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We explore how the US artist changed house music. See the feature on RA: /> The term "deep house" has come to mean many different things to many different people, being applied to everyone from Disclosure to Fred P. But the roots of the sound can be traced back to the musical innovations of one man: Larry Heard. In this video, we look at the techniques behind some of Heard's most iconic and influential music, explaining how he gave house music a sense of depth. Narrator: Moxie Writer: Matt McDermott Editor: Sophie Misrahi Dubbing Mixer: Guy Clarke Keyboardist: Charlotte Gray

In recent years the word deep gets thrown about too loosely
Sıla Eryılmaz
0:15 kerri chandler- atmosphere (the system- you're in my system kerri chandler remix) 1:24 mr. fingers- crying over you 1:37 mr. fingers- the juice 2:27 jesse saunders- on&on 2:54 chip e.- time to jack 3:06 marshall jefferson- move your body 3:30 the troggs- wild thing 3:44 mr. fingers- mystery of love 4:44 mr. fingers- can you feel it 5:14 larry heard- missing you 5:42 mr. fingers- what about this love? (extended version) 6:49 boyd jarvis- the music got me 7:01 vincent floyd- your eyes (vocal) 7:17 larry heard- dolphin dream 7:41 larry heard pres. mr. white- the sun can't compare and here's a spotify playlist:
Kaspar Houser
Bittersweet is the right word! Real Deep House Music always got a slight melancholic edge to it! (But is also hopeful at the same time!)
Rico Crockett
Real deep house take me somewhere else, make the hairs on my arm stand up and give me a euphoric feeling like I'm having a spiritual moment.
Anthony Teasdale
Another brilliant documentary. Dance music finally getting the broadcast journalism it deserves. Big up.
Roomy Lan
A totally overlooked legend.
Anthony Longobardo
wow just now realized Kanye sampled mystery of love damn
Chase The Sound
Keep going with these videos 😎❤
this needs to be at least 1 hour and 30 mins !!! so much more to say about Larry
these videos are so dope
Tom Banas
God Bless Larry Heard !
Mark Davenport
I was about 16 or 17 years old the first time I head Can You Feel It riding in a car with friends to a dance party and a guy had it playing on a mix tape. That was a side of House Music I never heard before and I almost cried. Literally. To this day, that song evokes something in me I can't explain.
Good journalism right here... Informative, and inspires by pushing the sense of breakthrough...
Joseph Briggs
Black people invented house music 🙌🏾
T Bird
props for love to mr fingers, but... 1. narration is only half-correct--"move your body" actually does NOT have the same chords as "wild thing." although it's the same root notes, the chords in "move your body" are *minor*, giving it a more distinct sound than the major chords of "wild thing." also a more likely influence would have been ray charles or aretha franklin rather than the troggs. 2. given that heard's band was playing jazz (mahavishnu orchestra/frank zappa weren't prog-rock, they were jazz-rock music.) it was more likely that he was turned onto modal tonality (one of the techniques debussy & satie are most famous for) via miles davis' classic "kind of blue" (btw, mahavishnu's leader used to be a davis sideman.)
Oh now everyone wants to wake up
James S
Chicago forever. Yall better recognize.
He deserves wayyyy more recognition just like Jack Mr.Fingers. Sad thing is how many blacks think house music is for white folks. lol
Seeing the keys being played is a phenomenal insight. Thank you!
Cosmic Conscious
Akinkunmi Cook
The Master Mr. Fingers/Larry Heard!!!!!
Paul Coman
Do more videos RA!
Vincent Larry
Glad I'm from Chicago and glad that we made "House Music". Salute to the MASTER
Never let another nation tell your story, They’ll try to have your history lead back to them every time. The same way they tell the story of Christ. Knowing damn well Christ was.... Nevermind 🤷🏽‍♂️
Sharjjahn Aziz
Black people invented House Music and then it branched out into other cultures where it flourished into Europe etc.
Jorge Rivera
Wow. It's refreshing to uncover the originator of "Deep House". I really enjoy that type of sound.
Mike Lewis
I grew up next to this man, I saw him labor over his passion. His creativity is impeccable. A pioneer and a neighborhood & city icon
It annoys me when someone labels a song deep house when it really isn't. I hope it opens up the discussion amongst artists and fans to perserve the essence of deep house.
Larry is the G.O.A.T
Techno Addicts
Yup blacks invented house and techno. And many other genres. Never forget it.
Do something on Basic Channel.
Cesar Hernandez
Respect your history!! 🎚️🎛️🎹
Do one on the Burrell Brothers.
(R.I.P.) Boyd Jarvis who is responsible for Visual (1983) & (R.I.P.) Colonel Abrams - You Got Me Running / Release The Tension (1984)
Can you do a longer documentary on this? Really interesting stuff and such a shame for it to be cut short to just 8 mins...
Phil Perry
Synthpop ala Kraftwerk was created in the 60s and 70s. How the hell were they influenced by someone who came two decades later?
I need a playlist of all the songs featured in this video
Nikos Mitoulas
those minors seventh are a gift to humanity...
Sam Stars
To the great man of Atmospheric sounds and him and his music do not date! and they go beyond generations to come, that's how deep the man is of his musical influence and knowledge and power and will remain a true innovative of great vibes and yet, still going strong to this day, and Ambassador of his musical craft and outstanding wizardry and ture chemist and pioneer in the making of good quality music of highest standard of the man for all to enjoy. Bless the man. "PURE GENIUS"
Simon Pitchforth
Debussy and "Say-Tea"? Chortle.
Cesar Luis Baca
I love deep and soulful house 😊
Denise Mitchell
gday luv old househead Gayragette since 1976 heard the best Nicky Siano Larry Levan Francois K Jellybean Lil Louie Vega Toni Humpries Tee Scott Timmie Redgefield knew Frankie when he was in the Bronx let's not not forget Ron Hardy he's pre Frankie Chicago where y'all at
Dee Harper
A legend I remember him in the late 80s in Chicago when I was in high school those were some good house clubs now he lives in Memphis and so do I now .He's a really nice and humble man! House 4 eva!! Class of 89!
what is the track used for background in the Intro?
No Rubbers
This doesn't even scratch the surface. Chicago Larry Heard music goes much deeper than a 10 min video. You just had to of been alive and living in Chicago 1984-1996 to get the core of what Larry and a few others were doing at that time. Everyone is all Frankie and Ronnie, but things would not be the same w/out Larry Heard.
When dance music was still high in dynamics, wish I learned mixing and mastering in the olden days. #loudnesswar
Aaqib Irfan
What is the name of the song in the intro?! Before she starts talking
Adam Stryker
I wore out every Mr. Fingers cassette I owned. Soundtrack to my life in the 90's. Thank you, Mr. Heard!
I play his tunes every day. Mister Fingers Music Mix FTW - thank you RA for this :-)
Bokkepruiker Records
the Debussy link is far fetched
Patrick Michael Sohacki
I keep replaying that last bit. Larry Heard is as great a human/ speaker as he is a musical renaissance man
apple fritter
Every single time I hear 'A Path' or 'Never Be So Lonely' or 'The Sun Can't Compare' or 'Winterflower', I'm instantly transported me to the very place and time I first heard them. Thanks for the memories Larry.
Javon Stevenson
Larry heard is the man much respect to the master of house music.
You’ll only find vibes like this in the underground!! Real chi house heads kno!!!
eNdLeS eUpHoRiA
larry heard - can you feel it is the best house track ever created
Loncey Bailey Green
The lyrics/only lyrics that make sense & don't contradict themselves too. Why does everyone forget the lyrics? Love your show though:)
Anon Unknown
Satie is a French name - sat - ee And Gymnopédie = jim - no - peh - dee
nathan cropper
Anyone know track id at 1:17? Update! It's called crying over you 😁
Cocota Marian
God bless you, Larry! A true pioneer and a living legend!
Great vid - but who is "Saytee"? :-)
Grau Selection - Deep House
Thanks for the video. We are the resistance of the real term of Deep. Gracias por este magnífico vídeo. Me alegra ver que somos una gran resistencia del movimiento Deep House Underground. Saludos!
A really nicely made intro to the history of the genre. I speak as an ex-DJ (10 years) AND a professional video editor (for 30.)
Jerry I
who notticed Kanye West robbery at the 4th minut...?
Toronto Original
On point🎶👌❗ @isydsoul6
Is that Marlon Jackson yelling can you feel it
TheEndIsHere FinalWarning
Kerry Chandler is one of the main pioneers of real Deep House music. Most house music out there isnt real house music. Disclosure is pop music not house music. Only a select few can are modern day masters of this sound such as Spen, Vega, Kenny Dope, Karizma, Jovonn, Sandy Rivera, morales, sanchez, Felliciano etc. Like Jovonn said real house music must have the elements. If it dont have the elements it aint house music. Not everyone understands house music!
Damn yeah, he made that shit deeper. And as long as he lives, he'll continue to pursue his passion.
great video a lot here, Keep making vids! I must say, sorry, but thats not how you pronouce Satie or Gymnopedie /watch?v=3we5UAkc9HI this robot sort of gets Satie right albeit very robotically /watch?v=7IS3ksJDNsc Keep making vids!
The What!!?
My interest in music started in the mid-80's. This is pure nostalgia. ❤️
Darren Enright
Electronic music & synth samples were played in Europe in the seventies???? I really don't think you can say WHO started house but just enjoy & grasp what it meant to you when hearing it for the first time! Especially when on one🙂
Robert B
RA, a music magazine, cant pronounce Satie correctly...
Black, Christian, Templar
God bless the House Gods🏘️🎶
Literally this video is 8 minutes of saying that he used extended harmony without even properly explaining extended harmony and its relevance/context
Ward de jager
04:55 except for the fact that the second chord is an Fmaj seventh . it goes like A min 7 3dinversion ( g = root ) Fmaj 7 E min 7
Timothy Kangethe
House Music... There's no music like my incredible first love. Thank you for the Pioneering Spirit... The Warehouse Chicago... Awesome
Final Track: Larry Heard Presents Mr. White: The Sun Can't Compare
he didn't "hand-play" the bassline on "Can you feel it" he used the arpeggiator on the Juno-6 triggered off of his drum machine. get that person who did the hands-on-Juno B-roll to write the copy on this stuff.
Kenneth Wallace
Damn... I have been listening to this sound for years, and never knew it was pioneered by just one guy. This man is a titan! I need to buy some albums
Joanne Lindsay
Ok let's name the house music venues back in the day! I am from Baltimore and Odells (you know if you belong) was a main venue along with Gasbys and that club around the corner....cant think of
Geezuz Mystery Of Love still touches the soul. That bass deep.
Tim Arm.
Love the shots of the hands playing the piano. Really give a good visual for understanding the complexity of house.
Thank you for making this!!!!!!! You gave me the vocabulary and history to understand what I am feeling when I listen to this!!!
Talles Di Cunto
Gotta love you guys' work of recalling and telling people the history of electronic music. Can't get tired of watching these videos!
Bryan Hill
Kanye - your sampling of Mystery of Love kills me
Yes! Finally a proper exposition on Deep House. Thank You.👏
Eric Callender
This is actually educational. Thanks for sharing.
Could you notate the notes next video when u show the progression on the keyboard pls! Best vid on learning ive seen in a long, long time
Sean Alexander
His sound has been taken from without the proper recognition. And totally co-opted!!
what about this love, gorgeous jam!
Is there a Playlist for this video🙈 I‘m deeply in Love with this Music 👌
Mario Angel Ruiz
One of the best house music masters of all time. Also mystery of love was made in 1985
only realised recently that What About This Love was released in 1989! so ahead of its time
mystery of love came out the same year I was born. feel like I was made for this. May 18 ten days before this video was released.
I remember the Deep House mixes on Power 106 back in the 90’s, good stuff! 🍻
A monument should be erected in Larry Heard's honour. He's a musical God, on a higher plane.
Ward de jager
05:26 ceeti lol It's pronounced sah-tea spelled satie
Mark Anthony
The word deep in the electronic realm actually means nothing in 2018. You can remove it from all descriptions and the description will still be just as valid.
Denise Mitchell
gday luv gayragette since the 70s before the club went urban and was girl friendly 84 King Street with that Richard Long Nicky Siano Toni Humpries Francois k Tee Scott David Manusco Lil Louie Jellybean Ron Hardy Frankie Knuckles from the Bronx
@ 2:32, these are NOT the people who would be seen dancing to "On & On", at the Warehouse or The Musik Box, back in the 80s, when that song came out ...Do they look like people who you would see on Chicago's South side? Y'all need to stop telling these stories from the perspective of white people, and just keep it real.