Estonia - Final - Eurovision 2009 (HD)

Estonia in the final of Eurovision 2009 Performer: Urban Symphony Song title: Rändajad Song writer(s): Sven Lo~hmus Song composer(s): Sven Lo~hmus rändajad kõrbekuumuses liiva lendab kui jääkülma lund öö peagi laotamas tiivad rändajaid saatma jääb tuul see on tee nad rändavad nii päevast päeva see on tee nad rändavad siis ajast aega see on tee ta nähtamatu rajana kulgeb nende tee ta ootab kui riskida julged külmunud hingi vaid saadab kuuvalgus varje neist loob päikesekiirena sooja hommik taas endaga toob see on tee nad rändavad nii pa"evast pa"eva see on tee nad ra"ndavad siis ajast aega see on tee ta nähtamatu rajana kulgeb nende tee ta ootab kui riskida julged nad rändavad nii päevast päeva nad rändavad siis ajast aega ta nähtamatu rajana kulgeb ta ootab kui riskida julged üle mägede taevasse kaigub hääl nad rändavad nii päevast päeva nad rändavad siis ajast aega ta nähtamatu rajana kulgeb ta ootab kui riskida julged see on tee

she should be the winner of ESC 2009!
Well made Baltic sister, well made. ;)
Derek Von Hohenheim
And this is how Estonian mermaids sound like. :) thank you very much
Res Cogitans
Still the best song ever to have been in the Eurovision contest. Never understood why it didn't win.
BEAUTIFUL!!! Song, language, girls, ALL!  Greetings from Slovakia :)
Ángel C. Díaz
I will love this song for ever
beautiful as an elf....nice language
Jacqueline Cook
Why this didn't win in 2009 is beyond me. It was very beautiful and haunting at the same time. 
Евгений Гаврилов
Song as the Baltic storm. magnificently!!!
Bruno Carvalho
On of 2009 favorite! I'm from Portugal! :)))
Сергей Евгенов
It's so interesting to find the song which I loved in 2009. When I downloaded it then, I even didn't have a sensor cell phone! Recently I have watched a video in which Eurovisions 2007-2016 have been compared, and this song have been called the best of Estonia. Then I remembered, that I had loved it. And now, in 7 years, I listen it again. It's wonderful!!!
Marin Ro
In my opinion this is the real winner of that year. I still think the same now, in 2016. Greetings from Romania!
Obon b
Latvia loves this song and Estonia !
Kurrrrwa! XD Very emotional, rythmical and magical song!
Torbjörn S. Brandhill
Best song in Eurovision 2009. 6th place was a great result though. UK, Iceland, and Azerbaijan had great songs. (Norway was ok, not my favourite and Turkey was also okey)
electron Blue
something magical...deserved to be in top three.
Κωνσταντίνος Παλούμπης
Captivating music, performance and lyrics!!! This is pure magic
Ks Y
I love this song and the performance!!! It really should have been 2nd place....
Wonderful song! Everything is excellent: enchanting and captivating music, beautiful voice, mystical atmosphere, stylish outfits! not to mention that the song really stands out - it is not a usual pop song! and I still keep listening to this song! 
Leah Rowden
3:36 Aitäh! Thank you!
Beautiful language, music, singer and voice! I want to go to Estonia.
It makes me travel around!!!!
Pavle Runner
The song is beautiful. I immediately downloaded it and learned to sing. I like Estonian language also, especially in this song, sonds so ancient mysterious and powerful. Greetings from Serbia and Montenegro.
Leah Rowden
Muse- Undisclosed Desires (Estonia Version)
michele boscolo
12 from Italy
Carles Manrich i Peres
I have readed that he was also influenced by Old English and Welsh.
Thatst the true winner of 2009
יורים כאתאלאנית
was the singer blind? I heard some rumoursabout that.
this is one of the best ever entries in eurovision entry. an actual well written song!
Det är inte sant. Alla tre språken kommer från den Germanska stammen. Det gör även t.ex. engelska och tyska. (Sen är t.ex. tjeckiska, polska och ukrainska slaviska språk.) Och vadå punkt slut? Fråga vilken svensk som helst om det där att vi inte skulle förstå varann någorlunda... (Tänker inte skriva mer om detta sen, för jag har en känsla av att du inte kommer lyssna ändå.)
Armin Kuncz
Man kan visst förstå varandra iallafall.. Jag är svensk, och de gånger som jag pratat med norska personer så har jag förstått det mesta som de har sagt. Däremot är danska mycket svårare.
Максим Горностаев
Они офигенны!...
Márk Kutnahorszky
NRK 1 is Norwegein channel,twin channel of NRK.
No, but close! It's Norwegian
James Enderwood
In the beginning of the video, does woman speak Swedish?
I think this is my favourite song from ESC of all times... Love it <3
Leto Svet was the best estonian entry :PP
Haunting song. I love it. Gives me chills.
Jack Dornan
Amazing Estonian entry!!!
Ermin Bašaškić
I think the best entry forom Estonia ;) <3 luv it :)
Alex Bors
Her beauty is hypnotizing. I loved this song.
minu lemmik
The song called "I want to spend my lifetime loving you" sounds very similar. That's why I like it. Eurovision 2009 was one of the best editions.
last week i was in a flight here in Indonesia, and two western guys are talking each other in something Elvish on the seat behind mine. I asked them if they spoke Estonian or not, they said it was Finnish, it's pretty similar with Estonian they said. Just, beautiful, and funny language.
Jack Dornan
Absolutely beautiful!!!! Lovely language and beautiful melody! Hugs and kisses from the United Kingdom
Justin Angelo Alvarez
she's so beautiful
nina m
the best
kostas kostakhs
M-A-G-N-I-F-I-C-E-N-T !!!!!
I am from Estonia! I ♥ Estonia too much!
Oksana Sanders
I agree, your language sounds so good! I wish your Estonian younger generation will not loose their beautiful language and culture.
@DammitIAmMad You have one of the most beautiful langauges in the world. Privileged to be a novice in the Estonian Langauge ^_^
LOTR elves language is based on finnish, so it is natural to sound like estonian, wich sound very similar. Tolkien kasutas oma haldjate keele loomisel soome keelt, nii et sealt see sarnasus tulebki ;)
P. Karl
Well i know why, because Estonian langauge was one of the langauges used to create the elves langauge.
Patrick Manas
Asier Raffael
Great melody. greetings from earth
indrek drop
they shounld add subs then everyone will know how good this reali is
i would have to agree with u but hey <3 back to u from estonia
Olav Ehala
Well, the language that was made up in LOTR had some elements of Finnish language, which is really close to Estonian.
Erik Lindbergh
You might be on to somthing - the map used in the Lord Of The Rings RISK-boardgame is very obviously based on Estonia! Its true, Ive got it here with me :)
Hasan Isgandar
Love to Estonia from Azerbaijan!
Marat Galeyev
I've also found other tracks :-D
Don't know if someone's answered you but apparently Tolkien based Elvish on the Finnish phonology and Finnish and Estonian sound very alike.
Laura McCoy
i love this song ♥
Every time i listen to this something inside me tells me that this is a unusuall song in the eurovision. You dont realy hear these every day on eurovision, or should i say Every year xd
Edward Reeves
Very lovely:) Among the best in otherwise bad EU year
egidanas m.c.
It started to become a SONG contest again in 2009, and this song is a good example of that. Simple and beautiful.
Μαρ Μαρκ
just amazing!
yea lol. It sounds elvish. love it.
Michay Carson
i thought it made it a bit more dramatic!
Llan Arevalo
awful camera work
So cool! How can one not love this??
Adem Hasi
Now I like Estonian evan more, thank you for that :)
Sofia Khoroshavina
I think it has been the best Eurovision song so far. Perfect girl, voice, music
Loved it loved it loved it. so elegant and beautiful.. both the singer and the song...
Jakub Ponický
I am inlove since 2009 :) :P
So slow...
Infinite Rain
Wow, I live in Estonia, and use to hate Estonian, but this song is SO AWESOME
maybe elves were actually Estonian :D
Estonian is Finno-Ugric.
Chris Trent
Hate to break it to you, but pop is a very simplistic, unelegant music, my 10 year old brother can play it, and i am the only one in my ENTIRE school who can play cello, which, for the record, is in the same family of instruments with violins, violas, and double basses
gosh when will people stop telling that pop and ethnic songs are cheap in comparison with the ones full of violins?!?
karid oriusm
idioot. oled.
utter class!
We love you too <3 Go Loreen!
love itttttt since 2009 until today..
Joel Hedlund
I wanna marry Sandra Nurmsalu, have a baby with her and live happily ever after. Such a beautiful language, to bad I don´t understand nothing.. Greetings from sweden.
Classy, like it! :-)
I guess this is why Malta crashed and burned that night. It doesn't help having an entry as great as THIS following it...
Adem Hasi
I have no idea why but this language reminds me on the language that they speak in the Lord Of The Rings triology, I love it, by the was the song is very unique as well!
Egert Willer
2:46 ... judinad üle kere
Yolo D
It's good, that this video is HD, but the sound kinda... shivers every 2 seconds :D
Riina T
rõve laul
Jor Martirosyan
@soklafiraful My grandfather told me that when he was in Estonia everybody was tall there :DDD.... i like tall people lol
@JorArmboy Where did you get that information? :D Estonian people(like me) are quite normal - not tall, not short! ;)