Toy Story 4 | Official Trailer 2

Watch the final trailer for Toy Story 4, and see the film in theaters June 21. Woody has always been confident about his place in the world and that his priority is taking care of his kid, whether that’s Andy or Bonnie. But when Bonnie adds a reluctant new toy called “Forky” to her room, a road trip adventure alongside old and new friends will show Woody how big the world can be for a toy. Directed by Josh Cooley (“Riley’s First Date?”) and produced by Jonas Rivera (“Inside Out,” “Up”) and Mark Nielsen (associate producer “Inside Out”), Disney•Pixar’s “Toy Story 4” ventures to U.S. theaters on June 21, 2019. Facebook: />Twitter: />Instagram: />Hashtag: #ToyStory4 Pixar Instagram: />Pixar Twitter: />Pixar Facebook: /> Copyright: (C) Disney•Pixar

Toy story 1: woody trying to get rid of Andy's new favorite toy because hes jealous Toy story 4: woody trying to save bonies favorite toy so shes happy *Now that's what I call character development*
Jacob Orsay
Toy story 1: we gotta save buzz Toy story 2: We gotta save woody Toy story 3: We gotta save everyone Toy story 4: wE gOtTa sAvE a sPoRk
Stephen Madden
“Time for the old Plush Rush” *beats the hell out of an old lady* Movie: *rated G*
G.O.A.T of a Nerd
“I’ve known that guy my whole life...... “...2 days”
Are they just trying to stop a spork from committing suicide
Who’s Vorce
Reason you should see this movie 10%: The story 90% snake in woodys boot
Duke Kaboom's voice actor..........Keanu Reeves. Never saw it coming lol
Am i gonna pay to see a toy questioning his self worth? Answer is YES
Ronald Cabrera
Us: So Pixar out of all things why did you choose a spork? Pixar: Yes.
Catherine Tarango
Bruh I waited 9 years to see a movie about a suicidal spork
Angelo montero
1:21 "I known that guy my whole life....." *"2 days!"*
Ruisu Gaming
Fans:How Many Toy Story Movies Will U Make? Pixar: *To Infinity And Beyond!*
My profile pic was my reaction to a toy showing kids how to have an existential crisis at age 5
Romeo prince Derose
Omg the grandma part have me crying 😂😂😂😂 lol.
Andy: Gives all his favorite toys to Bonnie in Toy Story 3 Bonnie: Favorite Toy, *Spork* Andy: *am I a joke to you?*
Jacob's Gaming Channel 1928
Buzz Lightyear: "It's falling with style." Also Buzz: *Crashes against a roller coaster.*
"my guys are veterans, they'll hang in there" Love the quote because of how true it is Toy Story 4: Endgame
Remember when we all thought they were going to die in the furnace?
Jack Lewis
Well, Woody and the Gang still look good after 30 Years
Faizan Khan
*Toy Story 1* : Woody is jealous of Buzz becoming Andy's new favorite toy. *Toy Story 4* : Woody risks his life to save Forky because he's Bonnie's new favorite toy. If THAT'S not major character development, then I don't know WHAT is!
Joseph Womer
Forkie: "Woody, why am I alive?" Me: "Why are any of us alive?"
Britannia Nova
if they play "you've got a friend in me" in this movie, imma cRY IN TEARS
It must be Beck
Toy story 5 Toy story 6 Toy story 7 200 years later Toy story judgement day
alejandra gonzalez
Es hermosa la película 😆Naim ontiver
LisLitboi Try Me
The modernization of the original characters while still keeping their designs the same is very hard to do and they did it perfectly
Meeseeks Responds
**Toy Story 4 trailer comes out** Toy Story of Terror: “Am I a joke to you?”
Kevin González
I really want to put my voice in an animated movie like this. But separated from the main characters. Just like Keanu did. ¿Any idea of how is going to work?
Cartiamo Gamer
My YouTube name is cartamo Gamer
Adler Casas
Toy story 1: Learn to appreciate instead of being jealous Toy story 2: discover who you are without forgetting the ones you love Toy story 3: understand the change but remembering the good times Toy story 4: the meaning of why a spork is alive!?
Miguel Angel Rodriguez
"Woody'll save me. I've known that guy my whole life! Two days." 😂😂
Daniel Nikrasov
Captain Marvel beats an old lady. Toys beat an old lady. Result: Disney hates to grow up.
Damian Joseph
Pixar: "gOT To SaFE SpoRKY Duh" Me:"what a ridiculous idea, count me in"
Brainpower Hill
*Pixar* What is the place known for it's CRAZY ACTION that we can base a toy on? *Anyone* Shanghai China? *Pixar* Canada it is! (1:03)
Oh my god!!! Would you look at that? They actually are making a 4th one, this is gonna be so exciting!!!! (And dark.....)
Got em357
Plot: Woody and the gang save a KFC spork from a sadistic doll
iLoveMyNancyDrew147 _
Is it true that the original script was going to be somewhat about Buzz and Jessie's relationship, or was that just a rumor? Also, with Jessie, I really love her character, but I wonder if we will see much of her in this film. I feel she will not get much screen time in comparison to TS2 and TS3. I for one enjoy she and Buzz's cute interactions with each other, and it would be nice to see at least a little of that again in this one!
Andrew Moore
0:30 Hamm is up to his old tricks😂
Adler Casas
1:54 that scene is a call back to the question "Will woody and bullseye manage to pass the great canon!?"
I'm not completely sold, but at least it looks GORGEOUS.
**Let’s go save a spork** I like the idea of a spork....
John Smith
I love how the first line of this G rated trailer is “Woody, why am I alive?”
Martin Axe
TS1: Jealousy TS2: Belonging TS3: Nihilism TS4: Existentialism Toy Story has always dealt with aspects of identity: who/what am I? Now they're asking the real question, why am I?
shivam swarnkar
"'I've known that guy my whole life" "Two days"
Little Kaspar
I'm so excited I'm seeing this on my birthday
boca Jr Salgado
Parabéns você achou comentários em português
Henry Windsor Rurikovich
To the infinitive and beyond , go toy story 💓💓💓💓
Noor ••
It's 2019.. where is the talking joystick?
Movie: *rated G* Forky: *What's the meaning of life?*
Gacha Neptune
Imagine if that girl from the last Toy Story (the girl that took the prospector/the girl that drew all over her barbies face 😑) Is the bad guy XD
Mari Carmen Jimenez López
what is the background song called?
Too Much Melanin
*What our toys ACTUALLY do when were not looking*
1:21 Hello neighbor, joins Toy story.
Bruh I waited 9 years to see a movie about a spork who questions life
Kevin Alexer
well she could have created another fork toy... You would have saved many hours of the movie trying to save someone we just met.
Drunk Danny Tanner
My life is the epitome of Mr. Potato Head’s body parts.... ALWAYS. FALLING. APART.
Lone_Wolf_Kiarash YT
OMG OK SO MAYBE IM 10 but I am so desperate to watch this is that bad?
Jessie is probably having ptsd from the last road trip
TOY STORY 4 Grandma Assault ... Hyped for this movie . Rated *R* for Everyone
Daunte uflay
at least theyve got ELO in the trailer...
I'm seeing a lot of Electric Light Orchestra on the main stream lately and I'm happy. One of my favorite groups.
you can not tell me thats slappy from goosebumps 1:21
Some floor panels
"What about the ole' plush rush?" *Proceeds to murder a grandma*
Lachlan Blackwell-Smith
The gang: We're all happy with Bonnie, aren't you, sporky? Sporky: *jumps off the back of a van*
0:10 Oh my god! It's Mabel!
The Nintendo Guy
Bunny: What about the ole plush rush? Ducky: There you go Old lady: Oh where do you to come from? Ducky and Bunny: THE KEYS! GIVE THEM NOW! WHERE ARE THEY!?THE KEYS! GIVE US THE KEYS! Buzz: Well we’re not doing that.
Hydr0 P0rtalZ
Toy Story: Toy Gets pushed out of the window Toy Story 4: *Toy Jumps out of a window*
The Hedgehog‘s Dilemma
Even though it’s called toy story it should really be called toys going through an existential crisis and questioning their self-worth story
Ryan Sheely
Coming soon to kenosha cimemark
Angie Viera
*I haVE aLL ThE QUeStIoNS*
The track at 2:09 was in All That Glitters of SpongeBob
I grew up with them 😭😭😭
exhaustedbean #33
The most relatable character ever “woody... why am I alive?”
Onion Candy
With both trailers i think i've seen the whole movie now.
ion whooked
looks like the only movie they didnt ruin but they forgot one thing : kids dont play with toys no more...
Mr Temporal
You exist now- and your only purpose is to make this child happy. You belong to her, and she is your greatest source of meaning. Toy Story can be disturbing when you read into it.
Angel Beas
0:21 Woody Is Apparently Rubber
The way Bonnie’s dad just steps on Woody. My goodness nobody respects toys in this household. 🤦🏻‍♀️
King meta Kirby De De De 64
Ten years later, Bonnie finds sporky in the closet. Goes to trash can
Nipul Mallikarachchi
Waiting ......................... For the next missing toy 😃
Isabella_herz133 Isabella_herz133
Woody's perspective:That's like 100 feet away I can't cross My prospective: steps 4 times that wasn't far at all
Dan Blair
Two days ago was Up's 10th anniversary!
KeeferJ 1995
0:03 "You are a toy." Sounds like Woody said it much more calmly.
Duke Caboom = Evel Knievel. Anyone remember the iconic Ideal toy of the 1970s?
Trissy Paul
Gonna watch it 22 June 2019
Cristian Montero
Who else realized that the voice actor for the blue dinosaur in the beginning if the video also voices Mabel from Gravity Falls?
cell pat
Time to get Woody to "jump the toy shark!"
Krazi ShadowBear
"How 'bout the ol' plush rush?" I'm dying.... 😂
SoRena Dix
We'll see Andy again if, like my parents, he marries young & has children early on! I called it first, Pixar! 💓 U!
So glad they've picked some great songs. First "God Only Knows" & now "Livin' Thing"!
WhyDon’tWeBesson 2/5
Omg so excited 😂🤩🤣
Paige 1996
“The panic is attacking me!!” -me 24/7 0:35
"The panic is attacking me!!" Oh Rex, how I have missed you.
Duke Kaboom😂😂😂
Tomasa Cotoc
Forky: Y am i alive Woody: BECAUSE Y ARE
Squish Princess TV
I can't wait to see TOY STORY 4 im so excited 4 the new characters and everything
Joaquin Perez
The Person who voiced the blue dinosaur voiced mabel from gravity falls
KatelynGrace Murphy
"I've known him all my life, 2 days" AMAZING
I will not like the movie 1:21
Hannah Butler
(Hears "Livin' Thing" Playing in the background) Not what I expected, but it fits!