Once Upon a Time Bloopers [1-6 seasons] / Блуперы "Однажды в Сказке"

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Lynnea Marie
The entire cast is so freaking adorable.
Ismael Reyes
This seriously makes me wish i was apart of the cast. Anyone else agree?! Lol. 😂💙
"It's mah birthdaaaaaaay!" "She just ran straight through the wall."
7:33 The Rumple head shake had me dying. xD
Remi le
Hook. I didn't know you were enjoying us.
Paige Lewandowski
Three words, BEST CAST EVER!!
All of the rumplestiltskin ones are hilarious
Spencer SpaceBoi
23:09 “ITS MY BIRTHDAYYYYYY” “She just ran straight through a wall” 😂
4 Digit 5
Oh my god!!! Henry looked so cute when he was little!
Ginny Potter
"This is where mosquitoes are like born" Dearie evil isn't born it's made
Zeina Elsy
i just love lana oh my god
Crystal Jewel Rose
*Josh kisses Colin* Colin “He’s so dreamy” I call that Bromance right there
death isnice
3:57 when u with side chick and ur girlfriend comes home (or side dude)😂
Heaven Lasure
The way zelena reacted to the flashlight 😂😂😂
Wolfie JK Games
They wanna put me on display like some evil panda? Tsk UH UH I DONT THINK SO! Lana, you are a goddess
Anthony Ocampo
21:47 no this is like where mosquitoes were like born
Sammy G
“Its an alternate reality,copy’s of everyone, I brought him back!” Best thing EVVEEERRRR!!!!! 22:47
Samuel Hill
25:04 Piss I don’t know what the line is*emma dies of laughter*
Anthony Ocampo
I love lana at 20:35 yo mama
0:18 the muhahaha was hilarious
12:06 Break it down rumple! lol
ramen and noodles makes ramen noodles
2:57 is pure beauty😂😂 I love it
onion ring
lana is so freaking adorable, i could die
Dayton Smith
13:22 lol no that’s wrong hahaha lol
Freja Minde
“Ah ah, I don’t think so!” HAHAHAHA DEAD
Kevin Torres
“Charlie Bucket, how many Wonka bars did you buy?” 😂😂😂 Sean Maguire is the best!
Lauryn Donbrosky
Please never delete this! Too many good things that I love watching get deleted and it makes me so sad
Jayshalynn Ortiz
Aww sweet little Henry.
Marshmallow BeanCream
11:22 L'Oreal. XD
tu eres ugly
When it's 3am and u go into the kitchen looking for food and someone spots u 6:38
Maria Alexandrova
Gentlemen, let’s get Kraken😂😂😂😂
8:17 😂 *my* majesty.. *swanqueen intensifies*
Yanna yanna
3:55 🤣🤣
23:09 IT’S MAH BIRTHDAYYYY The way she ran 😂😂😂😂
Jordon Winn
Marshmallow BeanCream
19:35 oml she knows daft punk! eeeeee! XD
I hate life
I'd like to point out, season 1 was pretty short, then colin joined the party and they became longer.(the bloopers)
Best bloopers has to be 100% Colin O'Donoghue, Sean Maguire, Josh Dallas and ROBERT CARLYLE!
Jade Leoncio
just sitting here watching the bloopers bc i’m sad that it’s ending
Cyber Liam Lps
Am I the only one who was laughing when Hook said "I have no idea what to do" 😂
death isnice
Jennifer Morales
I love once upon a time tell me if you like Emma in bloopers or in the show better 😘
death isnice
Its fun seeing the evil ones laugh😂😂
Jadee Draws
25:36 "so gentlemen, leTS GET CRACKIN" ded rn XD
KzCreationz & More
"gentleman lets get kraken".............. this is why I love hook and colin XD
Harley Quinn34
Who I was from? Wow that’s just hilarious 😂and all the rumple funny scenes make me laugh so hard
Tai Araujo
25:37 - nhaaaa 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
Pxt._. Fridäÿ
“They wanna put me on display like some evil Panda... UH UN I DONT THINK SO” I WAS DYING
My aunt saw the Russian Subtitles and said "You become advanced?" Im like, "I've been advanced forever I know more Technology than you"
Fun with Ally
#once upon a time
Keegan Louise
I forgot killian and rumple were irish/scotish. Theyre so cute 😍
Fun with Ally
That was so funny!!
Sara Mey
13:21 I'm dead
HeyIts ShaeYT
“Did you put on bug spray?” Nope
Emma S
20:02 killed me 🤣🤣
Emma Hood
#OUAT❤ I love Lana I love Jennifer I love Jared I love Rebecca I love Sean I love Colin I love all the cast ❤
Spencer SpaceBoi
“Did you put on bug spray?” “Nope” footage of Ginny being a wifey 😂
Ricky Spurgeon
Edyn Kiara
I live for Bobby’s bloopers!! 😂 i wish there were more of them. And Emilie.
Dayton Smith
13:27 lol parenting is tough
Liza Terra ASMR
Annabeth Demary
Most amazing cast ever. That's why I think it would be cool to be in a play or tv show, moments like these.
"I DON'T THINK SO!" Best Regina ever!
casual Raven
23:09 to 23:11 😍😍
Sofia Ruiz
I love Rebecca's laugh 😂
death isnice
0:44 😂😂😂
Hannah Bishop
Evil panda
Super Jack
5:15 I LUV that one I can't get over it i keep watching it over and over again lol .
Aliyah Bakker
"Yo mama yo mama" 😂😂
Mya Bell
"They want to put me on display like an evil panda. Uh uh, I don't think so!" (Insert sass)
Omg this just made me realize how much Henry grew up throughout the filming of the show 😭
Jennifer Rivera
I will always be in love with Robert Carlyle after this show
"Did you know the whole time?! Where I was?! Who I was from?!"--- Who I was from? Who I was FROM?!?! gggAAWWWWWDDDD. Everytime that kills me lol
becca the bookworm
10:21 “I didn’t say a word as she drove away that night- she didn’t drive did she?” “Stranger things have happened” (Talking about an Enchanted Forest incident where there are most definitely no cars)
KzCreationz & More
I love how the character actually fit the cast! OUAT is life XD
amaya benton
20:36-20:40 had me in tears😂😂
OMG I love this Graham Hook Robin Baelfire David Philip Will Kristoph Henry Rumplestiltskin My order of the fittest at the top and not as good but still fit at the bottom
Кот Бегемот
Little Henry is so cute 😊
Just Bananas
15:14 me trying to talk
fries before guys
Anyone else notice how in the bloopers everything is messed up but in the show it's flawless?😂"gentlemen, let's get kraken. Sorry, had to do it."😂
Angela Pinto 11
Every time someone messes up they be like : Alkdjsjeujsehdyfurfg dcnehch
Helen Magdalena
Art Sucker Jay
Rumple:I need to carry hook *belle comes in* Rumple:SCREW HIM BELLE
Sammy G
“Its my birthday,” “She just ran strait threw a wall.” 23:08
3:47 - 3:51 is SOOO PRECIOUS!!! XD
Wolfie JK Games
5:16 IM FREEEEEEEEEEEE! Me: from the darkness Lana: nurp, *starts attacking her own soldiers*
Bam Thompson
"They want to put me on display as an evil panda uh uh I don't think so"
Emma Abare
I like how in season 3 Mary Margret was just sleeping
Henry’s so cute when he was a kid 😂😂😂😭💗
Monster Overlord
*mother and daughter in a museum * Daughter: look mommy! It's and evil panda! Mother: *finding the situation very awkward as the evil queen is next to her* Oh yeah! Go look at the contract over there! Daughter:*holds up contract to a man that is actually rumplestiltskin* I think this is fair, don't you? Rumple:Yes yes yes, apart from the fact that it's upside down
Mia Mancini
I love josh, Robert, lana and Collin they are actually so funny. Buy they are all funny. David, rumple, Regina and hook Edit: I think about the characters and actors names. Sorry if wrong
death isnice
That made my day😂😂
Bucky Barnes
"Classically trained actor." 😂😂
Flurry Pawz
I love how Colin is the one who is always tripping over 😂😂
Mila RedpathCole
19:14 is terrifying! Lol I luv this show (:
Anything 2019
I like Jennifer morrisons laugh at 16:04