Mai Hime - Kagutsuchi Unleashes.wmv

Mai accepts her child or a HIME (her summon) "Kagatsuchi" a beautiful phonix looking dragon to fight beside her. At the Beginning of the video, the song is called Mezame by Ensei The song when Kagatsuchi appears is called Yamiyo no Prologue. PS- I don't own this video.

I will forever love this show. Mai is still one of the best protagonists ever for me. Good times. That and Kagutsuchi is just freaking awesome.
The soundtrack made this so awesome. For me Yuki Kajiura is a goddess
Blaze_ The MAD Hatter
Ah I remember this and Mai-Otome.... both great animes and mangas I recommend them. Kagutsuchi is a total badass that I would love to have as a pet.
J. Ross Mayhew
Best Dragon. EVAH!!!!!
Chris Wyckoff
This was actually a really decent anime, though I did have trouble finishing it due to how depressing it got near the end, but at least it made it up with a semi happy ending.
Natsuki and Mikoto are way way better fighter than her.. it's just that both her element and child is the best of them all.. especially Kagutsuchi. I heard it has the power same as a phoenix.. it don't usually die but if does, it rises from ashes and reborn again.
A Dragons Channel
I come back to this anime just to see Kagutsuchi again and he just awe´s me every time. He looks beautifully monstrous, that is how a real badass dragon should look like
Grzegorz Bożyk
That moment when Kagutsuchi opens its mouth, lets off a steam and starts powering up for a blow is awesome. One glance is enough to tell, that whatever gets caught in the blast - has no chance to survive. Reminds me Nao's words about Mai later in the series: "Aren't you all a bit too naive? Did you think what will happen if this girl starts to fight seriously?" Damn right. There's literally no other Child that can survive even a single direct hit from Kagutsuchi.
Guian Carlo
After for so many years I still love this series. From HiME to Otome. I've watched a lot of anime but this one has a special place in my heart. Haha
briana hawkins
Kagutsuchi you are one Awesome phoenix like dragon and cute how he speaks dolphin mix with whale
karen natalia ramirez yara
kagutsuchi beatifull
Andres Marrero
Well like they say, first impressions are everything.
Seige heim
best badass summon in mai home. and also considered as last boss at mai otome.
One of the many MANY best scenes in Mai-HiME too bad they've never continue with a second season! They could do at least one more Season :D 
Kagutsuchi <3
Silver JRL
I love Natsuki's "nope" reaction on seeing Kagutsuchi starting to power up and then Mikoto's "oh, good idea" when she runs away. Kagutsuchi seems to be a mix of 3 legendary creatures (3 things in a circle on the wall) Leviathan (whale sounds) Phoenix ( half made of fire doesn't stay dead) & a Dragon would seem to fit for the third. Compared to what we have seen of childs so far, a mecha-dog & a sword... This makes his intro even more badass.
Kyara17 Art
kagutsuchi best child ever.
J'me souviens quand je regardais ça avant💗💗🔥🔥
raven roth
But i want to see the previous hime before mai, natsuki, mikoto and ILOVE TO SEE THE OLD FORMS OF CHILDS AND THERE WEAPONS
kago is sooo cool. but i cant understand why he have a a sword in gis mouth
no... best magical girl is lina inverse from slayers.... but mai is also hardcore :D
ep 3
so is her power
I love this song and mai so much she is sexy
rip LunarBird CLH
Yeah, it's funny about Kagutsuchi how innocent-looking he is. That is until he bows down as if to take a deep breath and the air is starting to shake... And then if you're Mai's enemy - you do know you're screwed! XD
rip LunarBird CLH
It's the end of first episode and the beginning of second. BTW this scene is excellent. Natsuki: "Move, you cannot do it!" ...and then Mai gets serious and proves clearly to Natsuki who cannot do it and who can! XD
I just LOVE how he innocently whale-noises Mai hello, sees the ofphan (however they are called) opens half his face to this hideous jaw and then flips the fucking mountain xD
I'm sure they knew it was a Hime that did it, and Mai is the one who uses all the fire attacks, so I think they'd have figured it out even if they weren't told.
I got the impression he's not really on any side, it's just his job to make sure the prophecies go the right way.
Léo VanWillem
it's the episode 3
zandra castillo
i like nagi but i don't know which side is he?w/ HIMEs or w/ those bad guys
i still think that this scene wouldn't have been half as cool without Yuki Kajiura on background.. pretty awesome anime overall. anime came out in 2004 so it didn't suffer from abundance of pointless fanservice either. there were few yandere moments, but nothing too bad.. i've watched Higurashi.
Nick Finlinson
Alice Strife
mezame by kaijura yuki
no offense but i think that was overkill still the soundtrack look so fucking awesome
Akiyama Mio
this is so cool,its a good thing I was able to watch it by the way I have one question,did the others ,beside the others that was included in this fight,found out that Mai and her child,Kagetsuchi did that to the mountain?
Chouwa Lakrem
6:30 - 7:47 OST 'Yamiyo no prologue' <3
Chouwa Lakrem
6:41 Kagusutchi ... Kawaii <3 I love your video ! :)
This is why my nickname, for the past 2 years..
Artimes X
This is episode 3. And wow lately i been getting alot more comments on my video's.
"Kagutsuchi: making Bleach characters piss themselves since episode 3"
still my favorite anime after all these years<3333
I love Kagutsuchi! X3 I'm SO happy Mai Hime was my first real anime <3 good times, good times :3 I've always loved dragons and dragonlike creatures and I so love it how they used humback whale and dolphin sounds as one of his sounds^^
Chouwa Lakrem
Kagutsuchi is the best Chid ( i think with kiyohime ) and the most beautiful child ( With duran )  :)
@HUNTxU Mezame
anyone know the ost song name for when the monster gets cut in half?
@RenOniiSan Yeah, but from what I know all of those were anime before manga, which is probably y the animes r better in those cases
@RenOniiSan I know, totally agree with you. I think the anime might be better because Mai HiME was an anime before it was a manga, unlike many other popular animes. The source material is typically better.
@hitogi06 Well, technically the manga has no connection with the anime, as the anime came first (and is better, IMO)
@TheTraveler12 Well, I did say kinda cute, not incredibly cute. Even so, the sword makes it look more sympathetic, as in "aww, poor thing".
Mike The Gamer
@GurrenPrime sort of cute.. then you notice the sword keeping him from opening his mouth entirely. And with good reason too. he opened his mouth halfway and produced that much destruction.
Mike The Gamer
the music that plays when she summons him.. you know some shit is about to go down.
6:47 daaw, it's kinda cute ^_^ 7:07 OH MY F#%&ING GOD, DON'T EAT ME O_O
the anime has no connection to the manga
6:20 this has forever shaped my nickname
ayumu yamada
Armand Guidi Rontani
KAGUTSUCHI !!!!!so beautiful phoenix <3 6:31 to the end <3. For replay put 0:00 :D
And to think this was BEFORE Mai gets royally pissed off later on in the series, and lets kagutsuchi completely off the leash. Hell this was just it's first full appearance.
Le PretzeLover
I love the silent communication's like hes saying i'll protect what's most important to you i'll protect you
General Panda
@mysteryghuy I think Epsisode three or four, I don't remember.
Kyle Ace
what episode is this
General Panda
@hanewolf Your welcome :)
i love this 8D thanks you!
opopopopop destroyed half the island
One word: EPIC!!! Definitely one of my fav animes of all time... and i LOVE the music!!!!!
Mei Aihara
Kagasutchi is Mikoto
mizuki Lyn sy Rue
hindi marunong gumamit si mai ng POWERS nya .. :)) comment lang naman 
Nameless Person
Omg, Nagi at 2:46 was talking literally
BTS Love yourself
Continued plzz cool anime me y love you anime me joued mai hime créed plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
Edrick Alcantara
This one need a reboot or a sequel. A bit more darker maybe an arc before mai otome
Asia Evans
Would bang Kagutsuchi 10,000,000/10
Mezame AND Ensei are songs by Yuki Kajiura Ensei wasn't in this video. Also Mai is the Hime and Kagatsuchi is just a Child of the Hime not the Hime herself.
Joann Crystallis
Nicola Naydenov
Song name at 7:12?
Daraen Tactician
The song? * ^ *
raven roth
Ilove this
¿Quién será más poderosa, Shizuru o Mai? Y me refiero tanto como en Himes como en Otomes.
Chris Valerio
im still watching this haha
Minh Hoàng
the dance of fire