:30 tho 💀 that’s y I’m here fr!
David Fitzpatrick
Between his first interview and this one...he grew up a lot. His maturity level went way up...got about 20 more years to go to act like a real man should. Having said that got nothing but love for u
king troy
Snitch n all his career might not be over
Will Ward
I did NOT like this guy. After seeing this, I have a TOTALLY different viewpoint of this guy
kavon brown
Lmao @ 49:30. 69 : say im the hottest artist out Charlemagne: you not though
Matthew Fx
the moment people started to like the dude. bang...prison
Kung-Fu Kenny Family
Who's else went straight down comments ???
Jimmy PUBG
Dammm bro i miss this kid
Oscar Guzman
17:47 my favorite part 😂 free that man
Myleshia Guess
this is proof that his team was dirty. they was the same people robbing him and playing with his money. SO WOULD YALL SIT IN JAIL FOR SO DIRTY NIGGAS?
Killer Queen
36:21 *Ladies and gentleman, we got him.*
Louis B
69: "Test my Gangsta 🤡" FBI: "Hold my beer 🍺"
Fonso Baby Havana
30:35 Charlamagne has a seizure😂😂
Murder Motion Pictures
Tekashi speaking a lot of things in to existence in this interview. I notice just by the way he's talking
Nap Mcdan
69: Test my gangster. FBI: Hold my beer.
kb productions
Honestly I think really he's a kool kid just bad association and feeling like he got an image to live up too. He's messin his career up and dont see it...but he will soon
Ethan Eady
His ability to control an interview is uncanny. Very smart, very entertaining.
Antonio Santigo
6ix9ine is king if new York but ik Prince of new york😂
Lisa Langille
69: “I never had a manager!!...never!....ya know, o.k....the only manager I had?..” 😳 Slow the shit down, there!
Well the vid hit 10 mil but he in jail so....
Jordan Ulmer
Free bro he killed it
Zo Rose
New York ran by a Mexican with rainbow hair and a Dominican ex-stripper lmao Jesus.
Jason Manning
Free 6ix9ine he didn’t lie about his album being 🔥🔥🔥still here 2019
R Dizzle
Show starts* FBI has entered the chat Literally 😯
Frankie Cuellar
Is this guy for real I just watched the beginning of the first interview and he says not let's not talk about that let's talk about what you guys want to really talk about he's the one that started it lol!???
Tomi Obabo
39:36 69: "i move correct" CTG: "presidents have been shot 69!" 💀
Anon 787
I hope everybody who reads this comment has a great Thanksgiving weekend. Stay safe people.
Farhan Swaggy
This interview is all about 69 adjusting his glasses for like more than 2000 times😂😂😂😂
J Wuuds
Man dude is smart and funny. No I'm not a fan just curious after arrest. Very sad story I wish him the best.
Monica Dominguez
Couldn’t sleep so, i came back to watch him...
42:03 when the webpage is taking forever to load
Federico Vision
Bruh every time this mf paused I thought my audio went out
Lil Vacationland
I like his music. I can tell he is some what intelligent, but he seems pretty misguided judging from the past few months. I kinda feel bad for him. In a weird way. He is classified as a snitch now, so it's really mixed feelings. I've never snitched, and I know it is frowned upon. If it is true that he flipped on shotti. My feelings maybe completely flipped. There have always been weird mixed feelings when it comes to how I perceive and kind of appreciate 69. He seems honest. But the feds really seen to be breaking him. Prayers and thoughts from a fan of 69's music. 🤙
king of new york doesn't snitch
Slim Jsus
They trying to make it look like I rated 😂 37:28
"I'm affraid of two things: god and feds" - well then.
36:00 He talking the FED's just before the FED's close in... Think abou it, He knew! Just saying.
Steven Bennett
You know what’s crazy? People die
money feens
Hes so happy in this interview but He really pissed off the feds when he said I'm untouchable no one can touch me & I get away with anything 😂
Amador Castro
This dude grown alot since his first interview.
Don Annix
Tekashi with the longest mid sentence pauses in the game!
Monica Dominguez
Miss him dearly 💓 still so entertaining after the 69th watching it
Adrian G-More
36:21-36:35 The clue was there and as that long pause didn't feel right....
Young Ceeez
Lol wen he said i was on o block CTG U WERE THERE 30 seconds 69 NA LIKE 15 lmfao
Aaron Swaby
Damn I actually miss this guy free 6ix9ine
Tony Olea
Tekashi pauses so much I keep thinking my phone froze. Lmao
p_l_e_x_u_s 44
how destiny was laughing at this guy that day😂😂it was like... "u gon be in jail son"😂
Miss- C
Whats with the lecturing.. Charlemagne's def jealous
Tekashi 69
When my crush tells a joke: * 30:36
Chris Palumbo
Tekashi69 is the reincarnation of Captain Jack Sparrow
Chris OFlaherty
Teeth whiter than the line at Starbucks
Locust Queen
I hope you get out bro
Tyler Dorsey
i fux with 69 but dam it was painful to listen to this..
Matthew Garrett
14:06 ‘imagine when I’ve been in the game for 10 years’ RIP
Jeffrey Doe
6-9 get out soon homie, cuz the world is a lot more fun with you in it.
He pauses are so long I thought my YouTube wasn’t loading lol 😂
Dion Garman
53:08 hands down the funniest part
The epic Gamer
1:09 the man couldn’t even drink his water lol 😂
Domo Jones
3 things u actually fear, God, death and incarceration
adam langley
You should meet my lawyer,,bob Such a good lawyer
Rap Rat Trapped
What’s funny is every rapper that hates this man... I promise they all watched this entire interview.
Tiny Tears
The New Oncetid
why are you reading my comment ?
He's so down to earth😍
56:46 Yooo, lesson to never count them chickens before they hatch.
Oliver Eccentric
5 months later still haven't finished watching this interview
69: Thinks for 12 seconds. 69: *says 3 words 69: Thinks for another 23 seconds 69: yo... yo.... yo
Isaiah Martinez
Na Tekashi was right people cared and got waaaaaaay more hype for him than Cardi, people can lie, and I dont agree with a good amount of shit hes done, but hes smart in his business and the way he talks controversial where people hate him but still wanna hear about him, unlike bad bhabie where she should have never existed and no talent
Fuck my real name Hoe
Tekashi may not have a career in rap. But acting on an indie series might be a route
John Givens
He will be back stronger and better than ever. When he gets out he needs to come straight here and do a interview.
It hit 10Mil and he got locked up, no more trolling.
michael stevens
*Don't let this distract you from the fact that Dj Khaled has been working out for over 2 years and is still fat.*