Eurovision 2009 Estonia Urban Symphony Rändajad

Eurovision 2009 Estonia Urban Simphony Rändajad

Each year there is Eurovision contests, I seek out this song. Best ever in the contest! And my favorite music pieces of all times.
Pontus Kåremalm
I actually love this song, i don't understand a word but i love it.
I have found Finnish language as one of the most beautiful in the world together with Estonian, Romanian, Hungarian, Bulgarian, Albanian, Arabic, Spanish . Even though Finnish sounds quite strange, but its lovely language, no wonder why Finnish songs like ''Ieva's polka'' are so popular around the world. There are no such popular songs in Swedish language :p
I actually like Estonian and Finnish. I think it has a nice flow to it. Not that Swedish and other Nordic languages don't, but I think it's just not as smooth. To each his own, I guess.
Same in Croatian, Serbian, Bosnian, Montenegrin and (at least) Hungarian. And in Slovenia we put b instead of v and it means the same.
Mike Keenan
Great track, lovely emotion, I understand it wouldn't catch all but amazing to me
Arunas Rudinskas
xrusobalanths karapiperhs
li like from GREECE
Obon b
Latvia loves Estonia !
I love the estonian language, I wanna learn it someday!
Amber's Clouds
hi, I want to say that lithuanian people can't understand this song. they have their own language . This is my answer to Amatherasu1789 :D
András Agócs
2009 gave us a lot of beautiful songs, this one was definately one of the best! Greetings from Hungary! ^^
András Agócs
@Amatherasu1789 No, you're totally wrong. Lithuanians are indo-europeans like germans, russians, serbs, english, french, spanish etc, estonians are finno-ugric like finns and hungarians. Only finns and estonians understand the lyrics.
i really LOVE this song!!it's magical!!
Super Lied. Mein Platz 1 (mit Norwegen) bei Eurovision 2009!!!
@Amatherasu1789 Its a nice country for visiting, you can watch my video about Lithuania to see how Lithuania nature look like :)
@Amatherasu1789 Most of Lithuanian don't understand in Estonian, because Estonian is Finno - Ugric language, closely related with Finnish language. Lithuanian and Latvian languages belongs to Baltic language group .
Sarah Müller
genial!!! der beste song mit!!! =))
Rannvá Guðrunardóttir Niclasen
2:08!! EARGASM <3 this is idd incredible music...
eurovision is a political game kurb kuid tõsi.
Man, diese Tussi is sooo geil, ihr Mann kann sich SEEEHR glücklich schätzen.. oO So eine mystische Frau man.... OMFG
Pier thanks for sending beautiful song Rachel
I like this song...
Dear friends I covered this song. I invite you to hear my performance. Enjoy. Milena!