Estas Tonne @ Boom 2014 [Road to Utopia]

The Boom Festival just ended, many busses full of people left it’s premises. Music stages already on the way of deconstruction. Boomer's are tired but don’t want to leave. Like persistent surfers are drawn to waves, they still search for the waves of music which are nowhere to be found. On the day when music sea was calm Estas Tonne caught crowd by surprise giving them one more chance to enjoy the ride. The amazing ride of his music.

This man is a gift for humanity <3
Adriel Pinarello
This... this made a change in my life.
Connor Connelly
If only we could, at all times, release ourselves from the shackles of self-consciousness and self-awareness, and simply, together, enter a realm of emotion, infatuation, common understanding, based on a simple fact of life that requires no assessment nor comparison; that we are part of nature, alive, and one day our bodies will return to the dust from whence it came.
Esoteric Ed
I hope this is what the future looks like.
Waves of Creation
10 QUESTIONS TO ESTAS TONNE AND HIS REPLIES 1)   Let’s talk about you: who is Estas Tonnè and where does he come from? Thanks for asking. Of course I can give you a superficial answer, but I don't wish to feed this story anymore. So I would say this: Who is Estas Tonne? A fragment of the whole… And where does he come from? I don’t quite remember yet… but I might answer this question soon.. 2)  How did you start playing around the world and why did you decide to do that? I didn’t start to play around the world, it seems the world is round and I kept moving around it. 3)  I saw one of your videos and I was surprised by your ability to improvise. What do you think and what do you feel when you play? What do you think when you walk the same street you walked last night? Different things right? So it is... now is one thing, the next now is another thing… though what is in between is very interesting. 4)  Who is and what is an Artist, according to you? ALL OF US, some could truly connect with the essence of it, some are exploring dimensions of it, and some think it's only “special people who have unique talents”... and that’s true… we are all unique and talented... and all are artists... 5)  Can you tell me something about the project “Time of the Sixth Sun”? It’s a film about raising the consciousness on this planet… shared by many beings who explore the meaning of it, some have answers, some dogmas, some are here to INSPIRE… I truly wish this wonderful project would be available for the masses soon enough! 6)  I’d like to speak about your album “Internal Flight 2013”: what do you want to communicate, with this work? You said: “A transformation of thought into eternal smiling silence”. What did you mean? It's all about transformation… like life itself and death also… moving from one state to another… so it's kinda transforming a Dragon into a Dragonfly… 7)  Have you ever been in Italy, my country? If you did it, can you remember something particular that happened to you? If you didn’t, will you come to make a session? Yes, I love that part of the Earth called Italy, and I have many beautiful friends originally coming from these gorgeous lands. I have never seen so many paparazzi in any other parts of the world, seems this word is living its purpose. 8) What is your philosophy of life? What do you believe in? It changes from moment to moment… yet I believe one day we will greet each other with an open heart… and truly see who we are… 9)  What does music represent to you? It’s a wave….and we better choose what waves we are making … As we are the waves also... 10)  Is there anything that we didn’t mention and you’d like to say? What are your upcoming events? Having an Internal flight… as nothing else matters unless we are free… inside… Thank you so much and have a great journey, Estas! FROM pefmagazine (dot) org
Marian Hronek
Maybe one day I will be able to watch this without tears in my eyes and shivers in my spine... but I doubt that ;-)
Hugh Fathers
Amazing music from a fantastic musician . . .
I used to play the Incense all the time. Super unappreciated instrument
Sirona Licoi
I can't believe that people don't be in silence and enjoy than beautiful Melody... that Melody touch your soul!
fredrick joseph
When you delete money and power from the social equation...humans become one of the most benevolent creatures in the world...eden is the state of mind...
Vici Freigeist
the people there are sooo sweet <3 :D
Jonah Hogue
The 68 dislikes are for the flute player.
Евгений Р
он играет не пальцами ,а душой и сердцем.супер
Connor Smith
are you sure this isn't a deleted scene from the pirate of the Caribbean?
Леонид Лазакович
Ты самый лучший гитарист которого я слышал......
Antonio Robinson
The man just brings so much _material_, with such prowess, such relentless ferocity, than poetic tenderness, etc., etc
oleg manin
музыка объединяет всех
Алексей Кривенко
Как бы ему не мешали - Estas лучший!
k mak
some of the Happiest People i ever Seen.
Илья Веселов
It was the best I've seen and heard this year! Godlike
Frederik Shadees
Without a doubt in my mind.. This is the best guitar player in the world..
Here's a wild idea: If you're inside a tent where someone is playing live music . . . SHUT-UP!
Ludwig H
how profane the clapping appears after such a deep session. It's like they clap the spirits away to just say "nice show! nice guitar player. let's find something to drink now" of course I know it is the common way to honor an artist, and it's good. but it was a feeling i got. back to profanity
Estas Tonne performs brilliantly accompanied by a band known as Random Attention Whores.
Props to the filmmakers, Great Video brother..!! Estas, soulful as always..!
Gonçalo Figueiredo
..this "hippie" festival happens every two years. if you go there, you'll just wish it never ends, and with this lovelly music it would brake my heart, who stayed there ;)
zahra nuryya
and estas is still playing to bring everybody safe and soft to earth again. mucho gracias
Tar Ber
No words to describe my feelings.He's an angel!!!!!!
A groovy scene with lots of (Seeming...?) Euro-Hippies ! Sort of like a mini or maxi "Rainbow gathering" It is easy to be judgmental as a writer down below is about the people and their (Seeming ...) lifestyle choices. But what about the banker , the lawyer, the big C.E.O. ? The heads of chemical companies, the military, the police , the world bankers ? Would you rather hang with those folks, or thesis you see in this video ? LOL ! I would choose these folks into the "Ecstatic dance" and ganja , etc. any day !!!
cintia saptie digART Ph
WindSong Movement
It is an honor to meet you here on the path of truth & wisdom A sacred privilege indeed You are a Divine reflection of All I overflow with gratitude & appreciation for your being <^>
Now, that's proper set and setting.
Ana Clara MacDowell
i dont know if this video makes me want to go to Boom really hard or never step there while i live. Either way, this man is incredible.
Tiago Monteiro
a new breed is comming, next generations are more aware of every thing,we walk towards enlightement and truth!!!
Floux de luxe
This estas ... he's just a monster of been in the pure instant ! pure monet !! he has this power to concentred all the energy for himself .... and give back this emotion , that you can only find in meditation... or surf !! congratulations !
I watched this WAY longer than I thought I would. The long-haired blonde dude was getting a little close to Estas...but he seemed in control of his movements. But, I think it's better to keep a more respectful distance from the performer. One kick to the headstock and the guitar goes out of tune. The guy with the incense was great though. Estas seemed to take it all in stride...or strum. It was easy to forget that one guy was making all of that music....soothing yet energizing stream-of-consciousness. Interesting how people would join in with various instruments, and most people seem to be respectful of the performer without barging in but seeking out harmonics to blend in with notes here and there. I've also noticed how similar hippies are everywhere you go...their facial expressions, style of dress...even how they dance. :) The people talking really need to kinda move away a bit, or at least pipe down during the quiet parts. Love the camera work. I felt like I was there, and it was great to hear Estas but also get a thorough view of the audience and participants all around. This would be mind-blowing in VR! Some of the women were quite beautiful, and the interaction between strangers was kind and generous too.
Esoteric Ed
1:55 Jesus approves.
Алексей Кузнецов
Гений ,что ещё скажешь.!
Evelina Stensson
Miss boom and all the wonderful boomers. Sorry but the flute is annoying att sometimes, you should let the artist do his work and play his music in peace. But wonderful contrast to see all the dancing, how the music makes them move. Beautifully work from the camera-guy also! Love, we are one!
Samuel Harris
that guy with flute must know he's not in key with the guitar
Mamen Es
Maravilloso. Todo corazón. Pura pasión 💓
John W.K. Miller
Dear Friend, I wish You much many more of such happy days ! That You might further enlighten us with Your music :-D
Eric Gendell
The vast symphonic dimensions of space and time Estas creates or channels through a single instrument with only some reverb and delay are truly wondrous, swimming in the oceanic currents of the universe,s space and time collapse and dissolve into the moments' inspiration.Too bad the idiots around him feel the need to interfere and impose their clumsy fantasies on the devotions of a master.
Rhiannon Henry
Whoever the videographer/filmaker was on this.. kudos to you. Epic capture of some amazing music.
youssef yassini
i really feel love in that video true love
Lou Foque
Rafael Miranda
I think i saw this but didnt realize it was him! It was a magical moment :)
O Isawi
unbelievable music from another world . Every note is magical
Ahva Lenay
true art. real love. an ocean of holy wow and rarity.
You can smell all the days without a shower in this video
Сергей Коптяев
как широка Душа........
This is amazing! What a genius. Looking forward for being there next year:)
Dashiz Nitz
i love how hippies look the same all over the world
zahra nuryya
even EstasTonne is tired now, u should go now, he is exausted, I think, but will play for the last one who is listening, in love and peace, for every soul sitting there. namastee shalom peace pace frieden
Di Dxpeo
This festival looks like a hippie party .
Aki Suz
WOW this brought tears to my eyes. The magic and energy! So sacred. And all the amazing souls who contributed! Mr Dreadlocks I love you
Paolo Sita
somethin' magic happened here
psychotrance at its best
Jesus Satan
Dirty, malnourished hippies, looks like a very smelly festival. Estas is great at what he does though.
Gaia Pope
Plays that for over half an hour straight! beautiful <3
Cristina Novo Teixeira
Jon Binnie
This is so beautiful well done! Memorizing 🕺🎸🌌🌍🌠🌈
Василий Куралесов
*This is a Ukrainian man. Slavic nation. Slavyanin*
Lekshin Dev
Wonderfull music!!! Thank god! Have never seen anyone like him in my life!!! Thank you master for your music!!
Pep Legal
. ( A Diamond among rocks ! ) Have those stoned, woodstock grandsons got the exact notion of that guitar player reached nothing less than the Perfection ? With all due respect, but...put some Enya for those people...and take out that man from there. .
Brad Geltapfel
"That was Estas Tonnes' "Concerto for Six-String Guitar and Incense Sticks", from his 2014 compilation "How We Are Hippy, Europe Style!"" j/k, love his playing, that's a unique picking/plucking style that I bet he came up with just so he could reach the music he *felt* and *heard* and just had to play. These self-taught guys have a real intimate connection with the music they play-not that more orthodox players don't, but it's a different passion.
(That guy with the blonde dreads) Wow! What a free spirit.
Eri D
legend has it they are still self-improving
Evergreen Best Music
Home, Home again :) I like to be here when I can. When I come home cold and tired It's good to warm my bones beside the fire
That guy is playing incense sticks...
Wow, totally mesmerizing...all of it!! Ya gotta love it, Estas Tonne's talent, as well as the amazing 'full rainbow aura' that always seems to follow him, whenever and wherever he plays the guitar...every single person listening to him playing the guitar looks like (s)he's on drugs or at least hypnotized! In all videos! And I completely understand it too, 'cause I found myself staring at the screen...with a big goofy smile on my face, staring...for hours and hours! Totally relaxed!
Wendy-lee Morris Sirrom
I wish I had this experience thanks for the net so I can at least sort of have some experience of your energised music. I am lifted. From An older person. 💖
Joachim Dräger
Super Musik, at 2:21 a BVB (Soccer) Sticker .. Dortmunder waren da, grüße aus Germany
when living a life is hard to live. we pray the songs to save our soul.
jona E.D.C
me impreciona mucho el ambiente de paz y relajo que produce
I always come back to this video and it brings shivers down my spine, having been to psytrance festivals you can really feel glimpses of the energy just by watching a video of it. Estas gets that perfect blend of music and meditation and it's a beautiful thing to watch. Much love from Brazil, may we all live as brothers and sisters!
8:58 Hungry Stoners ^^
Skye Sharna
Thank you for sharing a beautiful place to be
Dmitriy Obidin
11:25 this part is sick!
zahra nuryya
they all give their soul for a better world, their heart and so much work and a lot of life time. cant say thanks a lot enough. namastee salam shalom peace frieden
Brejo Fundeiro
WOW, we are definitely going next year !!! We heard it has become SO commercial, but Hey it still looks pretty awesome, and I will get my free hugs for sure. Namaste
A. Kazue Valenga
Sempre assisto a esse vídeo, que me leva a uma lembrança tão boa, que parece que conheço a essas pessoas, lugar, espaço. Nessa canção linda, tudo ao redor muda constantemente, a mensagem que isso me traz é encantador. Peace & Love.
Larry al-Shiva
Very nice recording it fills my soul with joy
Сан Саныч
Музыка прикольная конечно у Эстаса Тонни , однако без наркотиков смотрю не обошлось ))
Cristina Barata
Relaxamento total. Muito lindo . Amei <3
да, это целая история путешествия души, в кругах перевоплощений)))
Amazing.... especially at 11':00"
Neo Chayanne
Lady at 13:24 who are you? i love you!
Albert Kuncz
Nagyon rendben van! Woodstock (1969) filing!
Furio Mil
i dont know why but i keep finding this artificial (but the music of course)
Yasmin Rodrigues
Seu som é adorável. Enquanto ouvia em alto e bom som passarinhos pousaram na minha janela <3 Gratitude
mesmerizing, amazing and pure visualized and audio energy. Looks a bit like "The Beach 2" :) Love it! Would love to be there
This man has Calluses of diamond! ;) -- Seriously, this is what you get when you combine a genius craftsman of the guitar with uncanny improvisational inspiration. Much Respect.
Some great editing going on here. Awesome Vibe to the whole experience.
Sture Åkersork
Tout a fait Magnifique! Quelle Perfomance! Atmosphère sublime. Merci d´afficher!
Vincenzo Arruda
Pouco chapados hahaha o/ harmonia melhor que essa não existe... Viva a psicodelia 3õ
Tomas Poruban
Life is a bridge. Inflame your heart like great fakle. Get world drenched with happiness of pure love.
Beautiful! Blessings. Carry on and come to from Wakefield, Qc in Canada.
nanee leo
rising  the frequency &  taking  care ..  LOVE you  ARE ,  Estas .  Thank yOu <3