KOTD - Rap Battle - Conceited vs Dumbfoundead | #Blackout5

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Conceited vs Dumbfounded! Two unique styles. One winner. Thank you for the support. Be sure to 'Like', Share, and Subscribe to stay updated on battle releases and upcoming events.
dumbfounded killed it. he was more creative and he didn't resort to racist black jokes.
one was doing asian jokes one was doin short jokes basically they were just out here hurtin timothydelaghetto's feelings
Black dude making fun of Asian culture but the Asian dude never made fun of black culture
Dumbfoundead: Took shots at Conceited's appearance and behavior. That's what real battle rap is about. He didn't say anything about the black community. Plus his punch lines were funny. Conceited: Took shots at the Asian community, shaming them in the process. Nothing said about DF personally. Random. Dumbfoundead is the winner!
kevin wu
He literally just made racist jokes the whole time. I wonder what would happen if dumbfounded made racist jokes the whole time.
this dude conceited say so many asian jokes.but If dumbfounded were to say black jokes everyone will take it serious
sean don
"He got 3 hot tubs at the crib, all sinks" LMFAO
Sylvester Baddoo
The Asian Dude made sense and rhymed a lot .. DUMBFOUNDED won
khambor Ryan
Dumbfounded is the winner
Reginald Nance
I'm sorry but dumbfounded murdered you "he got 3 hot tubs in the house, there all sinks" LMAO man that made my night LOL
Harshil Dhameja
Rap battle summary: Dumbfounded: Yo! Concieted: Aaah!? The end
Iconic Props
The hype men are the biggest joke on stage. But the battle was entertaining.
Miguel Morales
thumbs up for dumbfoundead
Jarren Brown
Con was nice, but I think Dumb got this one
Dumbfounded- He got three hot tubs at the crib all sinks-
Somuna Ezeoke
Dumbfounded won, now imagine if he used racial jokes like conceited did.
Tramayn Washington
Too many of these black battle rappers talk about guns and killing and not using much intelligence and wit. Using racial stereotypes and not bring much knowledge.
Human Conciousness Locksmith
The 7 dwarves of black Hollywood line had me lol. Dumbfounded won, handguns down.
mauro mireles
Nah nah dumbfounded came through.. conceited hype man carried him. Don’t get me wrong they were both good but conceited party was over hyping everything.
Dumb called out the Asian joke shit from the get go but that was Con's entire script so there was no way he could switch it up ahahaha
Round 1 Dumbfounded: you are extremely short. Con: you are extremely asian and I use guns. Round 2 Dumbfounded: you are extremely short and you use guns. Con: you are extremely asian and I use guns. Round 3 Dumbfounded: you are in this game forever, btw ... slow it down, just banged yo sister Con: you are extremely asian and I use guns.
Austin Squires
Dumfounded won
Win loss ratio. Dumbfounded grabbed the 92% W.
Lendzemo Joachimkimeng
The Asian guy cooked the black dude
Why are the comments so recent😂😂..and people who be feeling the need to point out racist stuff be the ones who are racist..this is battle rap..take your sensitive ass somewhere else
Fa Tee
Con rapped about nothing the whole night lol Dumb went after Con's whole image. The reason why Dumb won is because his bars went after Con specifically. You could put any other Asian rapper in Dumb's place and Con's bars would still "hit." Foreshadowed when he was rapping at Tim in the beginning. He literally could've stayed there the whole night and it would've had the same feel. Dumb got this W.
Conceited had the advantage cuz he can say racist punchlines😂 dumbfounded still killed
mnhgerl lell
concieted took a L
Dumb already ended it when he called him out on the Asian jokes and that's all conceited did.
Gabriel Roy Llorera
'Slow it down, I just met you!' 'We all make mistakes when we're fifteen' Damn.
Dumbfounded hands down...Conceited came with the same Chinese jokes
Ferret Voltage
Dumbfounded called it. All this dude could throw was racist lines. Founded killed him with skills.
Khuong Pham
“You have imaginary guns, some have mandatory” bro, he’s dead
Conceited's jokes were 100% asian jokes. DFD said a lot of short jokes but still had diversity.
Lemon Jello
This made me like Con slightly less
Rio account
I wonder how Tim must feel cause he's Asian and short 😥😥
Ginger Grinder
Dumbfounded so humble unlike conceited hitting him with racist, culture mock and whatsoever ..
fist fight the president
Dumb played con everyone knows it lol.
Brandon Miller
Dumb said this dude got 3 hot tubs at the crib..all sinks.. I died 😂😂
jim bob
Conceited is wack all he had was his hype crew behind him. Dumbfounded is smart and witty
Derek Zhou
All u need to know from this battle: Double standards
Andreco Manigault
The Asian guy won.. the other guy was good.. but the asian.. was way better
Conceited’s Asian jokes were all Japanese and Chinese tho? Dumbfoundead is Korean heritage
Cray May
Dumbfoundead won for sure..
jibril spencer
Not gonna lie dumbfounded was spittin straight bars second round
Nekolai Trim
Timmothy Delahgetto won no doubt.
BigBody Rico
This happened 5 years ago and everyones commenting now????
I love conceited but dumb was really good, 3 hot tubs all sinks 😂
You Tube
Dumb won
Jaime Jaquez
Conceited with the L.
kevin russell
Years later and I’ll still say that dumbfounded is levels above conceited in creativity
Dr. Stein
Dumbfoundead had some real hard burns, he did crutch on short jokes a bit much but not quite as hard as Conceited did on Asian jokes. Conceited also stopped too frequently to try to hype up the crowd to give himself some time to come up with the next line. DFD really cut him down with all those fake gangster lines. Conceited felt like he was on defense the whole time. His buddies at his back were 90% of the hype he had.
Octavio Jimenez
Dumbfoundead merked him tho 🔥
Michael Hillman
Dumbfounded killed him
mnhgerl lell
dumbfounded won no competition
Bass Dropper
Dumbfounded won for real though. All rounds, bomb af
Congrats for 10 millis. Respect to both artists and kotd 🔥🔥
kxng rai
Dumbfounded all the way for this one
Dumdfounded won
youknowwhyimhere b
Dumbfounded won but Imagine if he used black jokes. FINISHED! Also tell his crew to stop hyping every joke up like a bunch of high school kids when I went up to the principal office
Looking back at this Dumbfounded Killed conceited.
Sylvester Baddoo
I am a black dude and the Asian guy won !
Conceited's hype dudes are overzealous to the point of cringe.
Conceited sound like if he wrote his bars before he reached but dumbfounded sound like he was making it off the top of his head.
Ayomide Ademoyegun
Dumbfounded is a boss! He killed this
deigo i
nigggas be searching for real rap 2019
dardan hiseni
this asian got bars but dont u think he is bald? is he too hard for this black guy? little guy
Charles Waldron
Dumbfounded didn't even have to use a black joke and he still came with heat. All 3 of Conceited's rounds were weapon puns and Asian slurs
Kayann Henry
Dumbfounded is a quite talented gentleman.
EXA Beats
where can i get dumbfoundeads jacket man ? its fire !!
Yul Boothe
Dumbfounded took this easy, dude rap about guns too much, like everyone else out therr
Brandon chacha
He got 3 tubs in the house, all SIIIINNKKKSSSS😂😂... Dumbfoundead
Dumb using the slow it down flow against con is the reason I still can't move on from this video.
Naman Sinha
Dumbfounded took this one. No variety in conceiteds bars
balls balls
Dumbfoundead won that 🔥🔥
🗣️🗯️ "He got 3 hot tubs at the crib, ALL SINKS!"- DUMBFOUNDED 🤦
Aggrey John
The first time I saw Con beat real bad
Dev W
I have to say it's obvious dumb won. He brought more than just short jokes. Even brought up how guns were messing up the community and how innocent people were getting killed yet conceited could only talk about guns which made him look bad. He had nice lines but dumb had short jokes, the tat jokes and came real with the guns in the community. Can't really beat that variation of battle rap with only talk of guns and Asian jokes
of course they both have to be a little racist 😂
King Sidney
This was cool. I'm a new battle rap fan. I like conceited from wild n out, but whoever this Dumbfoundead dude is he's very good. He definitely won this one.
I think Conceited is a good battle rapper, I really do. But I don't think he's in the same league as DFD, and this battle proved that to me. Great battle though, no doubt
Kanaan Magele
Imagine if there was a rap battle about people saying good things😂😂😂
DFD's jacket is so dope.
Wasn't gonna watch since I've seen it like 5x already. But saw it at 9.9m. Had to come through to help get it to that 8 digits
oscar meza
Dumbfounded's lines cut way deeper imo, cons wordplay is raw but gets old when dumb sounds more relevant
Jesse Garcia-saenz
Dumb took that real talk
I have to say I think Dumbfounded had that one
Christopher Balestreri
Funniest part is how Dumbfounded called out Conceited for rapping about guns, and Conceited always rapped about them again right after. Dumbfounded won, hands down
Dumb is so underrated his bars are top notch
I love that they're both non aggressive rappers, it's relaxing to watch
Dumfoundead killed it
Cody Anderson
dumbfounded won hands down. I like con on wild n out tho.
Lessons learned from this battle: Conceited is short, Dumbfoundead is Asian.
Lol Dumbfoundead already said it in the beginning, all he was gonna do was pull some unoriginal typical Asian jokes, and Conceited did JUST that the whole time. Conceited would of had a chance if he didn't use the typical jokes & switched it up, but he kept that the whole way through which made Dumbfoundead know he was predictable ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Oladipupo Ajabi
This is how Drake scouts his ghost writer
Kelvin Lin
"I couldn't buy my condo with con doe cuz I got dumb money and that's not a pun dummy"
Damn, Dumbfounded Murdered. This. Dude. 😟🙈 🔥
yee boi
I'm just here because I'm stalking dumbfounded cuz he was a guest in jknews! I mean whose here from just kidding news? Anyone? 😂😂😅