Junior Miss Pageant - 2018 Williamson County Fair

Junior Miss Pageant - 2018 Williamson County Fair - W.C. Performing Arts Center. August 5, 2018 For more info: www.williamsoncountyfair.org

Katherine Weir
What they did wrong 1. The same pose over and over again 2. Looked down too much 3. She was pretty good 4. The dress didn’t complement her 5. She turned in her right foot when she was walking and it looked like she broke her heel. 6. Looked down, no clean poses, she only smiled for real like once 7. She leaned into her arm when she posed 8. Looked down, way to much spinning, she was a little funky in the choreography 9. She walked a little awkwardly when going back but she was very pretty and the dress was very flattering on her. 10. She looked really nervous cause she kept clutching her dress the whole time 11. She walked like she was afraid she was gonna die in those heels 12. Pretty good 13. She held her weight backwards and she leaned 14. She didn’t use her arms at all 15. I know she wasn’t competing but she smiled very nervously. If I had to guess who won I would say #9 or if your going by their actual # on there #11 in the blue dress