Unique Japanese Notebooks for Students

Notebooks are essential for students. Japan makes some of the most interesting and unique notebooks with features like removable pages and innovative sheet styles. See all the products here: /> #stationery #backtoschool #jetpens #notebooks ▬▬ ✦ P R O D U C T S ✦ ▬▬ Lihit Lab Notebooks />Kokuyo Campus Smart Ring Binder Notebooks />Kokuyo Soft Ring Notebooks />Mark's Storage.it Notebooks & Covers />Raymay 3 Way Multi-Use Covered Notebooks />TRAVELER'S COMPANY TRAVELER'S notebook Refills /> ▬▬ ✦ L I N K S ✦ ▬▬ N E W S L E T T E R : />B L O G : />F A C E B O O K: />I N S T A G R A M : />T W I T T E R : />P I N T E R E S T : />T U M B L R :

Jungkookie's Bunny Smile
Perfect notebooks doesnt exi---
Pushp Chauhan
Japan is way ahead from the rest of the world. ..
Teresa White
I'd like to have one of each, please.
Hue Hue
When you start a new school note book and you promise yourself it will be beautifully written and neat but then there comes that day when ur teacher forces you to write fast and you write ugly asf and ruin ur note book
jami s
Omg where have these notebooks been all of my life!😢 Thanks for the video.
Me, a rat. BTS, the Pied Piper
A notebook that doubles as crossbody bag??? SIGN ME UP
They all look wonderful, did I just watch an add voluntarily?
Squidward: *in fetal position* “FUTUUUUUURRREEEEE... FUTURRRRRE.”
She sounds way too happy to be talking about school.
Everything seems better in countries like Japan and Korea. I’m talking about fashionable clothes and cute little things to buy that are not available in the UK 😩
You should also mention the price of each commodity...
my student mind is blown
Patrick Fischer
Wish I needed these for something bc they are awesome,I haven't seen Japanese stationery I don't like👍
As a chemistry major who grew up in Japan I have lived, breathed and died by Campus notebooks. They were perfect for every class I took (both for science/math and humanities classes) because I could easily draw graphs, as well as take beautiful notes.
21flores lizviolet
Q : What's your favorite notebook? Me : *ALL!*
I need that soft ring binder. ALL HAIL LEFTIES
Mr. Supreme
Can links be. Provided please that way o won't have to search for these items on your website and also noted in the description
Sandy Drew Serrano
I wish I had these notebooks when I was in college. It would have been a blessing,!
Neetu Singh
I live in India. And I need those all. But shipping only costs 3,295 rupees. 😡😭😨
hanifa syaharani
why the books are all thin? in my country, school always be as* so we always have thick book to write. our backpack are always full and heavy because all of the thick books and it's annoying :((
Axis Of Anarchy
I /love/ the Kokuyo Campus Smart Ring Binder notebook. It's inexpensive to refill and I love the tick marks on the lines so I can easily separate columns! I'm currently using it for my Spanish class!
I love japanese stationaryy. I want to go to japan one day and buy all the pens, pencils, marker, rulers, notebooks, etc
Abigail Robert
If I get any of these, I'm going to be so excited to study😂😂😂
فرحان باشا
I'm a fountain pen user tho :/
日本人でーす♪なんか嬉しいわ♪ I'm Japanese, somehow I'm happy now(  ̄▽ ̄)
oh tea
But sadly for me, our school provides our notebooks.:(
Dizzy Sky
I want all of them.... But the real problem is..... I don’t have money 😕☹️😭
Donaca Tanguma
Thank you Jet for another great video. Love & Light to everyone ... doing art here in the 'hood in NYC 💖💚💕💚💖
robert hy
My daughter showed this to her art teacher and her teacher was so amazed by the notebooks in the video.
preeti patel
I want to go and live in Japan
when you live in japan so you can just buy these everywhere lol
chandran natesan
A soft ring notebook Oh my goodnessss japan Indiaaaa😥😣
Soumya Kujur
Dude, I love watching these videos at 2am Welcome , dear reader to the rabbit HOLE
Shades of Dawn
When notebooks are smarter than you 🤷🏽‍♀️
B P Dash
Ur handwriting is so beautiful...
melliesa robles
your guys writing is so cute 😩💞
Annabel Mitchison
Amsterdam museum and travel cards! (Were in the video). :)))
Erika Rojas
I live in Mexico and I want to buy these notebooks, they may be cheap in Usa but in Mexico they're expensive af
Cecília Carvalho
Is this heaven?
subankee karunaratne
Goodness! This is so fascinating!!!! 😍😍😍 thanks for this amazing video. I wouldn't have even known that such amazing notebooks existed if this video didn't existed. A new subscriber JetPens
I am so impressed by these. It's like they actually put some thoughts in each of the product. Especially the squishy rings 🙌🏼
Aimy Realaileean
That handwriting though !
Hélène Meulemans
3:29 Omg theres like no way shes dutch damnit 😂😂
Damielle Mae Ofqueria
those notebooks are too perfect. I need them in my life. say hi to your killers, my dear wallet.
Hellen Santos
I bought the kokuyo Campus Smart Ring A5. I paid $14,33. 😍
Anbu Enimsa
Ok these are awesome and I would love to buy ten of each, especially the Raymay/Raymey. But can we talk about for a second how flawless the persons writing style is. 😍
Radhika Singh
I really appreciate the idea of notebooks with plastic zip pocket and straps. They're so handy and cool ! 💕😆
Matthew Paradeaux
wow! your channel is amazing!
Once you try Aqua Drops, you never go back. All of these look awesome though!
Sam Cooperman
I’d love to see the person in the video write for hours , beautiful handwriting
Abdul Rehman Mian
Bro I forgot my notebook home, you got a page? Nah bruh I only got this expired coupon from GameStop, you can use it's back side. That'll do, thanks bruh.
Ella Demiri
if i didn't have to pay for year 12 exams i would 100% get the first one. SO COOL!
Decster Balubar
Her voice sounds so happy. It felt like she was smiling the whole time while narrating. Kudos 😁
Dani 0107
These are actually simple yet genious and incredibly useful notebooks.
yep this info is correct/very useful
Divyanshu Singh
I study a lot. I need 250 to 300 pages for each chapter. None are suitable for me.
Swaggy Toast
these are cute but are so tiny it's impractical I use like 100 pages in a week across all my subjects on a letter sized notebook you have anything more robust ?
Lol omg I have that nb that u can refill but in my place the refills they sell arent the same kind as the original:(
cedric simon
The video saying "especially for lefties" doesn't make sense. Because righties will suffer from the rings when writing on the left page. This is a good design for everybody.
Sonia Sharma
I just love this channel.... stationary lover..
The Queen Of My Own Personal Space
This is too good to be true But it is
Can you make a video a bout school Supplies help us in Final exams
V Cookie
I would always complete my notebooks if I had these wonderful notebooks! 😍😍😍
Sanne yeet
3:14 yaay (iam dutch)
KD Weightloss
My inner school nerd is in love.
Me while checking the second ones price: **Looks at everything and thinks it looks like a nice journal..* **looks at the price-** What the actual- Oh, it was a pack of like 6 journals. It was like $35 😂
oh man I LOVE those rings that open up so you can re-arrange the pages, that's genius!!!!!
What a coincidence! I have a same pencilcase as you.But mine is blue. I love it and use it for a long time.
Suga stole the Jams like Jungkook's undies
Bro i’ve been ripping papers out and stapling them back in 😫
Persephone Pomegranate
Persephone Pomegranate
Kenji Mari Salvador
Me watching this, wanting them then remembering I'm broke. 😭😭
lotaku potato
this video is sooo helpful for school ^^ thx JetPens!
Karla R
Jesus Christ now I’m all stressed cause idk which to buy 😒😂
Kookie97 _
Where have these not books all my life... Oh yea, Japan!
riasat shawon
Japan takes stationary tool at an another level. I envy them. 😭
Shhrzd _isml
When you want to buy a bunch of them but realized you already graduated. I should get a life 🤣🤣🤣
TheLost DayDreamer
The only thing I like about school at this point in my life is going to buy school supplies and notebooks I don't even need
What's my favorite notebook? Me: Ugh! Dammit I want all of them.
Sri Hari Karthik
Am I the only one who was impressed by the handwriting more?
Allafear Mendoza Alforque
2:55 OMG I need this Mom can you bu--- What is it now Please Uggh fine
Cherry Boy
Im japanese and there are actually realy various kinds of notebooks at our stationary store though.. but im the one who just likes classic style ones 😅
Ines Lep
As someone who lives in Japan, i'd like to say it's pretty expensive ;-; so yeah. I don't have one either.
Start Aplin
I think i'will buy the kokuyo notebooks for my subjects/classify them. But won't use it in school, except for history of course.
viri NERVO
Why Japan always has to have the best stationary products?!!!❤️💔
Ryan Hill
The first ones just a binder... So is the second one... On to three. Still a binder... Four is a purse...
Fabulous Cthulhu
Aight I'm gonna buy these for my senior year to stay organized especially for my ap classes
tesa alzizah
the only thing I like about school
gon showco
Your video make me feel what to study, but l can not find out what I what to study..:-)
Hamster Bun
That handwriting is so nice~~
Saudamini Singhania
Products are really expensive
Bio hAZarD
Along with High-Tech Revolution, Japan also has provided convenient stationery and organizers!! Thx to JetPens, v can now have access to them!! :):)
Chanella A.
wow just wow!👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
Faith Uweh
The Kokuyo smart ring binder/ notebook is one of my favorite purchases I've made. They work great if you are taking any science courses or you need to draw diagrams
I love/need legitimately ALL of these, thanks 🙃
Stationary....Notebooks..oh my weakness.
The regular ones im not rich :(
Joyce Eleanor