Idris Elba's How Clubbing Changed the World YouTube

Documentary on the impact that EDM (Electronic Dance Music/house music) had on clubbing in the UK and the rest of the world.

John Simkins
Rip frankie knucles!!!!
Dear Britain, You're welcome. Sincerely, Detroit/Chicago
Well made documentary, I enjoyed it.  But no mention of Juan Atkins, come on!?
15:13 - what the heck is an Acid House fashion entrepreneur?
John Simkins
To everyone complaining about Guetta & Harris's credibalities, they're crediting their success in bringing dance music to the global mainstream industry and rightly so! This is a documentary for mainstream perspectives as House was never really underground like in the US & it's been mainstream here since the 80s. Just because it's not pop music, doesn't have to not be in pop culture.
Chris Quintavalli
lol david guetta
Droe Verb
Way to big up Jimmy Saville :/. Highly doubt he is actually the first dj.
lol ok Idris..just make another movie
Edward Goulding
Great documentary however , very biased towards Britain. Fails to acknowledge the influence of house and techno scenes in mainland Europe like in the Netherlands, Germany, Scandinavia etc.
Loki D. Wolf
At 20:50 is when my life changed. House Music changed my life forever. :) I was living in Chicago and got to ride that wave.
Most amazing quote I've ever heard from Google Images: Guns don't kill people. Acid does.
Tristan Sanchez
Song that starts at 0:00?
This was one of the hottest house tracks of it's time. (A Guy Called Gerald - Voodoo Ray) I still have my original 12"... @ 36:57
1:08:15 #phuture #acidtrax #djpierre !!!
Dubside Productions
The rave scene was inspired by Chicago. People tried to copy what they were hearing the clubs at home but the parties were so big they had to take place in abandoned warehouses.
Chase & Status and MDMA on number one this is perfect
damn. if only the video quality was HD.
Even Australia and New Zealand hve made their mark on electronic music. Particularly DnB. EDM is truly global and that's what's so good about it.
Jon Masciana
The track at 14:45 is Nightwriters - Let the Music Take You (on Frankie Knuckles Defected House Masters disc, remastered)
Had to watch this for a class. While the information is interesting, I can't stand some of the interviewees personalities...
Edward M
34:08 best part of the documentary
Akinkunmi Cook
I wanna move to Europe!!!
Fewyouknewme be for
moby in a clubbing video .... FAILED !!!
kyle fenrick
I literally felt David's love for the music emote through the screen 🕉️
track at 41:00?? :)
kyle fenrick
I love hearing the history so much. It's also very amazing, how it was so impactful, that with in the lifetime of the creators, everything changed ☺️
Anshuman C P
Track at 5:55?
What's the song at 14:45?
Jacqueline Woo
yo did he just open with a 303? can't watch this second but someone confirm LOL
Beautiful, thanks for the upload!
Yi Cao
gotta love how MDMA is #1 LOL :D
jermaine davis
Damn Moby tell us how you really fell lol.
What's the track @ 14.45?
Well, they didn’t decide it, it’s a documentary. The vote happend in the 70s, so why shouldn’t they talk about it. It’s not their fault some folks back then voted that way, but somebody could call them out on it, if they wouldn’t have mentioned it or followed through. It’s reconstructive journalism from a british viewpoint – not a rewriting of history. Just an interesting change of perspective.
'' I'll be stealin' them beats ''
Regarding Skrillex, he just jumped on the bandwagon. Commercial ''dubstep'' was allready big.
''you're only into it cause it's hot right now''. Well that is true. Fuck pop music.
The Mighty Icesis
Chicago's magnetism proved especially powerful for musicians from New Orleans and the Mississippi Delta. Bountiful club work and, beginning in 1923, the possibility of making records, which did not exist in the Crescent City, proved irresistible. From 1917 to 1922, King Oliver's Creole Jazz Band, which performed at the Royal Gardens Café
The Mighty Icesis
Soul Train" got its start on station WCIU in Chicago, in 1970
Jackson Foote
Mathias Le Masne de Chermont
I just love british propaganda
Did you go to both clubs? Wow, lucky you!
Thank you for uploading this!
Astronomy Gaming
guetta should not even be included in this... nothing hes done has been what i would call pivotal...
DJ Marc Antomattei
0:10:35 Casino Club voted best disco in the world above Studio 54, yeah right. Hate me now but this video is biased and arrogant don't you think? Stealing way too much credit & glory from the NY and Chicago scene. This is just one example in the video about this. Look at that place, there aren't even any black people there! Just one. Studio 54 was black, white, straight, gay, locals, celebrities. Who the fuck are they kidding me with this. Pump Up The Volume is the best documentary on clubbing
I enjoyed House music in the UK, but Club Shelter in New York is where I loved to dance. My gay cuz he would take me there a lot. 12am to 12 noon,crazy hours. Just dance until u swet ! Bliss !
I agree Ecstasty is not the anser to peace ,love and happiness. I think if one becomes more loving u can reach a state of one-ness ! Even Bless ! with no drugs at all, I know I've done it many times !
Tristan Sanchez
The song that changed me forever was Acid Trax (1987), and I'm only a teenager.
Daugvinas Liberis
Most inconsistent documentary i have ever seen.
As much as I believe in the power of molly in the right settings, I have to say that the inclusion of Ecstasy as number 1 in this documentary is the biggest folly. So many people are under the impression that you need drugs in order to fully enjoy celebration, music, and community, when really it's the biggest distraction to the thrill and essence that music can be. If you want proof, watch the Bones Brigade to see that pure thrill as seen in skateboarding.
Dean Trbl
very interesting
Kayla du boulay
Deadmau5 - Cthulu Sleeps
Lebby Leb
How come all these "documentaries" all seem to almost BLATANTLY ignore the Florida scene starting from late eighties and growing into their, OUR, own style: Florida Breaks.... The doc by Idris Elvis makes such a big deal about remixes centering on a focal point being a '98 Tori Amos remix, when Rabbit in the Moon, a groundbreaking group from Florida that brought performance to the music, did that with one of her tracks in '92 called Out of Body Experience, one of the most sought after singles of the entire decade! Followed thereafter by Remixes & Remasters Vol 1 and 2... The doc Pump Up The Volume does the same thing.... Recognize Florida, pinheads!!! We brought Chemical Brothers, in turn the "big and glorious UK house" back to America from where it started..! Recognize!!! Also DJ Icey (booked Chemical Brothers first US gig), Baby Anne (groundbreaking female DJ ahead of her time), Rick West...I could name a hundred, those are just a few.. where's the recognition?!? Anyone??
1st dude to ever do the Bernie at @1:14:30
Unfortunately, I already knew that is Deadmau5, but thanks anyway!
Cobrelius Dog Training
Brian Fantana
Ugh.. David Guetta, what a hack.
1:29:03 is Deadmau5 as the artist. Not sure on the song however. At least you have a start.
Whats the name of the song played at 01:29:03 ??? Thanks!
Timm Schwyn
Which Club is this @ 01:19:58 ?!?! Thanks
Marv TechNolasko
Not underground enough for me...
dr pll
Did I miss something or is this doc not entirely correct? All we see are BIG name dj's, Cox, Oakenfold etc...but there's no mention of the DJ producer who basically started or was one of those who started the whole rave/acid house scene and that is Eddie Richards and his DYNAMIX dj agency, MR-C (ex Shamen) Heart and Soul parties, Bob De Rosa, Mr C and the Swag crew from Croydon, and then you have the Wiggle party, which is possibly the longest running underground house/techouse/techno night, which has been running for 20 years now and still going strong with it's residents Terry Francis, Nathan Coles, Eddie Richards + up n coming dj's. Good try, but not good enough!
5 mins in his overview of disco and ignoring northern soul then interviewing pete waterman 😂
Ken Gon
friggin (I love the amoudis) old is gold
Beloud Boost
Ouch - 40mins - Savlle reference!
damn he is an excellent narrator.
The Effective Man
This was so dope! thank you!
Mark Guidry
So much other history is missing regarding the dance music scene on the West coast such as L.A. and Miami, Florida that developed in the 1980’s.
William S Woodfok V
does anyone know the title of the intro track?
LaTonya White
I have learned some new facts.... This is interesting and very good . This should be taught in school, as part of history ......I miss the 80's.......
11 mins in i take it all back 🙈
pillar heights
Basically, I tried to play every music from every country, every style, of every time - DJ Alfredo
funny seeing him beside a young mike pickering tho!
I feel sorry for the youth of today. I use to go out every week during 1989 - 1997. Those were the Golden age! Every week I had a story to tell, I'm not joking. Girls were approachable, and men weren't desperate, and it was easy to make friends back then. Now I go to clubs and All I see are men and women separate. Females are stuck up dancing with each other while doing selfies and horny guys standing in the corners. Clubs closes at 3am not dawn. Fights every weeks, wheres the love? That's why I stopped going out in 2011. CLUBS NOWADAYS SUCK!!!LONG LIVE 1989!!!!
Street Hierarchy
NOBODY KNOWS the track at 14:45
Joel Padrino
really nice information
Nick You
I would argue that Brian Eno created "chillout" music, but then again he made his ambient stuff in a totally different context. oh well symantics.
fiona nyangoma
<3 it!
Anyone know the track @1:24:15? :/
Nicholas Varney
those key stabs in strings of life...
haus meusik all nyt long
Mike Pickering @6:44 ????
Michael G. Whitfield
You can't talk about the proliferation of this music without mentioning AVB! C'mon, VH1 documentary!
Michele Harrod
"In the church of dance" <3 <3 <3
Joe Smooth...Goosebumps
Noah Hoffland
No surprise Mumbles is narrating a video about "clubbin"
At 6:50 you can see Conan O'Brian
Cats of Fury
Mistress of Moods
I remember discovering Drum & Bass and Jungle music back when I was 11. I've ALWAYS been a huge fan of dance music.
Atu Louaki Lasitani
interesting the vibes and changes sounds and movement
5:00 Insightful.
Killa Skrilla
wudup string
track at 6:25 ?