Frankie Knuckles & The Origins Of House

RIP Frankie, your legacy will always live on. Mixmag and Olmeca Tequila teamed up with The Bloody Beetroots to make a mini documentary about one of the genres he holds most dear...House. Discover more on /> While it has been told before, we all wanted to try to tell the story of the birth of house in under ten minutes. With contributions from legends like Frankie Knuckles and Kevin Saunderson we just about did it. If there's one artist in the electronic music scene right now that embodies music, art and culture, that artist is Sir Bob Cornelius Rifo aka The Bloody Beetroots. Sir Bob is renown for ambitiously connecting the worlds of new and old music and showing his fans the development and natural evolution which music takes. His latest vision, was the video for The Bloody Beetroots feat Tommy Lee "RAW" The single is taken from his second artist album 'Hide' which came out last year. /> /> /> /> First published in 1983, Mixmag is the world's longest standing and biggest selling dance music magazine, and we're bringing our knowledge and heritage to our TV channel. Olmeca Tequilas are produced in the heart of Los Altos, 2104 meters above sea level in the western state of Jalisco in Mexico, using artisanal production methods. The result of our unique production and distillation process is a complete range of rich tasting Tequilas, all of which contain Tahona liquid. Discover more on & Olmeca Tequila Instagram : /> « Please Enjoy Olmeca Responsibly. Content for those above legal drinking age only.» Director / Producer / Editor / Compositor Jeremy Cole Executive Producers for Lemonade Money James Payne & Phil Wilson Executive Producer for Mixmag Digby Head of Production Tammy McKendrick Graphics Jeremy Cole / Theo Williams Supervising editor Danny McGuire Special thanks to Colleen 'Cosmo' Murphy />Dan Robinson MK />DJ Pierre />Frankie Knuckles />Jesse Saunders />Kevin Saunderson />Steve 'Silk' Hurley

Seon Ali
Black people are beautiful and creative. If only we learned power economics and had the will to stick together.
RIP Frankie Knuckles. Your passion, soul and legacy lives on.
Rod Aoki
In the beginning there was jack...
Maurice Boullay
R.I.P Frankie et merci pour le cadeau que tu nous as fait en nous permettant d'écouter tes superbes musiques !! Thank to you Frankie !!
Mixmag  teamed up with The Bloody Beetroots to make a mini documentary about one of the genres he holds most dear...HOUSE! While it has been told before, we all wanted to try to tell the story of the birth of house in under ten minutes. With contributions from legends like Frankie Knuckles and Kevin Saunderson we just about did it.
Leonardo Machado
Ron Hardy...
Glenn Holloway
No such thing as Old music, baby. House is happening now.
TRACKLIST: Imagination 'Changes' (Yam Who's 2014 Rework) ISM Mr. Fingers 'Can You Feel It?' Trax Records Jesse Saunders 'On & On' Jes Say Records Steve 'Silk' Hurley 'Jack Your Body' Underground / London Records Inner City 'Big Fun' KMS Le Noiz 'Wanna Dance' Trax We recommend Traxbox - the recent 6 CD compilation of 75 of the most important Trax Records 12" ever released. Get yours:
Miguel Corchón González
t's not just a music ,it's a way of dancing, just like the track said... it's a cultural, spiritual thing.
дем кен
The Giant ... RIP Frankie i'm sure now in Paradise they will have more fun with u now!
Great video! Can't wait for the next one.  Track ID on the intro track?
Marshall Jefferson
Very well done guys:)
DJGokhan Dnctrk
Few figures in contemporary music have influenced their respective fields the way Frankie Knuckles has revolutionized dance music.... R.I.P. Frankie Knuckles <3
This also was a major inspiration for most modern dance music that started in the UK. A derivative of acid house and techno music influenced genres that influenced the rise of new genres. Hardcore, Breakbeat, Drum n Bass, Jungle, several sub-genres of House, Garage, Dubstep and a few more all basically stem back to this and the Amen break.
Brillant!  Rest in Peace! FRANKIE.. Thanks for all..
Will D
NYer Frankie imported the gay black NYC vibe whence came Frankie..
Piotr Muzykant
ID track from 2:07 please! :))
Robert Alexander
You are never bigger than the music - Frankie Knuckles. A lot of these folks nowadays need to hear that!!!
ben inglis
Its not aout drugs... Well it became about drugs!
John Cool
you will be missed.
Salome Flores
May. You. Rest. In paradise. You. Left. Us. All. Your. Music. Which will. Go on for. Generations. Thank. You. For. The. Times. Your. A big inspiration in my. Family because. Of. You. N yur. Music 3 of. My. Family members became Djs not. As. Famous. As. You but good. Enough. To. Get the. Party. Jumpn. Much. Sympathy to. Yur. Family. N loved. Ones. And. The. Beat. Goes. On.......
This was an amazing video to watch. <3
Lifeis Beautiful
Frankie....he changed the world
brian mittoo
I mean come on man. Why you having the damn loud background music in the background so loud you can't even hear the people speak. What's wrong with you
Elijah Montenegro
how can 9 people dislike? long live house!
Dj Pierre is the same in Daft Punk's "teacher"?
kinda weird editing...
track at 1:05 ?
Syed Haider
what is the name of the song which plays as soon as this video begins?
Candace Watkins
Anybody understand those last comments?
Lhin Doh
One thing I learned from visiting the current Chicago House parties is that there is a solid bond even if people could care less about each other they are serious about the sound and they don't have time to even think much about fights, violence or disturbance. Now I know there is a way to develop a following of complete interest in the party, the sound and the scene itself for many years with all types of ethnic people first and no serious problems over many years. 
How many dance music documentaries do we actually need?
I can't help but laugh at that opening question: "If you had a Time Machine, what period of time would you go to?". If it had said MUSIC instead of TIME, that would justify the response, but really, let's be serious... You can pick ANY point in time to visit with this hypothetical Time Machine, and the best you can come up with is to go back to the 60s-80s to witness your favorite era of music? Really? Not even the super-cliche "I'd go back in time and kill Hitler"? Why not the time of Christ, to see what the REAL history is? Why not the time of dinosaurs, to witness how awesome they are firsthand, like no other human ever has? Why not the very beginning of the known UNIVERSE, to see what transpired at the beginning of it all?
A large omission of this documentary and most house music histories, is that house music was created originally in Europe in 1982, by acts like Italy's Klein & MBO - who in 1982 gave the house tracks "Wonderful" and "MBO Theme". Saunders copied the music style of Klein & MBO in 1983 for his first release. He takes the credit for creating house because it helps him get gigs and fans - but it's simply not true. If you don't believe this truth, take a listen to the tracks Wonderful or MBO Theme and other euro house tracks created before Saunders first house track. Crucify me if you want, but I stand up for truth and not self promoting lies, and want the truth to be known. If this hurts the feelings of some Americans who want to feel they created house, then so be it.