The Outsiders (1983) - Trailer

The Outsiders fanmade trailer. Enjoy! Take into account that this was made in 2008. Put on youtube in 2009. Songs used: "Mad World" by Gary Jules; "Ezee Tiger"; "I Will Remember You" by Sarah Mclachlan. "Ezee Tiger" can be found on Composer is Nathan Matthew David. ***SPOILER ALERT: If you haven't read the book and would like to, I suggest you to not watch this trailer until you're finished. I made this years ago, and I didn't take that into consideration. It was actually a tribute turned into a trailer.

Elena Garot
Are all the people reading The Outsiders middle schoolers ? Cause I'm a middle schooler and we just started reading the book 1 week ago
Brianna Narick
7th graders UNITE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
is anyone laughing at the song too thinking about vines
Ben Schreier
lol i read the whole booking thinking "soc" was pronounced "sock"
Stay gold Ponyboy, stay gold.
Aryana Moriasi
Omg this book is so good so far. My class is reading it... 1 like = 1 heart for the book
Vanica Estillore
our class is currently reading this... oml i already have a crush on ponyboy and my friend has one on soda xD I wanna see this movie so bad now
Nature's first green is gold, Her hardest hue to hold. Her early leafs a flower, But only so an hour. Then leaf subsides to leaf. So Eden sank to grief, So dawn goes down to day. Nothing gold can stay. R.I.P Patrick.
merary paramo
Ponyboy is hella fine just like I thought
Patricia Yahye
Rip dallas and Johnny luv tha greasers always will love u Matt Dillon and who ever plays ponyboy
Gaby Torres
Ponyboy and johnny are smexy!!!!!! 😍😍😍😍👍👍👍👍😳😳😳😳 I read the book and I'm gonna finish the movie tommorow in reading class! btw 7th grader! 💁
Luis Avina
Reading this book in my class
Katherine Boatman
I'm reading the book currently, so badly want to see the movie afterwards!
Theresa Reid
Current 7th grader reading the book outsiders. FYI: Way better than the movie :-)
Kelly Davidson
I am in 8th grade and we are reading the book about it Ana then we will watch the movie
Kaitlin I.
Why does Pony sound so tough? I want him to be a kid
Adri T.
everyone in the comments: I'm reading this book and I'm gonna see theories at school😄 me: DAMM JOHNNY DON'T YA DIE ON ME FUTURE HUSBAND
Twilight M
reading this book in school right now
Leyre Gallo
Best Book ever
m p
Read this book a year and a half ago I read it in school again about two weeks ago. You do not know how much I wanted to spoil the in for everyone. BTW movie is not as good as the book
Valeria Vera
only the cute boys are ponyboy and johnny
Einstien 192
I had to read this for a high school English class so far the only book i've read in school that I enjoyed reading.
How is it staring mar Dillon? That's stupid. Ponyboy is the main character. The whole story is his essay for school. And he is shown in it more than dally. It should be staring Thomas Howell
Grant DeAngelis
Stranger things is based on 1983 this is based in 1965 this came out in 1983
This is my most favorite movie in the whole wide world.
lynn miller
I remember seeing the movie when I was like 4, and I found the novel in my sisters old room. Amazing.
Catalina Ospina
I think the book is better than the movie
Sara Hamamy
I was so mad because at school I was walking out of the classroom and then I hear almost all the boys talking then.....THEY SPOIL THE ENDING! 😫😭 I was so mad!
Lyniss Barnes
That was an awsome movie
Nawrin Iqbal
johnny and dallas die if ya didnt know
i just started grade8 and we are reading the book when we are done the book we are going to watch the movie
Alondra Orduna
So I read this book with my whole class and reading teacher and it was such a good book. Can't wait to watch the movie.
Rachelplayz. Hi
Who else is reading the outsiders for English class🤠
The hottest ones are Dally, Johnny, Ponyboy and Sodapop.🙌🏼🥵🤤
it said "Starring Matt Dillon"... But ponyboy is the main character... and C. Thomas Howell acts ponyboy...
my class just finished reading this book and we get to watch the movie and we have a "sock hop" where we get to dress up as either a greaser or a soc
Gary Garcia
Reading this in english, gonna watch the movie after
Gamer Galaxy
*reads comments* y evryon think they hot me and my class disagree
Jahara Payton
I'm reading this book right now in class and I can't wait till we watch the movie
Seen this in highschool. Classic
Lb Girl
What song is in the beginning?
Jadda_Wiilson 5
My class read the book and now we're gonna watch the movie tomorrow and me and my friends are dressing as greasers.
c a m i l l ə
"Stay gold Ponyboy, stay gold" it's Beautiful
Jisoo is okay, okay?
Before watching this movie. The set in the movie was exactly what I imagined while I read that story. Amazing.
egg planet
Favourite movie and book everrr. Such a classic
Grace Elaina Vickers
My childhood crush was Ralph macchio (Johnny) I cried so bad when he died!!
faz vlogs
u forgot the other 3 sodapop steve and two bit
Rome The Great
Lol Ponyboy be like: We don't need your damn charity! Before most of my respect went to Dallas, but after Ponyboy said that, my respect for Ponyboy got way up
This film looks amazing! I am definitely going to watch this soon plus read the novel.
Shaista Waqar
This is like exactly from the book, the Outsiders by S.E.Hinton! We are doing this novel in class, and we are watching the movie for it!
Cerys Drinkwater
They showed us this in school and we all laughed at the beginning
Christian Sabo
the book made me cry
Charles Close
I'm in 6th grade and i just finished this book. Everyone loves this book. It's so awesome!
Amanda M.
Nice trailer!
Abel Jr.
I've read the book & seen the movie. I loved it!!!
Briana Ramirez
I have the book very good
Andrew Toone
The movie's made by Warner Bros. Pictures. Not Columbia Pictures.
Delilah Marie
The part where all the Greasers are lined up to rumble gives me the chills... OMG love that party
Delilah Marie
Marry me Ralph Macchio... <3
Skylar P.
Awesomely made trailer man!! Loved it! whats that rocky song that you used? I want it but cant find it hahah
Reading the book now
Why can't we be back in that time I always wonder what it would feel like
Hazel X
I'm reading the book in my English class :) We'll be watching the movie soon
Kyle KMC
The outsiders an awesome movie
O. Berezovska
Where reading the book at school to (and wher gona watch the movie) :)
Morgan Hall
Paolo Ramos
I love you pat sleaze!
Bre Lovebug
read the book awsome movie
daniela herrera
We r reading the book at school n we r gonna watch the movie after we finish it :) im excited!!!:D
Eitak border
I'm so glad Mr.Shelangouski is reading us this!!!!! I accidently read the whole book :3
Ry Cullen
If they used the song beat it in the socs vs greasers rumble
Sierra Rivers
I hate the fact that Dallas died. Johnnys death was sad. But I love Dallas. He seems invincible. And than he dies.
Carlos Anaya
Can someone please tell me what is the name of this song?
Sierra Rivers
I love this trailer. And the book. And the movie! THE OUTSIDERS RULE!!!!!
Jalen den hartog
its sooo sad johnny dies. :*(
Serena Stanley
Amazing the best trailer in the whole world. These guys are my life
I read this in 7th :) still obsessed :)
Serena Stanley
The best trailer
universally speaking
I'm crying...
Desiree' Adams
good book huh?
Evangeline Walton
same I red that book 2 years ago in year 9
Jack Remington
I read this in seventh grade its great movie is better
Kyra Dascher
I luv the outsiders, but part of the movie is sad
T Michelle
We are reading this in my class now.
awwwwwww i remember this from 8th grade. im in 11th (:
A few kids were in the burning church, so Johnny and Pony went in to save them. But a big piece of burning timber fell on Johnny, breaking his back, and he got seriously burned. Even if he lived, he'd be permanently paralyzed
Desiree' Adams
Just like everyone else i am also reading this in english,but whats cool about it is that tomorrow we (the students at my school and i ) get to go to the park that the Socs and Greasers fought at. Loved the 'trailer' by the way. nice job!
Star Safire
The book is better lots of detail and action ^_^
This is a great book but it is really sad why did dally and jonny have to die and dally was soo hot
Eli Phillips
got hit in the back in the fire at the church that burnt down and third degree burns.
Why did jhonny die
browny brown
This book is sad
Aidan Pete
This book is one good book
I remember the beginning song from Donnie darko
Danielle Marie
omg why are they so hot?! I loved the book!
"Mad world" by Gary Jules.
what song is at the beginning?
May Krapfenbonbon
oh wow. can i use this for my english presentation about the outsiders?!*_*
Sergio Aragon
never knew they had a movie, only the book xD