Soft Cell return with Northern Lights on Later… with Jools Holland

Soft Cell perform Northern Lights on Later… with Jools Holland on BBC Two (25 September 2018). For more performances and interviews from the show, subscribe now: Watch the whole episode here:

cassius 2
Great to see them back together after 40 years , even if it's a one off album and gig , not many bands can still do that , good on them , plus I've met Marc and he's a lovely down to earth man , very polite and unassuming , rare in most stars .
TheArtyYvonne Mixed Media Artist ASD
Marc Almond is amazing at 61 and so energetic. Dave Ball is a synth genius. Such legends. And a wonderful concert at 02 with 20,000 people all dancing laughing drinking loving 🔥🌈✨🕶🎹🎤🎸🌹🤗
Calvin Fry
He hasn’t lost a thing. This is amazing I was raised on soft cell’s music so I’m honoured hearing new music x
Roy W
Oh how I love this band. 😊
Nancy E. Clauss
Marc Almond, the only Artist who can instantly bring a tear to my eye!
Nancy E. Clauss
Absolutely love the male background singers! Whoa!!!💜💜💜💜💜🎶
Marc is not an ordinary singer - Marc is a LEGEND !!!
First time I heard it, I didn't like it. Now I'm OBSESSED with this performance.
Daniela Martínez
Adrian Federici
Its got that soft cell sound , brilliant.
Pablo DeMode
I can’t wait to hear the whole album! This is great!
Arantxa Diaz
Northern Soul KEEP THE FAITH <3
R Massiha
Oh boy , I did not recognize Dave Ball ! Old and out of shape . What the hell is going on with Marc Almond's teeth though ???? At least he has had a facelift or two , and has done some works on his face .
jadore Marc n Dave
Kenneth Logan
Great performance 👍😎
David Thomas
An emotional time, as this weekend is a real Say Hello Wave Goodbye moment xXx
Paul Adams
Has Dave Ball been ill ?
Lawrence C
Sounds dated, but I like it.
Karl Hainer
Top track.
Think the black backup singer was with David Gilmour on his last tour. He can only do one dance....The walking Dance :)
Wish they were returning for more I love the 2 new songs😍
Chris Walsh
was at the 02 for the farewell. one word. superb.
Karl Hainer
Great performance. Great song.
I'm going to the concert just got my tickets !!! 30th September 2018 it's a date with destiny, soft cell
Killer track
Finlay Biddlesden
Think this is called ‘northern lights ....
Alan Cawthorne
Viva Cell !
Иван Ивицкий
Шедеврально! Сердцем явно не постарели.
Marc Almond perfectly sculptured
Michael Mitchell
Love this band. Great to see the guys again together playing.
Great performance.
Allan Hassell
Love the two new songs and a marvellous performance on Sunday at The O2 by Soft Cell - glad we could be there to celebrate for one night only. Sex Dwarf is still a classic :-)
Love it
Where’s vicious pink?? That woulda been better.
amazing!! :)
Maria del Mar Miguel bayo
Es chulisima me voy de camino a ver las luces de navidad y Es preciosa para el camino de viaje y esta navidad la bailare como loca
Caroline Gray
great band
Northern Lights is not that good song but what I think not so good is Dave Ball himself. So no more Soft Cell
This is the problem with Soft Cell now. Marc has morphed into a very successful cabaret singer and the sleazy underbelly that was the signature of the band has disappeared. His singing style has changed completely. This is a fairly weak track in comparison to the old stuff. In saying that I hope they have a great gig Sunday.
Stuart Maxwell
What an absolute piece of crap of a song. A big fan of the band.
Enrico Simone
sold my ticket. i loved them too much but truly...ball is gone. and even if some some songs will be eternal i can feel i would have been too disappointed. besides this music truly does not belong to 2018 anymore. time to move on.
hope the dancing queens will not be on stage at the O2 on sunday :-)