AC/DC- Back In Black(Brian's Voice Change)1980-2010

In this video I show you how the Brian's voice has been changed since AC/DC performs Back In Black.You can notice that his voice his awesome since 1980 until 1982.Since 1983 his voice starts to be weak, but in 1988 his voice starts to be powerfull.However, in 2000 his voice starts to be weak again and in 2008 he couldn't sing in E tuning, so AC/DC has been tuning his guitars in Eb tuning beacuse of Brian's voice.

Of course his voice is going to change, it's been 35 years!!!
Jimmy Tee Rex
The deterioration in his voice from 1983-88 could have been due to the amount of drinking he was doing. Malcolm stated in an interview they were all pretty boozed up during that time. However in 1988, Malcolm got sober and its likely that influenced Brian to cut back as well. The deterioration from 2000 onwards is likely just age-related, he's still doing bloody well for someone in his 60's!
Larry Haines
1:56 Brian's Johnson
Matt van den Ham
If anything this video is a testament to how solid he is as a singer rather than how much its changed
Slash Arnold
and 1988 starts to sound like rap or hip hop xDDDDD
gear dave
One show doesn't represent the year, you can sing great one night and the other next you can have your vocal folds exhausted, so this is not a reference
1991 voice is better than all the others; almost so good as 1980's playback.
bob bobo
Actually his voice is pretty amazing in all these, hes been at it for 30+ yearws and smokes reds all day lol. I dont know how he does it actually. He is very consistent. I would guess at the end of a long tour his voice is pretty ragged that true of all singer that push it.
course his voice changed. it must be damaging do screech like that all the time
Austin Flinn
anybody else think that '88 was sped up a little?
I love his voice from 1990 on. In the 1991 Clip (and on TRE, for that matter) he sounded almost like Donald Duck trying to sing.. fantastic!! ;)
Freeloader 420
It should be noted that a good/bad recording can drastically alter this compilation. A lot of people, Malcolm young included, thought Brian's best tour was The Razor's Edge tour. He was at his best then.
Kind of hard not to notice his pants in 1984
Filip Skrzęta
I love 1991 ♥
1:52 Ripped pants.
Ride The Lightning
Brian Johnson rules! Jingle Hells Bells!
The CMC Squad
3:03 Woah! Did sonic take over or something??? 😂
jack bons
i hate 1982
Tracy Street
What people don't consider is these are one off shows over the years, the song may have been later in the set, he could have been sick, the band might play it faster, they might have had a better mix, better monitors, better sound guy, and some versions might be early in the tour and others later... to many variables. Brian Johnson is the last singer of AC/DC, there is no other. What is going on now is like Blues brothers 2000, it should just never be. AC/DC should have just said, let's take a break and support Bryan in all this... instead of trying to fill their pockets more... not like they need it. I lost a lot of respect for Angus... a lot.
August Burns Red
That bulge on Brian at 3:33 hahahaha
James Ness
1988 @3:00... holy f.... that's speed man, when he sings "im usin every one of them & runnin wild"....
Slash Arnold
Wow 1986 was so fast it almost sounded like metal xD
Actually, listening to this, his voice has survived a hell of a lot better than I realised. More power to you Brian, son.
coolest man on earth
jordan blackwell
they never tuned to Eb cuz i sat and played to this video all the way through and never had to retune my guitar
Giovanni Pandini
They are ALL great. dont forget 80's concert filming wasn't as good quality wise as 2010 or now
The Capeta
Best: 1991 Wosrt;2001
Long Rat
the springs started going around '87 I think....he sounds like a slushy duck now haha
Mike F
There is too much variability to compare year to year, definitely wear and tear over the course of 35 years BUT, some of these clips could have been recorded after a string of 20 shows or more. If each of these clips were the 1st recording of the tour or something then its a fair enough comparison i suppose, cool Vid tho for sure, interesting ! there is a great one of Paul stanley from KISS on youtube somewhere too
nothing change...this voice is incredible  thanks you brian
no change from what I can hear...
Marcio Antonio Rossetto da Cunha
It may not be the best voice ever, but it' unique and i never saw anyone singing like he does. Not even for a night, and he's doing it for the latests 35 years. Amazing!
2009 is awesome :)
For someone to sing like that for over 30 years and not mess up his voice would be superhuman. Brian's actually doing pretty well all things considered.
early 90s is my favorite, just so gruff and manly, still scares small children when i turn it up in my car
Home videos
He rocks!!!! !991 sounded awesome. However I think one of his nuts is showing at 2:13
Darion Raddatz
1984 must have been a good year for the sack
Ariel Hernan Paiz
La que ponen como de 1981 es una version sacada de un disco live USA 1983 :p
Andrew White
1985-6 his voice must hurt
Lance Steger
The 1983 picture looked like Bruce Springsteen XD
Brenthe Valckenier
Unbelievable what a voice and even after all these years he still has it
Did you retune the songs? That screws up everything, dude...
This is the real reason Brian Johnson had to quit AC/DC. It wasn't hearing loss. The voice doesn't deteriorate with age unless you deteriorate with age. Specifically, he smoked cigarettes. This changes the quality of the voice and shrinks the sacs in the lungs. He literally burned himself out. Even when Brian joined AC/DC in 1980 his voice was already losing power from tobacco smoking. Pavarotti sounded just as good at age 70....he did not smoke! Bizarre to hear people saying that 'age deteriorates the voice'. Huh? No it doesn't morons. It's lifestyle.
L Marck
Brian 4ever \m/
L Marck
Brian 4ever \m/
Allen Butler
My favorite Brian Johnson vocals are the Back in Black album and Live album
Jim H.
That is hard shit to sing and in a high register. It is absolutely incredible He is still singing as well as he is. Any of these recordings could be an off night or a bad mix, but he sounds pretty damn good in all of them to me!!
hard to keep a voice that long, I really didn't notice much difference
I saw ACDC live in 2008 and the guitars were dropped a half step - figured they'd be doing that for every show from then on so Brian's voice wouldn't get as strained anymore, but I was interested to hear BIB in the original key in the 2008 and 2010 performances. Cool.
Brandon Smith
@TheMracdrocks Probly cause Chris Slade was playing drums at that time instead of original drummer Phil Rudd who later rejoined the band.
1988, the year that ac/dc's setlist lasted for 40 minutes instead of 2 hours:)
in 1988 they played so fast most of the bootleggs are soo fast i wonder why
Look up the montreal 1980 live version it's the best ever.
mike joy
His voice sounds damned good for a guy who has been doing it for 30 oe 40 years. He sounds better than James Hetfield in a Now n Then comparison that is for sure.
Henry Stroup
Simon kept the pace LITERALLY fast. that was why he got kicked out in 1990.
Henry Stroup
Phil Rudd couldn't keep the pace right. He always kept it fast.
1990 and 2000 are bad ass
I reckon it would have have something to do with the change of drummer.
Angus Young
Because Malcolm had a 4 months break according to his alcohol problems. His nephew played the rhythm guitar while he was away and when he came back he wondered how fast the others played.
Ian Johnson
Maybe they had somewhere to be after the show lol
Ian Johnson
1981 sounds the best
Elijah Tarter
1992 he sounded great hell he still does
Illuminated Skeletons
This isn't really accurate. For example, his voice was mammoth at Rio in 85, then in 86 it was still really good and perhaps better than '83 at certain points on tour. Generally, he's great at start to mid tour, then his vocal chords lose their flex somewhat. Listen to some of the best Black Ice bootlegs and you'll find he was still seriously good. And he hasn't lost range, just the ability to sustain it throughout the tour. Start of tour; he'd still nail Back In Black in standard tuning.
I will have to check the live material but I saw a recent interview with Brian saying he did not ever want to have to sing the songs in a different tuning. I could be wrong though.
Dean Salah
they did tune down for the Black Ice tour...
Well AC/DC does not tune down to Eb for Brian I know this for a fact. They had tuned down on some of the Bon material but never with Brian.
Sam Roy
Of course 1980-81 are the best, but his voice sounds better in 2007 than 2001 but has pretty much been the same since 1988. What a vocal athlete! He can't be expected to keep that up forever.
The version on backtracks is from '81 and was the For Those About To Rock Tour (Cannon and Bell Tour when it carried over into '82)
because in 1988 AC/DC played all his setlist faster for unknown reasons
why 1988 is so fast?
Mr. Slowpoke
This Channel was deleted
The 1980 version is also in the Backtracks set.
me encanta la de 1991!! lml
Todd Dennehy
The bad part about a deal with the devil is you end up singing the same hit song forever!
TheRcGuy Expert
Its not the same quality
Search in Youtube this channel: acdchighvoltageaudio
i can't find 1980s version
in Youtube
Davide Fenzi
Wher do you find those records?
lilahdog 568
Really? I don't see no voice change! Sure after 2000 it's kinda weak, but he really hasn't changed. Even his looks are the same. How old is he?
Yosemite Samwheeler
not only does his voice go back to normal in 88 as it says it would in the description, but he sings it better live, and faster too.
@Hologhoul I agree with you, Brian is a great singer, and I think that he's the only one that knows how to sing in that way
Illuminated Skeletons
@narusask21 Nice one, it was a cool idea and nice that you used correct era photographs! Brian's a legend, his voice seems to go through various different stages but for his age he's done amazingly well to keep to the level he has..
@Hologhoul well, you're right, Brian's voice is amazing, I know it, I only uploaded this video to show how his voice has changed over the years,and maybe soon I'll upload the Shoot To Thrill comparison.Thanks for comment this video :)
Illuminated Skeletons
On/off he was amazing (check Rio 85?) until some point in 1986 when his voice started to change, though many 86 bootlegs are much like the 84-85. 1988; voice changed, but power still there. 1990, voice changed more, a bit less lung power, but cool. 1996, clearer voice but less power. 2000 onwards, damn good at start of tours but struggling later on. Check out Oakland 2009 - amazing. Funny you chose BIB as somehow he always sings it well. Shoot To Thrill would show up your point better.
Jhonny Cage X Rage
1981-1982 era Sounds like Axl Rose :O
Casey Moo
Basically. .fantastic. really. I say this as a singer who has been paid to impersonate Johnson on a knock off "performed in the style of " disk distributed by Target or some chain. Lol
best voice is from 1990 to 2008
Sonny Syahril
Back in black awsome guya you rule rock n roll kingdom!!!!!!!
Northern Roadies
All sound good. If someone jumbled up the order of the audio and challenged you to guess the year based on the vocals alone, I'd be totally guessing more or less every one.
Andrew White
everyone says 1991 because thats all they know...sad
1984 (picture) this pair of jeans seems to be a bit too skinny :D
Dr m
Very consistent excluding the speedy 88 rendition, such an awesome vocalist. Sadly I doubt I will see him live again
Just be happy it lasted this long David Lee Roth barely made it to the 90's
Piru Perkele
His voice is even better when hes older 🤘
Ryan Stroup
1980 was too nasally
Suneet Singh
age defying ! way to go Brian! :) by the way the tuning down or up doesnt really matter to me as long as the raw madness is in there... and its bloody in there till 2010 up here in this video \m/
I love 1980 voice
H.T. Widowson
I think its sounds pretty fucking good considering its over 30 years
eddie brandenburg
The guy is one of Rock n Roll greatest singers ever and has been for many years now.His voice is unique and he still hits all them high notes just like he did 20 years ago.Go see Ozzy live and you will see a screen of him singing for the first 30 mins. and then he comes out and sings 6 songs n its unbearable to listen to!!!!