Runaway - Kanye // Sydney 2014

Nice little cameo from Pusha T too

Dylan Steen
Imagine thinking Kanye isn't the goat
Jennifer Ramirez
okay but the dude recording had a super zoom 3000 😂
I experienced Runaway at the Saint Pablo Tour and I cried
People say the want the old kanye back but he never left
When Kanye Passes away, The World Will realize a portion of his genius. Yea hes made a lot of mistakes but you cannot deny his star power
"I want y'all to remember this the rest of your life" Kanye West = Greatest performer ever
Shaun McGraw
I wish I could rewind my life 5 years just to see Kanye on the Yeezus tour.
Yo, Kanye, Ima let you finish but you are one of the best performers of all time. OF ALL TIME!
Dino Spumoni
Can't imagine how awesome the vibe must've been there after him saying this was the best show of his life.
The Real Legend
If Kanye were a Jedi, this is what he would look like
I swear overseas Kanye fans are the best. The people in the States just dont understand Kanye, all my friends think his music's either trash or annoying/rude.
Michale Reese
Kanye in his purest form
loo-loo-loo-loo-loo-loo-loo-loo-looloolooloolooloolooolooloolook at cha. (Edit): WHY DOES THIS HAVE SO MANY LIKES OMG I LOVE YALL
**I move away from the mic to breathe in
Thelonious Vic
I love pusha T came performed and left. No words to Kanye. 🤙🏿
Preye Yinkore
"To innovate not imitate. To demonstrate that all limits is fake". Word!!!
William Trudeau
Adán Polinario Garriga
Never delete this, please.
I literally cried to this video. I love Kanye so much. I wish I could see him live in person one day...
Anthony Torres
Lmao if he just hired someone to wear that and go on tours for him
Nick W
First youtube video I've ever cried to... I've honestly been feeling like there's little meaning in mainstream rap today and I looked back in hope to find what I'm looking for. Kanye is a visionary and what he drops in the next couple years will be so crazy and will change the industry as we know it.
Roberto JR
I would do anything to see this live
I watch this when I feel down
This crowd was class.
When it comes to showmanship few touch kanye
Angel B
Listen and pay attention to the lines of a master mind
Ariel Kujo
i have officially passed away
Yohey Kuwabara
one of the most amazing Kanye.
yeahyeahyeah what
This is like the end of church lmao piano and talk
Ladies and Gentlemen ... I wanna show you how you all look like beautiful stars... Look at you. Look at you.
San Francisco Professor
"Mainly.... my favorite artist of all time. James Brown."
Tulisa Reeves
I love Kanye West so much ! I wish him all the best and success
Rama Emini
God bless the person who recorded this live 🙏🏼
Jesus Vargas
James Brooking
The greatest and most intricate producer of all time.
Boring Name
Never got to go to a kanye concert, actually never been to a concert before. I can’t wait for this album to come out and for the tour to start so I can finally go Edit: I’m crying
the way he spazzed out on the rick james sample is satisfying
That trench coat and crystal mask 💯🔥
Curt Stealzie
I’m not crying. You’re crying
DryWall Flavor
Issac from deadspace
that bitch's voice in the background is incredibly annoying
chasse guerrera
this really just gets me emotional
Alex O Donnell
This is an example of a true genius in action. Dude has more soul in his pinky than most of us have in our entire family. Enjoyyyyy.
A y u s h
This is the track that got me into Kanye years earlier and I still feel the same whenever I listen to Runaway.
Kanye is certified GOAT
Watching this on shrooms its amazing
Doug styles
Arkan F
Does anyone know where i can get this mask
what did u use to record this ? seriously, amazing quality.
Protta Protta
kanye is genius
yasir khan
San Francisco Professor
"All things are possible through love." Listen to the Rev. James Cleveland, "Where is your faith?"
Dylan 182
is this version available anywhere? please, i cried
i will always keep coming back to this
AlCapone 3563
I always get the chills with this song and you made that experience way better by posting this video
Preye Yinkore
Kanye West and Jon Bellion are two men that I utterly respect as regards creativity. Exceptional!
Infinite goosebumps generator
One of the fewest videos I cried too
The Last Pepsi
This is one of the best live performances of all time. No question
Ashlee Pizarro
I give him mad respect for his work an his honesty. His performance gave me chills.
King Kables
RIP to all the Good/Great/Dope Mamas and Mama's boys living without they Mama and vice versa. There's no stronger bond.
frosty BLADE
best kanye song imo
West texas Wills
Smiller Espinal
This made me so emotional. I love Kanye
Jonny Tran
Whenever I’m feeling down, I come to this video to cheer me up. Goosebumps.
Love the video - thanks <3
Karlen Bell
0:18 Even he was like "Oh shit, this is good!"
Mythical Mario
What cords is he using on the piano in the end when hes saying all things are possible through love I wanna know😞
Colin Fox
this is my favorite live performance of all time. of all time!!
Noz Trippie
2019 and he still the Goat 🐐
This performance right here is why Kanye West can rightfully proclaim to be the greatest rock star alive. He's a musical wizard.
MAC Address
This is a gem
sedrick y
We not gonna sit here and act like every one of them key strokes didn't drop a tear
Andre Maines
Dude made me start crying
zakiy daulay
damn this is actually rly beautiful
Kevin Herrera
They didn't appreciate Pusha T enough lol.
Bruh Kanye needs to come to Dubai so I can at least experience this once
Fuego Malakai
feeling real proud to be from australia right now. that coat is so fucking dope too, would definitely still be in style now
Robert Eckhardt
Even if existence is futile, at least I'm able to coexist with this man in the mist of billions of years and galaxies.
Syavergio Tampi
bruh legit tho he the goat
von jon
Amazing what happens when you aren’t ashamed of who you are. One million posing ass haters want him dead but he’s still standing. He’ll go down as the greatest period.
Ravi Shankar
‘To innovate and not imitate’
leva sepehri
oh okay, I'm crying.
why can't she just runaway
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This is an astonishing performance. This is Kanye at his absolute best, he's having such a great time and it SHOWS.
Иван Федорович
When you say your girlfriend I need to pee pee, and she's says ok only runaway and we go.
Krystian Gawęda
Is that dark souls boss?
Chey Underwood
Gives me chills every motherfucking time
Christian Kerr
*Literally had chills the entire video*
This is honestly A Legendary performance and Kanye is honestly a Legendary Artist. Period
Lautaro Teruelo
What an amazing camera omg great audio and video
Aristotle Wills
if anyone tryna find them piano chords for me towards the end, i love you and YE does too
wow, never knew his performances were this lit.
César Vill
Súper híper minimalista, menos es más jajajaja
Roberto Morales
I'm a fan of Kane west 🏃... Love your lyric..keep Spiting 🔥....