Tal Rasha Meteor Wizard Diablo 3 Season 16 Patch 2.6.4 Build Guide

Welcome to the Tal Rasha Meteor Shower build for Diablo 3 Season 16 and Patch 2.6.4, enjoy! METEOR SHOWER TAL: />GROUP TAL SPEEDS[update soon]: />STAR PACT [SOON]: FULL SEASON 16 PLAYLIST: /> Monthly Giveaway: />► Support on Twitch Below! ◄ /> ►All Dfans Builds on Patreon Page!◄ › />Top Patrons: Jory, Thomas, Drake, Dr.Kill, Toioiz ►Join the Community on Twitter!◄ › /> ►"BLUDD" for 10% off @GamerSupps◄ /> Gear Shop: />------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- My Gaming Secret Weapon />Mouse Bungie />Facebook: />Instagram: />Amazing Source: />------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Music By NCS: -- Watch live at

No stream today but feel free to check out our Hardcore Darkening Playthrough: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BDk_H_gV5rw
Jeremy Hamm
I just want to say good job man, and keep up the good work! All of the hard work that you do does not go unnoticed. 👍
Thanks for the vid. Tal Wizard is my main, can't wait to see what can be done in the up coming season.
christoffer solli
Bludsboi! Id love if you would make a video discussing potential meta setups for next ladder for 4 man 😁
Gerald Angelo Castillo
Thanks for this build. I never played Wiz on any of the 16 seasons, I've never used to their playstyle. got 100 GR on 7 mins with this one. 1100PL 2 ancients only (chest and pants). I just need to be careful on using those manual meteors on fire cycle since my resource is getting below 90%. Keep em coming, dem vids
Mika Grönmark
One of the most chilling builds in the game.
Robert Khao
This will be the one for me. Thank You!
Gray Cryptospordium
Bludd! I've moved to your channel for nice builds fluff cool rhyyker ok..you just a cool dude bro! Keep up the good vids man
Tiffany Feltrin
Who else is still waiting for the speed build version? 🤔
Keepin It Wheel
Can't wait for season 16 gonna run this build for sure
Exotic Nova
When’s star pact guide coming out
i gotta say this build is amazing in season 16!!! after playing vyr lighting archon and firebird meteor, tals meteor is OP!!! just finished 89 solo grift with ease! only 3 pieces that are ancient (gloves, shoulders, pants), ZERO augments, paragon 600, i am very impressed by this build!! thanks!!! EDIT: forgot to mention my gems, bane of stricken lvl 50, bane of powerful lvl 40, teaguk lvl 40
Play witch doctor next season Blood! :)
star pack variation pls (i think better fun then meteor shower)
Kardam Gergov
I like how everybody's hyping tal star pact but there isnt a single video of ACTUAL gameplay of this build
Kyle Markovic
That's good to know about Area Dmg not working with Etched Sigil. Can you tell me about Mage fists for this build? with ROG and all?
I'm thinking this may be what I want to go for this season.
Coop Shanks
Psssshhh if I’m in archon 100% of the time then I can dodge everything with endless stacks.
Ethan Sanders
@Bluddshed you doing star pact still????!?
GTFO with the dislikes!
YO BLUDSHED you should update your Meteor talrasha build, on Diablo fans it has 6piece in stead of 5 and your group metoer has a RoRG in it! Also wouldnt like magefist be good too ? instead of replacing the CoE which gives a good 200% damage, add another 20% fire damage on that?
No Starpact guide?
Paul Singh
When does 16 start?
Jeff H
Trying to decide which class to play this season with RORG buff is so tough! So many builds I want to try to see how much better they can be.
ky uhhl
thanks for the tip on area damage! running this HC, my sheet dmg is just ~650k, jealous seeing yours at 3.8mil O _ O
I realize this video is months old so I'm not exactly expecting a response, but according to the video, Area Damage doesn't work on the meteors from the Etched Sigil. However, I just looked at the leaderboards and many of the highest ranked solo wizards are running meteor shower and have area damage rolled on nearly all of their gear. 1st place had a Star Pact build so I ignored that and looked at 2nd place. Area Damage. 3rd place, Area Damage. 4th place, Area Damage. Don't get me wrong, there were a handful in the top 10 that did not have any but there were just too many that did. My question, are you absolutely 100% sure that the Etched Sigil meteors do not benefit from Area Damage? Because I already have several AD pieces including my ancient Deathwish and I need to know before I spend hundreds of bounty mats and thousands of forgotten souls (which I've already invested quite a bit in) trying to roll another good one.
I play wizard every season so these tal buffs have got me so hyped.
Will you Upload a Tier List for Speed and Grifts or u allrdy did it ? keep up the good work !
can you fix transcript please it's in the wrong language
Alex Economou
THANK YOU! looking forward to star pact!!!
*Halo of Corrine*
Waiting for star pact build want to play star pact when s16 goes live
Mike Jones
So how does galvanizing ward work, as long as your health pool hasn't been hit you get the shield? How often does it refresh if it is up but not broken.
The Hakaishin
Hey new to the channel and been watching tons of your vids love them! But one of my questions is if I complete season 16 quest to get the set for wizard could I get a set for another class? And the other question is after I get the set how could I use it again next season? Cause your stuff gets sent to mail or something and it goes to your non seasonal character but dosen't your character go from season to non seasonal? And when a new one starts you can choose to use them again but it will restart all their stuff so could you some how put it in stash or something for you to get when the next season starts?
I really enjoyed pushing with Tal Rasha Meteor in Season 12, I was impressed with how tanky it was. I think I'll take up Wizard again this season.
Sarah nelson
Hey Bluddshed!!! New to the channel. I noticed season 15 that a tornado wizard topped the leader board. But I noticed it's not in the tier list. Is this a new set build alternative? It used dmo instead.
Christian Johansson
Wait, should i go with vitality over intelligence on this? Might have missheard you :D
This seems pretty fun. Personally I might try tweak this for a more LON set up as i find that alot more chill for on consoles as I can just channel and chill.
Danny Navarro
What is the sword called
hey bluddshed, you said in the video that area dmg doesnt work off procs, so the meteor shower proc-ing off etched sigil offhand isnt benefiting from area dmg. why are you adding it still in the build guide? arent there better stats?
Can someone tell me what’s so hood about seasons? If this season has the ring of royal grandeur by default, when the season ends, do you keep that ring of royal grandeur for your season character? Or does that dissapear?
Willie Last
This is the first build I went with on Nintendo Switch D3. Because I'm using a pad, gameplay feels a bit awkward with some of the other builds that need better aiming (like frozen orb build). This one is quick & fun & great with a pad.
What necro builds do you think will be at the top?
Isn't the next set the Vyr Archon set? I thought the season that just end was the Tal Rasha. Or is there a different between EU and NA?
Marc Whitakay
I dont see how this is accurate. You wouldnt have that much paragon when starting 16
Gustavo Sousa
Is this build only for GR pushing? Or it's good for speedfarming too?
do a star pact vid too pls
Stavros DJesus
What legendery gems does he uses? I cant understand.
How did you get your intelligence up to 23k? I'm sitting at paragon 737 with no augments and only have 8.4k. All my gear and skills are the same (besides the fact that i have no augments) so is my low intelligence due to the missing augments and/or lower paragon or is there something else I'm missing?
Big Kahuna
Great rundown, thanks. I have to note though that I have never been one of the high level folks with 2,000 Paragon, caldessan's over 100 on all gear, all 100+ gems, etc. I usually end a season with about 900P and around GR 80. So fun to see this, but I'll never be at that level. I imagine not too many are outside the top 100 leaderboards?
Jake Jurick
Is this worth building on console? Looks dope but I think the meteors are randomly dropped on console right? since I can’t place them with a mouse.
Brian Nielsen
get the star pact up please, wanna check it out :D
I just started today with the meteor shower setup. Still missing some defensive so I am very squishy and here comes my question: I am on PS4 so teleporting correctly into Occulus circles is totally impossible without mouse. Is teleport vital or can it be replaced by something like Wave of Force - Debilitating Force
This build pisses me off when I’m on my DH. I die so much because I can’t see anything but those that fire bombs EVERYWHERE!!!
Im confused, i thought season 16 wasn't out yet? Haven't caught a video in a while, so obviously im out of the loop. Can someone shed some light on this for me please.
It's very important to note that you MUST cast all 4 to maintain the toughness stacks of Tal Rasha. You can only renew the DAMAGE 4 stack by rotating 2 spells, the defense stacks will fall off for the other 2 elements after the 8 seconds expire. Thanks to Rhykker for that tip ;_:
Just wondering which is stronger? Tal or LON meteor?
Viswanathan Mohan
What is the ideal attqkc speed one need to have for dual channeling build to do max damage
Adi Adrian
Diablo 2 Metor shower looks better than this
trollarn aktas
i cant seem to survive with this build. getting 1 shotted with star pact in gr 75. its insanely bad for survival, i dont understand how people manage to do a grift 120
Austin Schiesser
Necros arent squishy 1.9mil life
2k paragon and doing a gr 100 lol