YEH VAADA RAHA DVDRip 1982 with English Subtitle

Vikram Rai Bahadur is the only son of Mrs. Sharda, and sole heir to a vast business and estate. While vacationing with his artiste friend, Gogi, he meets a beautiful girl named Sunita and falls head over heels in love with her. He proposes marriage to her, and she accepts. They get married in a quiet temple ceremony and vow never to part with each other. Shortly thereafter their vehicle meets with an accident. While Gogi sustains minor injuries, Vikram is badly hurt and hospitalized, and Sunita is severely disfigured. Dr. Sahni and Dr. Mehra befriend Sunita and restore her disfigurement by plastic surgery. She quickly recovers, and cannot wait to give the good news to Vikram. Then she finds out that Vikram has given up on her, and is engaged to another beautiful, but wealthy young woman named Rita. Vikram is unable to recognize Sunita nor is interested in knowing her. Sunita decides to change her name to Kusum Mehra, and begins life anew. Will Vikram and Kusum's paths cross in the future, and if so, will they be able to remember their vows?

Asiane Yang
I've watched this movie a dozen times. The Best Indian Movie of ALL time.
Ali Jandanee
Best romance movie. and all songs YEH VAADA RAHA super hits
Ali Jandanee
It's my favourite movie for all time
belinda onya
best indian movie of all childhood all wrapped n one movie...i love all the songs
Absolute masterpiece!!
Maryam Sulu
Memories 😭😭😭, thank you so much for this 💜💜💜
Sunita singh
My favorite emotional movie...I cried looking at this's so heart touching.she even has my name......😢😢❤💔💔💔
Joey Yang
Thanks for the English sub upload. One of my favorite love childhood India film
Jai & Amanda Superior
This is my favorite classic movie, its one of a kind that I can never get tired of watching. And I'm still emotional everytime I watch this movie❤️❤️
Abolore Bakare
The best love story so farrr
Sabrina Rimi
old is gold
Fo camara
My best movie. Would go to my uncle's every weekend to be able to watch thjs on vhs.
Adeitan Daini
Can't get enough of this movie, it's evergreen for me, Seeta Aur Geeta too..... best childhood memories with them.
Cooplyfe Cooperative
Watched this movie first in 1985 along with Gezab in Nigeria. Now its 2019 and it still makes me cry, makes me happy and gives hope like it did back then.
CJ 83
Omg eng sub finally
Benjamin Oghenero Erhijakpor
This was a classic movie in the 80's then in Naija. Is nice seeing it again and it remains so entertaining till now.
Kassahun Feyissa
I have seen this movie in my very very young age but could never foget it am in love with the movie
Olamide Awe
I'm obsessed with the song 23:20
Ogbuagu Ogbuagu
Thanks. Those songs were still playing in my mind for years until I found the movie on YouTube. Thanks again. Just that the one with English subtitle is not very clear. But it’s ok.
OMG the subtitles are completely wrong and distort the story line!
Prisca On fire 4 Jesus
Lol i watched this in the 80s nd the eng sub right most are not correct due to my having watched it more than 50time on VCD 😂 😂 😂
Zaynab Sanusi
This is like reliving my childhood. Thank you so much for this
love it
hmong talk
I love this movie. Thanks for the upload. I haven't seen it in such a long time.. over 20years.. loved it...
Missing subtitles..... Does anyone have a copy with subtitles?.
Astia Rafli
Finally I can watch it. Thanx from Indonesia
Hen Jindal
Indonesian subtitle please, i want to watching.
femida mahomed
Love it classic movie
lydia benjamin
thank for this this was one of the first indian films i watched and reminds me so much of my childhood
Juliette Juliette
My best Indian movie. So loving and romantic. And it teaches a lot. I still watch it like no other
Jon Corner
ya pair nahi ha. Ya to osya bahter ha Ai jindigi ha . it's really very very romantic attractive and happy ending movie. Super hit song Tag Vaada Raha.marhaba marhaba.
Emira Adam
i love indian movies 2019/january 23
Sunita singh
All the songs are so lovely ❤❤❤
Doriane L'etourdi
my god the songs...............sooooooooooooooooooooooo touching i cry a lot
I love all these 80s movies about mistaken/hidden identities...80s were the best. If you enjoyed this check out one called Return to Eden, circa 1985.
Chinazaekpele82 Chinaza
My best movie i love so much
Prisca On fire 4 Jesus
Thanks for old memories
Elisha Oluwafemi
For those who still doubt the scriptural mystery of "two becoming one flesh" or the reality of the soul, I heartily recommend this movie, especially the the 2.15.0 scene. Love is real. Please find one today. Most importantly, remember God is love, and he has demonstrated in the gift of Jesus Christ. Happy Valentine's Day!
Natasha Jones
I don't get the subtitle lol. But I still love this movie so much ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
Ella William
I Love it
Danny Az
Innocent Ihedoro
English subtitles
Gioia Tauro
Nice move
صباح صالح
من اجمل افلام الرومنسيه القديمه
bi tanji
The English substitute is horrible
emmanuel egbe
Good movie no doubt, but why decieve people that it is subtitled in english?
Doriane L'etourdi
childhood memories..........................
judy babe
i watched this movie for my first time when i was aged 15years and now i still love the Indian movie.So enriching love story portrailed in an image.Now i believe Indians are the best Romantic Actors. I will watch it over and over again . ETAKA Judith From CAMEROON
Where is the english subtitle?