Rangers close in on George Edmundson! in tonights video we react to george edmundson visiting the hummel training center ahead of his rangers switch! we break down george edmundson and react to the latest rangers news! this is our opinions..whats yours? CHARITY MATCH TICKETS! /> If youd like to support the channel: MY TWITTER !!

Zack Moore
Happy scotty arfield day Good thing he got an old firm in his first year
Zack Moore
I'm gonna go for stevie G Because he knows a good team when he sees one
Ross Watson
Gerrard everyday of the week. Anyone who says otherwise needs banned from earth.
Mark L sixtyseven
Salutations to Scotty Arfield.
Is it just me, or did anyone else think that "Edmundson" was Brazilian? Clickbait!
This chanel is the best on youtube keep up good work bro watp still buzzing from the 2-0 what a day what a performance 👏👌👍💙
John Allan
Not just saying this because he's our manager but Stevie G ahead of Lamps every day of the week. A much more complete midfielder.
Its Scott Arfield day and you CJ have just hit 28k 👏👏
john McGregor
Lampard more complete player .
Bailey Buchan
Stevie boy all the way, he was incredible at scoring belters and many of them and, I just don't like Lampard as much🔵🔴
Happy Scotty Arfield day all!...is this the center half to take us to the next level?
Rangers WATP 1872
Steven Gerard because how good his long shots where
Bobby Tennant
CJ, good content, got some feedback! I would maybe suggest adjusting your audio so that the volume of your voice is the same level as the intro audio... nearly blew my ear drums. Similarly when ads appear, they are way louder than your voice and I'm changing the volume like 4 times during the video. WATP :)
Bradley Mcdonald
-Plays for Oldham -Oldham are 14th in the league -Oldham play in League Two -Oldham fans said they would drive Edmundson up to Ibrox My verdict: Don’t sign him
john mills
Both good players but would pick Steve G
Lampard Goals Assist Trophies 🤷🏻‍♂️ Love SG tho
Steven gerrard not biased just he could do everything
Zack Moore
Just realized that you got 28k 27k away from 55k
Long time sub here, on my honeymoon and still listening. A wee shout out to Craig and my new wife Hollie would be nice in the next vid?..since she puts up with it videos anytime I listen haha .
Andy F
Not convinced on him though in the Gaffer i trust 🇬🇧
Ross Watson
"Kyle Braidley". Cjnovo. 2019.
Stephen Henderson
Cjnovo way some ae the Ad revenue😂a like cj
I’d take Stevie G for his range of passing and goals from midfield but you could say the exact same for Lampard, not an easy decision!
Forever And Ever
Sign him, McAuely is leaving. Young and has potential. Decent back-up CB, who knows could be like Kamara.
Mark Barclay
Not for me, we need a experienced CB from a better level if we want to challenge next season
david davies
Edmundson has just signed for Bordeaux 😂⚽🐻🇬🇧
Congrats on the 28K subs CJ pal 👏👍 top vid as per 💯👌 Stevie G for me all day every day although Lampard was class too. WATP 🙌 💙🔴⚪🔵💯
allan beveridge
Smashed it craig , congrats. Mon the nation 🔴⚪🔵 watp
Thomas Crichton
Another good video CJ , all the best watp 🔴⚪🔵
Mary Edwards
I’m Gonna go got Stevie G as well love um HeHe WATP 🔴⚪️🔵 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧
Blair Russell
merry scotty arfield day
Trains History
Bobby Roode music ftw.
william ross
Stevie G Born winner pulled a team from 3 nil down to win champions league lampard Great player he was but no chance he could have done the same 🇬🇧
david davies
Gerrard look left and he is a better leader although fat Frank was a class player.⚽🐻🇬🇧
Ozgers 73
Happy Scott Arfield day fellow Teddy Bears!🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿⚽️🔵⚪🔴👍🇦🇺
Neil Hathaway
2 different players, Lamps for the 10 role and the Gaffer for the 6/8 role
Scott Coats
Wonder how many players will be leaving, can't see a lot of our players getting near the 1st team next season
quick question,are kids allowed at the charity match mate? My wife is away to a concert that day so I'll have the kids but don't want to miss out let me know 🔵🔴⚪
Chris Morrison
450k is an awful lot for a league 2 player
iain cameron
Lets be clear CJ, any defender we sign will start as a back up, as Goldson & Katic MUST be our starting centreback combo for next season, however we do need cover and someone who will challenge those two to keep them on their toes as well as provide cover in case of injury. Up front could be our most pressing problem this off season. Listening to Alfredo's interview today it seems he is for the off in the summer, so our priority would seem to be to get in someone of his quality to replace him. Even if we do start with Defoe and the shape that performed so well on Sunday, as they have done in recent weeks, Defoe is getting on a bit and I don't think its a coincidence the manager seems to sub him consistently on the hour mark. Again we need pressure for the jersey as well as someone capable of filling his shoes should he go down with injury. Personally I would keep Rudden at Ibrox next year rather than farm him out on another loan. However, I see him more as a fringe player where we need someone of quality who can step right in when needed through injury or a drop in form. No easy task finding another Morelos. Finally there is the Ryan Kent conundrum. Will he stay or will he go? It seems from the figures quoted the only way he'll be back next year is if he fancies another loan deal, and given what he himself has said, I think that will come down to which sides are willing to pay the silly money Liverpool are asking. We do still have Jamie Murphy in case we forget. And to steal a cliché, it'll be like having a new player when he returns. There are also the Scottish lads wev'e picked up in the last month as well as Graham Dorrans, so we seem well covered in midfield, but the proof is in the pudding. Are the guys iver mentioned good enough to take us to the net level, which of course is 55. There can be no substitutes or consolation Cups next season. We must win the title, and Gerrard must get the signings right in order for us to do that.
Alan Morgan
36 days to the European draw. Wake me up then.
Michael Byrne
Hope Kent stays as well 🇬🇧👏🏻
Robert Binnie
We'll take Stevie g seems he's already here,as for this latest player linked to us we need to trust the scouts who're watching.
L Gibson96
Keep goldson and katic as our main pairing and bring in edmundson, who will learn and grow. Sometimes doesn't matter how big the player is, as long as they give everything
Sandy Paterson
Cj doing cj hings
O Davidson
Would you sign both edmundson and soutur? Strength in depth maybe? Who knows. Can see stevie is building a team as the foundation off said team is their.
Amir Hamzah
I think Rangers should sign De Ligt, he’s a decent Dutch kid from Ajax
Scott Macaulay
Congrats on 28k cj great vid again
andy taker
Liked video straight away as always. Happy Scotty Arfield day everyone 👍. Well this video is already out of date as you’ve hit 28K already 😂😂😂. Congrats Bro, you deserve it. Scholes. His stats are pretty good. 54 starts in all competitions, 2 goals and 5 assists for a CB is pretty decent and he’s started in almost every game for his team this season. Seems like he’s a decent player and could be a good backup CB for Katic and Goldson. I’d say yes we should sign him. Unless it means we don’t get John Souttar, in that case George can fuck off. If we can get both Souttar and Edmunson then go for it, if not then get Souttar and put Edmunson in the bin.
Garry Mautner
Loving your content dude! But please invest in a better sound setup & mic. Too much echo & distance. Grab a wee mic & fit it up! But otherwise thank you for all your videos!
allan mclean
I would take him on trial see how he fits in with the team and if he is even half a player we should maybe consider it seeing as we will need a couple in at CB for covering positions and incase of injury
Karl Wilson
would be nice to see rangers put in a bid for jarrod bowen from hull city
Forever And Ever
I think we'll sign another marquee player who will be fighting for the starting eleven. As Worrall is leaving too.
craig murray
We should rotate McCrorie as a CB as needed. I'm sure he is desperate for more playing time.
christopher jack
1 defender or 9 Glen Kamaras, wonder which would be better
C Dyer1987
🥳YAS CJ 28k well deserved
robert grainger
Steve G cause his nose is blue :)
Lucas Beast
For some reason when I'd heard the name Edumdson I thought he'd be some Icelandic player
Ethan Clark
Love stevie G but frank was a much better player
Euan MacTaggart
I like what I’ve read about Edmundson so far, don’t know an awful lot about him myself but think it is a positive move to be looking for CB’s to give us cover and also being only 21 plenty of time for him to develop and improve. Also on the Gerrard/Lampard question I would have to pick Lampard as much as I love Stevie G. Gerrard always stepped up in big moments, scored some iconic goals and his range of passing was ridiculously good but Lampard just edges it for me due to the amount of goals he scored for Chelsea. Both absolutely brilliant midfielders in their own right, of course!
Ross Watson
Play Wallace instead
CJ you need to remember that ross mccrorie is actually a center back this cdm position is a new position hes been trained in ( I do prefer him in cdm and do want another cb regardless) but he is a natural cb
Jamie Galloway
At the end of the day Stevie G is a Ger and lampard is not 🔵⚪
The Rockstar
we already have like 3 signings I wonder who else we will get
CJ, hi remember me, also do you have an instagram
Don't know about the money or if this player has signed with anyone else but I would like us to have a look at Gary Cahill (leaving Chelsea ) a solid solid defender
Jordan Montgomery
George Edmundson is class. Edmundson, Goldson and Katić, now that’s a solid backline.
stuart kane
You could buy Oldham for 450 k lol
Lampards my hero but ovs have to pick the gaffer
Aidan McGunnigal
Sadly the Scottish League is probably on par with the National League. I mean if Adam Rooney is leaving a top 3 team in our league to go to a team that were in the 5th tier of English football at that point just shows how bad things are.
Stuart Shearer
28k pal.! Well done. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
Sell Alfredo 'red card' Morelos and sign Kalidou Koulibaly with the money.
Peek aboo
Good we're bringing players in early, but is guys from Oldham, Motherwell, Kilmarnock & the likes going to add the quality, we're gonna need for next season, we need first team players if we're gonna challenge the beggars, not more squad players 🔴🇬🇧🔵
Any news about greg docherty i say keep him 👍
Potato Man
steven gerrard EVERY day..... even though i think frank is a bluenose...but Gerrard....wahl. is this new guy back up for Katic? no way he deserves to be dropped.... think our defensive partnership will get stronger n stronger...ps ...how good is work this week with the weeping celtic fans....class
James McMullan
I swear that glorious bit is getting louder!! 😲
Jack Mcgready
7 on the left 7 on the right throught the middle thay shag aw night, am here all week 😎😉 when i heard you say that cj it sounded like u were gonny sing the mcgreggor song but you didny and my head went to one side like rocky the dog and said WIT? LOL
Skrtel is on his way 😜
Karen Kelly
Well done on hitting 28k the novo nation is still flying high
Slaven Bilic (ex West Ham, Croatia manager) has said he would love to manage celtic, and they are trying to get him to replace popcorn teeth. Thoughts?
Brodie Ferguson
CJ if you can mate( mention the fact that even tho rangers haven’t wan every old firm this year they have dominated every game played...... Gerard’s must be frustrated
aj wtf
It's going to be difficult to break up katic and goldson but glad to see younger players linked to us. Still think Ross mccrorie should go back to CB we've got to many midfielders
bob steele
I read a bit about Edmunson earlier, and I honestly doubt he's Rangers first team quality. But, then again I had similar doubts about Kamara before he came in, so what do I know? As a squad player who's more or less a backup for Goldson and Katic though, I don't see any harm in giving the guy a chance.
Ben Crawford
Love the vids
Ross Watson
I would rather have Souttar. I fully trust Gerrard though
Edinburgh lad
CJ, what's the name of the tune they play at Ibrox when Rangers score?
Gavin Ami
I would say YES to Edmundson but the good training and coach's get get him be better defender but we need more defender at the club like Bruno Ecuele Manga of Cardiff(Who out of contract), Fernando Varela of PAOK(Who also out of contract) and Benoît Poulain of Club Brugge(who also as well out of Contract) but I would like to see Mauro Manotas at Rangers he play for houston dynamo in strike play 13 score 7 assist 3 and did 25 goals last year and would be a good replacement for Kyle Lafferty
Declan McAree
Over half way, to 55k 😊
Aaron Mcnicol
There is some rumours from an insider that rangers are close to a 5mill deal for Ryan Kent and he is willing to come
furious fire
Ross Watson
Why don't we have a Wallace day?
scott mcatear
ur such a gimp
Merry Scott airfield day
Mr Gaudy
If they make canny signings New Rangers will have a great chance of securing their first league title next year, good luck!
Jordan Montgomery
Middleton, Defoe, Arfield Barišić, Jack, Kamara, Tavernier Katić, Edmundson, Goldson Foderingham
Robert Edgar
If he’s good enough for Stevie and Allen then he’ll do for me👋 can’t think of a signing they have made that has been a total flop except grezda
Congrats on 28000
Bert Wilkie
I have heard that Alfredo Morelos has agreed to sign for either Real Betis or Real Sociedad for 21 Million anyone else heard this ?
Scott Blair
2 great midfielders couldnt play together for England still blows my mind but I'm gonna have to go with Gerrard basically won champions league for liverpool not on his own but the way he inspired the team.
Callum Ferguson