Buffaolo springfield - for what it's worth (lyrics)

The first time, I heard this song was in the film "lord of War" with Nicolas Cage I really like this song and i hope you'll, too.

B- Nut145
There are over 550 million firearms in worldwide circulation. That's one firearm for every twelve people on the planet. The only question is: How do we arm the other 11?
William Mandon
A bullet brought me here.
I'm here because Lord of war
Diyarbakır 21
That song reminds me vietnam war.
med medd
lord of war sent me here
Erica Ritteger
This song is based off the Vietnam war
Tropic Thunder Epic memories !
Jay Cee Ren
I got nam flashbacks and Lord of war flashbacks.thanks song
RobynPrimaDiva Zang
the words of this song are more true than when it was released 40? years ago! STAND UP, PEOPLE AND TAKE YOUR BLINDERS OFF!
Never more relevant than today.
So did I LaxLazzu, I Watched it yesterday and searched for it on net
bryson stargel
im 11 and its awsome
first heard in forest gump
Prachtig, echt een mooi nummer, hierop dans ik elke avond met mijn labrador. Dat vindt hij en zowel ik demax, we dansen en swingen de hele avond lang. Bedankt voor dit staaltje magische muziek Youtube! SPOTIFY SUCKS
Einer Mensch
im -3 month old and writing from inside my mother from a smartphone she swallowed, that i love this song and modern music is bullshit bla bla bla.......
why did u write spam
well its a pretty fast song with mostly the same lyrics
u know just to put it out their ur gona get alot of hate coments its beter u leave it alone or uu will lose ur temper
lord of war intro. entire movie is just a civics, philosophy, AND history lesson just more interesting
I'm spam years old, and I love this song! You're never too young for spam, but spam spam spam.
I've not been born yet but still think this song is fantastic!
im 15 and i love this song its awesome !!
Anna Marston
I'm 13 and I love this! <3 Yay for old music!
Nathaniel Ross
Okay, Hey guys Im 13 :D But No one really cares how old you are if you like the music, cool enjoy it :D
You might want to correct the title, if not that's fine
Master Queef
Forrest Gump! Vietnam. :D
Marc Collingsworth
Just letting everyone know, this song was created during the Vietnam war. It was mainly protesting how we had no point in being in Vietnam (Not many people realize that we were there because we were worried about communism, but North and South Vietnam were really just fighting for independence) It also was saying how the protesters here in America were becoming violent. Still, an amazing song!
is it meant to be recorded with the highs on left and bass on right?
Anaiza Perez
Im 11 and I am in love with this song this is actually "music"(or whatever they call it) now a days all music talks about is sex,drugs, and murder i hate it /:
Lindemans Pomme
who gives a shit if you listen to this music now this is fucking good music now shut up and listen to the damn song
Matthew Daley
I beat you! I'm 8
Robert Prisco
great song im 14 and i love it <3 <3 <3 old doesn't mean shit most of the music sucks these days
Karmen Del Rey
Forest Gump brought me here. Lol
Vegas space program lol
Thought People are saying that guns are dangerous, and can kill. If that's the truth, then why is it that without ammunition, there as useless as boomerang. We shouldn't care about the gun. We should consider the bullet the weapon, and the gun the ammo, since you can't fire a bullet without a gun. Bullets are the weapon, not guns. But in the end. It comes down to who has there finger on the trigger,and who has the power of the bullet.
Donna Pirnat
Emma Gonzalez brought me here.
Mitch Mayhem
lol I knew of this song WAY before lord of war was even a movie concept
Gaby Aka Niko
They are in the trees!Watch out!
if you like this, check out a song called "he got game" by Public Enemy. it's the same song mixed with rap but very nicely done.
Kat Doughty
I'm here because when I was a kid, I always heard this on the radio when my family was driving to the lake during summer. Nostalgia.
Meridon Mage
These lyrics are made from ways of saying Metaphorically turned into a music flow of words focussing attention ^^
porter whitehead
this song is the best one i love the way sound
Dakhaas Tb
Bad of blood
Mitch Mayhem
first time I heard this song was 2 years after my birth in 1984 and it was playing while my dad was watching Vietnam footage so this song got linked to the Vietnam war era In my mind, and to my now late father....RIP dad :(
Johnny Fan
im here because of forest gump !
Primož Brečko
One of the best political political messages ever. Most probably one of the best calls to world peace ever.
samuel rodriguez
how do we earn the other 11 from Lord of war
robzombie gaming
Heard this in fallout 4 nam radio mod
The Banana
Marko Rašić
Bullet dies whit somebody ..... its life of a bullet/human
whiTe NoiSe
Guys I'm still just a sperm waiting to enter Vagina, just wanted to come by and say I listen to this song all the time
Mahmoud Gamal
Lord Of War
Remembering this song brought me here
susan colby
this happining again, and I read today someone said only registered voters can protest? and cops should check out their respective political affiliate? Wth! nobody knows what this country was founded on? Unbelievable! the stupidity in this country is astounding!
Forrest Gump
Rene Drenth
2018 .
Great great song
Guys i'm 4 i swear and i love this song. Just letting everyone know.