1970 Paul and Linda McCartney in Scotland

Paul and Linda 1971 in Scotland. Songs: The Lovely Linda, Junk, Bip Bop, Hey Diddle, I am your Singer, Heart of the country, Three Legs

Slime Clouds
Linda + Paul forever ♥
Linda obviously made him very happy, especially when she made him a father!
Liz G84
This looks amazing! They were just truly in love! Linda has always been my all time favorite Beatle wife! :)
Linda loved him with out his glam or money,here she is without money,mansions,that truly says a lot about her,not all celebrities wives do this..
joan Jones
Linda was a good woman.
The baby must be Mary McCartney. born 28 August 1969
Michael Sandoval
they were actually soulmates
Shelly Musgrove
One couple that makes me believe love is more than a myth.
Kimberly Scales
You can tell they were soooo close!!!
Robert Acorn
So great to see Martha and Linda again ! RIP to the fine ladies who both inspired the dear Sir.
Darren Knight
the world is so beautiful, and so sad, i guess i love you all.
Dee Avery Rietveld
That little child wasn't Stella. It was Mary, their first born. The blond child was Heather, from Linda's first marriage to Mel See.
George Penwell
It's slipped my mind over the years as to what excellent horsemen the McCartneys were.
Ivo Ponduša
74th ANNIVERSARY HER BIRTH TODAY!!! LINDA McCARTNEY (September 24, 1941 – April 17, 1998) Linda McCartney was an American musician, photographer and animal rights activist, entrepreneur and publisher who was married to Paul McCartney of the Beatles.
enio martins
think bout any fancy hotel inthe whole world: brazil, france, canada, spain, thailand, caribe, anyplace/anyhow paul was able to be there everywhere :) but, instead, he choose a cabin far away with no facilities at all. Just him, linda, heather and a baby. I really love this choice from a man who could be at any place in the planet. Oh, yes: and, beside all, he can play. And play so good, so so so. A god. Nice.
'Sorrow says perish , but every pleasure wants eternity'. (Nietzsche)
Pat Brennan
paul was a lucky man, linda was an angel without wings, then she grew her own, and they were real..
Lady Stardust
I really love this wonderful woman and I am very sad that she left us so early
Alison Marie
Someday I want to love someone as much as Paul loved Linda
Koreshy Alvarez Morales
I admire linda so much she was so sweet a amazing woman she really loved paul
Looks like their children had so much fun hanging out with them. One big happy family!
My Opinion
It must have been quite lonely for Heather in the first few years in Scotland.BUT asked by Oprah Linda never had maids, nannies, cooks, she was a regular Mom and that grounded Paul. So sad he lost Linda.If not for Linda, he might never had written another song again. He managed not to turn to drugs, and you have to give that to his one true love~~Linda And she had a sweet voice.
James Dunn
The music Paul is performing here suits the video well.
I wish I could have a man love me that much....sigh....
Timid Kitten
I'd just love to have his baby, big round hazel eyes, puffy cheeks, just lovely
john fusco
Some fav stuff, ever. Simple, real. They loved each other & both were talented, respectively.
Colleen Clinch
Linda becomes more beautiful every time I see her...I see why Paul fell madly & deeply for her..for always..
Even tho he says he was depressed at the time, in retrospective I am sure this was Paul´s happiest period of his life.
these are really nice films ..thanks for posting
that is one happy dog.
This is so PRECIOUS, You can tell they LOVE each other, and their kids so much, They are so lucky and blessed :) ♡
Rossella Maiolo
just amazing <3
J. B
What a rare love story.
Carl Rudd
Macca's 'farm' looks a bit of a wreck....
Dedra Jade
What a full beautiful life Paul has had and still going strong!❤
Although one day be as the happy as they were.
Brian Quinn
Pretty good Horseback Riders. Having all of that Beatles money sure made life easier for them.
Insane Gaming
I always wondered what they were singing in the garden with the kids running around
Kayla C.
Haha, Mary at 5:07. :)
debra maddox
omg im so glad i saw this
Et Linda est aussi si belle !... et si pleine de vie et de bonheur !...
joao jorge Kayatt
Robert Huges
good girl who bought the good life to Paul!
Walter Perkins
In a certain angle it looks like they are throwing their boots and socks in the ocean!
This is what true love looks like!
Eppo Manta
Linda R.I.P.
George Penwell
Paul and Linda seemed to always try to put a positive and hopeful spin on life and song while John and Yoko seemed to want to shit on everything. Loved John 'till the point that he became a narcissistic, self absorbed and sanctimonious ass hole. Love her as I'm sure he did Yoko did him no good.
I just love to look this video !... pendant quelques minutes Linda et Paul nous invitent à partager leur bonheur, une vie de nature, de beautés, de bohème... Yes Paul's real Love, his wife, his children, the nature, his music... and I love so much when they ride through the wide open fields.... ! Paul, vous êtes un si séduisant cavalier, galopant librement à travers champs...
Raffaello Fiumana
bellissimo video
Colleen Clinch
I'm still waiting for my "Paul" to come around...if only...
NYC girl
Tim St. John
FYI- the dog is Martha.
David R Banta
I really loved this.  
Gasparuccio X
first macca solo album is great
Doreen Wu
OMG I've never heard of this song?! 8:30
Sylvie May Harrison McCartney Fan
Too bad John never found love like Paul did.
Roky Erickson rocks
It was a great love affair, that's what it was. You can have fun doing anything, when you're with those who you love.
Fantasma Azul
Very beautiful video. Thanks for post it.
God Bless
Beca Dawson
this makes me wish i was linda
Julia Beatle
omg, i love Paul<3 and Linda was a beautiful person...
Tango Eliott
who knows? Why that is important to you is something you and your shrink can discuss at your next session.
I loved his (first) solo album.
Lashay Davis
they love was so beautiful.
jim whittington
Thanks for posting. Always loved the McCartney and Ram albums.
Thanks for posting, Paul and Linda. Love it. There will only be Linda for Paul. Yes life goes on, but like Elvis, there will never be another Priscilla, as he looked for until the end. And Sir Paul will never find another Linda. Ii know from personal experience.
Thanks for posting, Paul and Linda. Love it.
John Kopko
there great together RIP Linda
donna stitz
Marie Polly
I can't imagine his sufferings after her death.. It seemed True love. For this reason I don't understand how he's able to marry two more times.. but I admire him anyway because he lived and he's living his life at full, without depriving himself of love.
Linda's father changed their name from Epstein to Eastman.
John T
00:00 to 00:10...linda looks beautiful
lovely footage and songs....
She doesn't look it though.
Far from it! Her parents were both Americans of the Jewish faith!
4:21 We get a good look at his Gibson (?) righty-lefty acoustic guitar. He's joined the club of having a Gibson acoustic with John having had his Peace Gibson and George having his Here Comes The Sun Gibson and his Love Me Do Gibson. (I don't blame you if you don't understand what i'm saying, it only works if you're a true guitar fanatic AKA Me.)
What did he say?
I wish I had known them, Also The Beatles!
Beautiful! Thank you!
She's actually a Jewish girl from Long Island. Her maiden name was Eastman but either her father or grandfather, I forgot which, changed their name from Epstein... which is a huge coincidence since the name of the Beatles manager was Brian Epstein.
Today would have been Linda's 71st birthday. RIP Lovely Linda!
Slime Clouds
Just by their body language you can tell how deep and intense and real their love for one another was. It was so incredibly beautiful. I wish I had a love like theirs with someone.
Agnieszka Wolska
theirs horses colors match theirs hair color. so cute! :3 god, they were so in love, it's unbelievable. can you imagine? being so in love? so much in love with one person that you can spend time only with them, you do not need anyone else. not because you don't like anyone else, but because that someone is simply everything to you. it's just so fucking beautiful in my modest opinion. peace!
Ja, no lo creo.
I think it's kind of funny how Paul ended up just like John and Yoko, Paul and Linda were together always, just like John and Yoko.
Nice to see Martha playing and having fun.
Tell me why do you think he is a psychopath? I kind of suspect the same but would love to know why you do.
Robert Newmark
It was definitly Denny Laine. It was filmed by some N.Langley. You can read this in the Credits of the RAM Deluxe Edition DVD
Baz Tard
Denny Laine was always on the scene so maybe him?
Александр Гуров
I can imagine how irritating Paul would become sitting about here all day strumming silly songs while Linda does the real work around the family home place. RIP Linda
Jeff Waters
one thing no one admits about Paul... Linda told him what to do and he did what she told him to do... such a relationship is special... she had his kids.... I know it cut him to the bone when she passed
Scarlet Sarmiento
Good times ;)
Deivs Trajano
What a beautiful family, man!
WOW, that was Linda right his WIFE - mom of those girls? She can SING - now I'm NOOOOO expert lol except in the shower lol then the dog hides lol but she really can she is so pretty she could pass for Lady Diana's sister or too young but mom you know she is so awsome. Anyone know if she was the lady in Say Say Say at the start w/ MJ and PM? No wonder none of his family accepted 2nd wife - no one can follow that class act!!
Not Sorry
It was a beautiful life for these two. They were there for each other through the good and the bad, Bless you Linda, You were absolutely Paul's best friend.
it's in the credits for the video: "Bip Bop"
What a beautiful man, family!
poor you, what a pity you spend your life (or at least some of your time) putting down people you don't even know.