EXPERIMENT Glowing 1000 degree KNIFE VS 20 OBJECTS! Crayons Orbeez School Supplies Toys! SATISFYING

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Who is watching in 2019? Just me? Ok.
Daman Dhaliwal
that Elmers glue is now hot glue get it please like if you get it
Sue Ellen Ainsley
Who elseLooks through the comments while watching the video if you do it give this comment of thumbs up.
cute gacha dreamer chan-with Minecraft!
2019 anyone??????😐😐 Edit:yay thx for 1 like,oh wait.....that was me. ;-;
Fantasia Bliss
Rip 4:58 egg 1 like- one life for the egg 😢
rose naz
Who else watching it in 2019
Jennifer Wenskunas
Anyone 2019 I remember when this was popular
Doughnut Cat
Who else was screaming when she cut the nutella? Just me? Ok
Luci Brooks
Wengie: Cuts Nutella ME: IM SORRY.... WHAT?!?!
# I have never done the last one Of course
Becky Chalmers
OMG Wengie I'm so glad you're okay! (I know this was a long time ago, but still. Yikes.)
Zia Wilkinson
Wengie I drew a picture of you in anime it's sick
Stephen Mccamon
I turned on the notification and gave a like and subscribed bye love you you are my best youtuber bye x
Jessie Mizurka
Wengie if i was you i would just eat that delicious nutella instead of just wasting it😂😂😂 Btw, i love you wengie!
Scorpion 969
Who is watching in December 2018 or January or February of 2019
dalal kamal
Who is watching this vid in june 2019 leave a like 👇🏻
Geraldine Mullan
1 like saves 10 puppies 🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶 how many puppies can we save
Game Sipes
Wengie, you are weird but I am weird too. I also like weird.
Farha Hussain
The nuttela was satisfing to watch die?🥜+🍫(I couldn't find the nuttela emoji
Kitty Lover
I tried the coke one and sadly I cut my finger :(but it was cool thanks for showing it
OngnielJikook Is Real
I was wondering why is it 2016-2016 when it was 2019 I just looked at the comments and realized it was uploaded in 2016😂
Saeeda Khatoon
Who else is watching this in 2018? 😂
Shelly Bates
Cecilie Dejligbjerg
Who else thought that the glue stick pieces looked like banana??🍌 Just me? Ok👍👌
Audrey Davenport
srambled for me please wengie😋😊😋
Lowkey ASMR
Pig we are never going to forget you ............... R.i.p
Alfiya Patel
Who else is watching in 2018😂
Jasmine Gerasimov
This is probably one of my favorite videos from wengie!!!! Who else in 2019????!!!! I've been the supporters since 2015
Fatima _playz
If I was Wengies neighbour... Wengie: ok lets do this *BOOM BOOM BOOM* Me: ...... this woman is crazy
Cookie Halo
Who else in 2019? Just Me? Ok. I guess im the only one..... 😔
jianjin lin
Who else came back from the park and is eating ice cream? Me?... Ok...
Blithe .L
R.I.P pig stuffy 2016-2016 Will be missed, But never forgotten 1 like =1 prayer for pig stuffy
pana lover
If i was wengies neighbors Wengie: to day ee are cutting things Me: oh no shes doin to again Also me: can i join?
CookieLover C
I bet the smoke from the Nutella smelt like heaven
Magenta Furry Aj
Squeaks with lego.. me: AHHHH NUUUU
Ray Dowis
Who watching this vid im 2019 likr this comment
Wengie cutting through the Lego blocks was revenge for hurting our feet whenever we stepped on them
Raven Pittman
In a video you should mix play doh into clear slime like the clay
XxXx Potato That You Might Have Seen XxXx
I stayed up until 2:49AM watching dis
Megan Marshall
Do You Know Who The Best Person Ever Is Look at the second word😀😊
Smelly Poo
Whos watching this in 2019 Just me Ok
jelly kitty
like 2018 ppl
Kara Stone
Wengi:oh your so cute Me arrrrrrrr Wengi cutting u now Me kajunyvfygbyfv what?
TheOdd1sOut 3
Omg!! This was posted on my ninth birthday!!!!!!! Thanks for an amazing birthday video!!!!!
Kawaii Princess
Poor world record egg! :( RIP Egg :C
Milk Tea
Wengie:Do not do dis at home! Me: *Does it burns hand* OWCHE
Clos Vlogs
A lot of people say if you say the youtubers name your comment gets pinned Wengie Wengie Wengie
SYEDA quadri
How are you all doing well ok👌👍👅💪
sarah the gacha
Oh no I missed your the Mac book give away it's 2019
Katelyn Roth Franzitch
Wengie: You’re so cute! Wengie Thinking: NOW I KILL YOU! Me: HAHAHAHA I LOVE WENGIE! Me Thinking: Mental self help note if my dogs being cute never post it ANYWHERE Wengie can see. Lol jk I love her though
Katelyn Young
Is anyone watching in 2018 or almost 2018
Kara Larsen
I'm gonna order pizza right before the new year and when it gets here I am gonna say "I ordered this a year ago"
Crystal unicorn Diamond
The clear glue was dancing in slow-molol
Raven Pittman
Cutting glow sticks is very dangerous
I always get that size it's very normal for me 6:00
That Elmer’s glue is now hot glue Get it? Yes? No?
Miss Unicornia
Wengie:'I hate to waste food' Also Wengie:wastes eggs nutella and more I like= I saved egg 1 reply= 1 saved nutella jar :(
ana maria cartagena
Posted 2016 waching in December 2018 😄
Jyotindra Sapkota
this is the FIRST ONE OF YOUR VIDEO IVE EVER WATCHED / I live in AUSTRALIA and I am from Asia
I'm gonna order pizza 5 minutes before New Years and when it arrives I'm gonna say "I ordered this a year ago"
SweetWolfi3 Gaming
My cousin had that toy... at 12:20 when I showed that to her she cried!!!! He said : Who cut my toyyyy
Eaqually Chan su
I wanna do it so badly its like your cutting butter
Suzonne Bechtold
Wengie: cuts dogs face Me: 😱😱😭😭😭👎 ( I didn’t give her a thumbs down though. Just giving u Wengie fans a heads up ) give a like if u agree
Nunya Byzness
Ok for those who are like,”2019 anyone?” STOP! Your using the time they’re in for likes, 1. ITS WRONG! 2. Using people for likes? R u serious?!
Today'sTopTiktok 2019
Rylee Blades
Do a slime WORLD with max plz🦄
Charlotte Waring
Wengie, you are the weirdest in the best way ever!
Aleisha Meh
Meh: *Sees Wengie cutting coke* NOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!! Also meh; *Sees Wengie cutting a chocolate egg* WHEN DOSE IT END!?!?!?
Rosy C
Do it with slime next time
An Lê
whos watching this in 2018 😂😝
Samara Nordstrand
the legos deserved that knife THEY HAVE CAUSED US HUMANS SO MUCH PAINNN!!!!!!!!!
Jolly Unicorn
2019 anyone Who needs to be first anyways...
MadZ LPS :3
Wengie: *cuts pig stuffed animal* Me: WHAT DID HE EVER DO TO YOU?
Faith Unruh
Okay sis that knife is hotter than you , and it doesn’t even cut through anything 🤷🏻‍♀️🤣
Squinky Del
Who's watching in December 2017??
Mimi's Mixx
Wengie: Sexy slo-mo time!! Me: I'M SEXY AND I KNOW IT!!!! *Does weird dance in slow motion*
Ka El
Aphmau's fastest car💗💗
I literally closed my eyes for the teddie one
John Matragrano
Like my mom and dad are 💀
Emmanuel Vernet
Can you make more no glue slime PLZ!😘😍🤩🙁
Molly De Carlo
Daman Dhaliwal
And my favourite thing that you cuted was the Crowns
Mashmallow Spinkle
Imagine this with slime or a squishy!
Lily Gaming
╔┓┏╦━━╦┓╔┓╔━━╗ ║┗┛║┗━╣┃║┃║╯╰║ ║┏┓║┏━╣┗╣┗╣╰╯║ ╚┛┗╩━━╩━╩━╩━━╝
c u t i e r o s e
You Are Probably Wondering Who Is The Best Person In The World Read the first two words Have a nice day and week😋
RoxyFoxy animates
Wait. 2016!? Who else is in 2019 right now! No:like yes:reply
winter_ chan
The Flys are here 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂sorry I laugh at everything!!!!!!😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Luna Family
The dry ice was amazing
aubrey griego
I bet Wengi and Kyuti would make good friends. who's with me!😁
Milestone Spa
awwwwwww .... u should of made slime with the clear glue
Elvira Pekmez
I was doing r.i.p. for the stuffed animal 🐻
Alice Peterson
Wengie I love your hair it looks pretty
UserOffline Sarah
Anyone an Aphmau fan recognize the songs
Karina M
thumbs up=wengie comment=Wendy who is it????? please tell
cat lovers 101
Do You Know Who The Best Person In The World Is Wengie. Look at the 2 and the last words that is the answer
Daisy Le Bel
Omg Am I The Only Who Saw That 3:20 ( She Stuck Out Her Tung..)
Wendy/Wengie: **takes out Nutella** Me: NOOOOOOOOO MY BABY!!!!!!!
Juan Carrera
The nuttella is bleeding brown 😅
Tiffany Wairimu
I dropped my phone when I picked it up I saw big mistake on the screen