How To Travel Around London and Buy an Oyster Card - Important Tips!

Here are some very important tips on how to travel around London and buy an oyster card. Especially if it is your first time visiting London, if you aren't careful you can end up paying a lot more for your travel so it's important you pay the right fare. You can use your oyster card or contactless payment card for lots of different types of transport on London TFL services. This includes buses, trains, tubes, Thames Clipper boats, trams and even the Emirates Airline cable cars. My favourite thing to do is to travel on the old Number 15 routemaster buses. A real icon of London. I'll show you all the tips and tricks on how to behave like a true Londoner and not to be barged out of the way by the locals when travelling on transport in London. There are other ways to pay for London Transport including Apple Pay on your iphone or with a contactless credit or debit card. But I think it's easiest to get an oyster card when you first arrive. Try to avoid buying paper tickets because they cost more!! And the buses don't accept money so you must have an oyster or credit card or apple pay. Subscribe on Youtube ➜ /> SUPPORT MY CHANNEL ON PATREON ➜ /> CONTACT ME FOR A PRIVATE GUIDED WALK ➜ /> -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Please watch: "Tower of London to Wapping - London's Best Riverside Walk" />-~-~~-~~~-~~-~-

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“If you’ve just arrived and you don’t know Where you live and What your name is” Lmao, yup that will be me
Al Bundy
"If youre standing on the wrong side, you basically have no human rights" LMAOOOOOOO!!!!!!
Aidan Standing
i think this is the ONLY video on YouTube that shows the person getting the oyster card out of the machine
Sam Tait
Weirdos and pervs used to sit in this seat..... I rather like it 😂
Alex Pana
its criminal how few subs this channel has so well produced!
sebi kmetec
This Oyster Card shows, that England deserves Brexit. Every ride you must pay.
Amiga Amigo
The best way is by foot, everywhere you go you’ll find something unique
i wanna go to the UK. i love british people so much.
Nicole Eivissa
THANK YOU TONS!!! Very helpful, short video, I enjoyed that, next time in London I'll surely get my Oyster card too!! :)
Aalpha Splatt
Damn! I have lived in London my whole life and I never knew you could get a new oyster card from the machine. 😓 Great video!!
Maximilian Biaggio
Not showing hot to return the card and get your deposit back
Frech Studios
Please do a ture of St Dunstan in the East Church City of London. Thank you:)
London & Suburbs
I love London. Its capital of the World in 21-th century!!! But could be cheaper obviously
Extremerecluse Fallows
Knowing how to use the underground is critical. Getting around quickly by foot is impossible
And if you're using the bus, it's cheapest! The 'hopper fair' allows you to ride on as many busses and trams in an hour for the same price as one single journey! A new scheme in London!
Congrats Joolz, your team is in the Champions League final! Epic game! Carlos, from Cordoba, Argentina.
How much does each swipe cost? 1 pound? 0.50 pounds? Love your humour ! :)
Princess Sirenity
Does the credit card cap up like the Oyster card?
Matilda Martin
Thank you for this information !!!***
You never did explain what an "oyster card" was so that we colonists have an idea so so I assume it's the same as any other city's "metro" or fare card? And why Oysters?
haha i'm happy to see i didn't look like your tourist at all xD I once asked something to a lady on the tube, she was reading the paper or something, she was sitting right next to me so she heard me but she just ignored me completely. I thought old ladies were always kind and helpful. Now I get it. I broke the law xD maybe she was a bit deaf, too. Great video, Julz, really informative!!
Live Life
“If you’re standing on the wrong side of the escalator you basically have no human rights & you’ll be ploughed out of the way” 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣👍 so true.
Phoenix van der Weyden
" Excuse me , i´m going to look down at my phone now " . lol
work on your video's sound quality(i had to increase the vo to 90%) i m using perfectly fine dell lapi & a sony head phone
Jonny Simpson
Great work yet again!
Ella Wu
4 Qs here. . Thank you 🙏 for helping. 1. Just curious how the public boat system works in London? How are the ride costs determined? 2. What bus no. would you recommend us take to sightseeing London without joining the Private tours? I saw you taking bus no. 15. Is it that one? 3. Which transportation will you recommend save us money and most time efficient to take from central London to Gatwick Airport? 4. Is citymapper a useful app? Many thanks!
Vi Thi
To recapitulate, this kind of card with the excellent amenities that it offers human being is a position of strength for the revolutionary development of the modern world.
lemonade mango
I am a foreigner, i just realized Oyster card is so useful, I normally use it for underground and bus, but never others, thanks for the video. I really like your very British accent, like the English I heard from tv drama of downtown abbey, hehe...
I like your videos, especially all the real-world advice, not just some official information! Didn't realised that I have been amateur on the tube for so many years, haha :)
Andrew Gwilt
Not to forget Crossrail “Elizabeth Line” when it does eventually open. You can use the oyster payment cards and contactless cards but you will get charged.
Kunal Kashyap
Thank you for the video 🙂
Oyster or travel card it is a must, once they charged me 4 pounds for a single 5 minutes journey.
M Hoff
I have traveled in England and London many times. It is best to get a Oyster card right at the Airport, you can add money as you go day by day. When you leave England you can cash the card in and get your money back.
Lone Star Travel
Great video, will ask my clients heading to London to watch your video! Well done and fun to watch.
Calvary Crusader
Don't forget the village of Chillingbourne - www acanterburytale com
I moved from Sussex to London in April. Was like visiting Mars I had no idea what was going on... This video helped
This is great information--thank you! I'm headed to London for the first time next week and will be checking out your other guides as well.
Yinus Ayoubami
Lol 😂 If you don’t know where you live what your name is
1 min 47 legendary moment. I am ur fan forever mate!
karima828 Shaikh
Thank you so much sir after I watch your episode. Me and my son went to emirates air line and we loved..... we won’t be never seen this part of London but because of you we celebrate Eid day out ones again thank and keep it up
They have had these cards in Hong Kong For a long time last time I visited 10 years ago !
Jinu ginnie
Thanks for making the Oyster card easy to understand.
i agree that if you don't tap out, you will get skinned on the fare.. i learnt it the hard way :/ remember to find those machines
MHR Bernards
Can I top up an 7-day Metrocard with additional credit in order to get out of Heathrow heading to a zone 1 destination? Or I will need two separate cards (the 7-day plus and an Oyster with some GBP). I will not leave zones 1-3 except for coming to and going from Heathrow.
ki ki
Cheers Mate ! This helps me a lot !
Brilliant video! I've always wanted to go to the UK. Looks like it's all wired up over there. I got to hear some Cockney!
Val Tom
Really enjoyed your video. Let me know if you have more videos out there.
Ramdan Kechar
I hope to visit London and be a volunteer or a worker there to help orphans and the elderly😊
britishborn usachick
i miss England.. glad im moving back
Extremely helpful. Thank you.
I live in London, why tf am I watching this 😂😂😂 BUT HEY I LIKE IT
Russ Foster
Greetings from Chicago. I'm headed to London is a few months and I'm so glad I found this video. Thanks for the tips! Two questions, however, (1) Can two people use one Oyster card? (2) What does a Londoner consider a Northerner?
Hi, I just went to London this summer, but beforehand saw some of your videos, and you have no idea HOW MUCH YOU HELP ME with all those tips!! Thank you very much! :D Love you videos by the way!
Lucian. Cojocaru
If i buy it,i can use this card oyster to get to hotel near station bayswater from AIRPORT LHR?
We were in London last and bought the Oyster Card and traveled all over on the tube. Watched your video prior to coming and it works very well. Thanks.
Sahil Panse
Have always wanted to visit London. Especially during next years cricket WC. Great video though. From India...
Kidedise Eidedissed
Good tips for public transport in London.Thank you.
Justice Speaks
You don't need to buy an Oyster card, you can use a contactless ATM card.
Heather Welland
Also u can get a visitor oyster card this card is much better. You get 50% off travel on everything. 20% off shows and restarants and u can top up this card too just like the normal blue oyster card.
John Mason
Hello Joolz, did you have to get a permit to film on the London Underground?
The Tea and Book Lady
P. S. Lol oh and forgot if u have a free bus pass use that on buses not Oyster card lol
congrats for that channel! i'm new sub in that channel. but i have a question sir: are you west ham fan? that great song "i'm forever blowing bubbles" is in that video :) ty
alex Marshall
can you buy an oyster at Heathrow...? TfL are not adverse to skimming tourists...I live in Waterloo [in a council flat]so it's a bit like living in a theme park[except micky mouse gets paid]..Borough market is a real tourist trap and no local can afford to shop there..loads of our museums are free..pie and mash[and green liquor] is THE traditional fare..Manzes ..tower bridge rd...hope you enjoy your visit..we Londoners really enjoy your company and take it REALLY personal that anyone sees you as cash cows
Alena Klimesova
Thank you for the info! I am heading to London in the summer for the first time 😊
Brenda Lopez
Thank you Im going to London by July. Thats very helpful.
Just back from London. Only other thing to mention is you don't need to tap out on the bus. Unlike here in sydney!
You say you have a "Joolz Guides" service, other than your self ? We could hire one to see London ?
Thankyou just returned to London after working in California for a few years
Spiros Far
how £ we charged for 4 days;;incudes all the lines;50£ is too much;;
Richard Wyland
this is giving me anxiety...just...BREATHE...!!!
CBx Collinx
This is really important to know
Great Video. Thank you for posting.
William Richards
I really enjoyed your video. It was not only funny but very informative.
Elizabeth Armada
Hindi pwede mandaya sa London trains? Galing naman
Sara Seigler
Heading to London this weekend for the first time... Your videos have been exceptionally helpful in planning! Thank you so much!
Marlene Crisopulli
So, you charge a sorta amount of money in to your card and every bus ride costs 1,50.. what happens when you run out of money? Once you tap on the actual bus does the machine or the driver told you that or you pay extra charge?
Ani Merci
Joolz, you could be describing New York City. BTW, when are you hopping across the pond? So many fans here!
You have my like very funny entertaining and helpful video!
Jhorna Chowdhury
I love this video. I m living London
Fantastic videos and these videos help me a lot to maneuver myself around London
Oh so when you tap in the barriers and tap out it then takes your money afterwards after seeing how far you have travelled?
Tommy Estridge
excellent, best info I have seen on how the system works.
oscar julian
Leaving to London for the First time Next week can I preorder this oyster card from america?
If I buy an oyster card with 5 pounds a day I can take bus as much as I want. So for a week 40 pounds is needed. And thanks for the video I think this one deserves more viewes
I live in London and I enjoy all the videos on this channel....
Gaby Moreno
Just came from london! Your video was a life saver😊
Augh Bable
I must wear bowler hat, I see! That way, I can easily adapting local dwellers just like the video shown 😁
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i lived here for 4 years. was fantastic. very friendly which was a suprise.
How do you get on the bus from behind, is that a way to avoid fare charge?
Wittersham Road
Grrat video. Like the John Steed outfit. Where is Emma Peel?
An a
I will be there 18.05.2019😍
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What was the song in the outro?
the RMs on the 15 are actually for the 15H
asif ali
your film is nice and helpful. Best regards.
Peggy Tran
Hi there, how do I add more money to the Oyster card? Thank you so much for the video, it helps me a lot.
Sophie Poyser
Woah I didnt know you could use your oyster on the boats. Definitely going to try that out
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I went and prepared for my "Five Guy's" trip on London; I wore "everything in red", my pants, shirt, shoes, socks, wallet, earring, piercings, watch, hat, gloves, handkerchief, underwear, condoms, (and when I got my whatever "all day pass", I put a red sharpie dot on it), and then - when I got close the restaurant; somebody walked by me wearing some red, and "a little blue dot" on something, "and, that's when I knew - there was no fucking way"; I immediately knew after this trip to "Five Guy's", I would retire, and I knew I had a problem = "I was fucked up"!