Kanye West - Runaway (Full-length Film)

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I remember watching this and thinking damn Kanye can run fast as shit
Playboi ShOOta16*29
Man people are really going to regret what they said about Kanye one day
Jonas Reinholz
It took the Youtube algorithm 9 years to recommend me this masterpiece
Bilal Daoud
2019 anyone?
Seriously tho anyone who says Kanye isn’t a genius is just ignorant. He’s always way ahead of the current time. Truly a remarkable person
0:24 - Dark Fantasy 4:38 - Gorgeous 5:56 - Power 7:30 - All Of The Lights 10:26 - Devil In A New Dress 13:51 - Runaway 23:46 - Hell Of A Life 24:41 - Blame Game 26:46 - Lost In The World
Jamal Coimbra
Kanye is not a artist he is ART.
It is 2019, this is the single greatest visual piece ever to be created in music. This was nearly a decade ahead of its time, Kanye is THE trailblazer for creativity and expressionism in modern music. A True Masterpiece.
JR 15
Mbdtf is one of my favorite albums.It’s one of those albums that you don’t skip a single song.
ꜱᴛᴇᴀᴍɪɴ' ʜᴏᴛ ɢᴀʀʙᴀɢᴇ
Man, I love when Kanye smiles.
Daniel Zapata
That moment you realize you spent 8 years of your life without watching this masterpiece. Kanye truly is one of the greatest artists ever.
Fuego Malakai
I wish I could watch this for the first time again.
Jere Lemberg
A moment of silence to the fact that this was released in 2010
Matthew Sankey
Holy cow... I had no idea Kayne was this talented... He made his album into a movie and it all made sense. That's genius.
"Do you know she's a bird" "No I never noticed that" Lol fantastic
the college dropout
Ok who else cried because of how beautiful this is
The patterns on the floor at 28:47 has a resemblance to Kanye's hairstyle at the 2009 mtv awards(where the taylor swift incident happened and where he walked around with a bottle of Hennessey). Lost in the world plays over this scene showing that at that time with the passing of his mother and everything going on around him, he was truly lost in the world of fame.
For the people who actually appreciate greatness and art understands everything Kanye has ever stood for and what he says in his music, videos, etc. This man is a genius and deserves more acknowledgement and acceptance than what he gets. This man is the greatest of ALL TIME
sphiwe malunga
If they never called you crazy, you ain't genius!!
Here 6 years later, still one of the GOAT albums of our rap generation..
Matthew Carrion
Do YoU KnOw ShEs A bIrD? Ya dont say
7:12 oh look it's lil drake practicing for sicko mode
Ollie TG
everyone rise for the national anthem
This is probably the only music video I'll show my grandkids 50 years down the road.
The Home Of UK Rap
We studied this in film class
Maria The Ballerina
This film has so much significance and the lyrics in the music... This is his fairy tale Zip It Listen. He never stopped running for her love even after she left him that was the beauty in the relationship. He wanted no one else but her. He saw far beyond the bird, he saw what was in the bird and fell in love. That is why he says he never noticed she was a bird. He shows her his world and All of the Lights. He observes her every move and teaches her his right. She doesn't fit in his world because shes different shes a bird but he loves her that way. His only flaw is that he loves women's body to much but he doesn't love them, he just loves the sex. He just can't love anyone like her but he doesn't want to hurt her so he asks her to Runaway if she can't understand. No ballerina compares to the bird. Then he talks about their sex being so great he compares it to pornstars. They fight and blame each other. She teaches him something about his world what he does to pheonix/women he rips their wings, he plays with them, and they turn to stone, their hearts turn to stone. That is why she wants to leave/burn so she doesn't get hurt but he loves her he wants to save her for himself. He is Lost In The World without her. Shes His Everything. A love like Kim & Kanye no one understands but them. (Except maybe me Lol ! I went through every exact event so this is like my fairy tale too. I'm the bird and I Love my Kanye !!!!!!! )
Rain Greene
I think what really annoys people about Kanye is....he's every bit as great as he thinks he is. LMAO.
Janessa Sade
When you become enlightened, everything that seems “crazy” starts to make perfect sense.
Samer Brax
how am i just discovering this in 2019 ... wow
New Breed
Doctor: “You have 34 minutes and 32 seconds to live.” Me:
David von Mering
This shit makes you realize Kanye’s exact level of genius
Slav McGav
I been through some DARK times with this song.
Carl Gaddy
I NEVER took the time to listen to THIS album with an objective ear. But watching the film and seeing Kanye's vision sequentially, he's a a tortured genius
Shanice Cunningham
Discovered this in 2019. How did I miss this? Literally 6 minutes into the film, giving me goosebumps!
kayla funderburk
All yall mf's late watching this
stefano bernardo
The fact that I wasn't bumping this when Ye released it shows I'm not ahead of my time.
Andy Arkell
The outro is purest most beautiful art. I connect.
Wendy Calderon
Watch this while you’re high and it’s a whole different experience
This album was a masterpiece.
Pablo Garcia
I discovered this video this year and I'm glad that I did
the greatest artist of all time, theres no debate.
Adam 12017
Happy birthday to a legend. You're music will always impact my life 🎶
Lemi Kadriaj
Doctor: you only have 34 minutes to live *me:*
Chris Savory
This and Blonde are the 2 greatest albums of my lifetime.
Watching this is every year is a tradition for me
I will never be able to figure out, why is there so many dislikes on this
Ivan Hidalgo
I will have this playing on every screen in my house until the end of time.
The Plan was, to drink until the Pain's over. So what's worse, the Pain or the Hangover. . . . Classic Kanye
This really more of a MBDTF music video than a runaway music video
dan the man
Instead of getting tummy tucks for us Kayne, please just make another musical masterpiece like this instead. Yours truly, an old fan.
Marco Yanez
8 years ago today this Masterpiece (MBDTF) was released, Thanks Kanye 🙌 Happy Thanksgiving for everyone 🦃
9 years later and this is still one of the best videos/music videos i've seen. This is art! 👌
Ofentse Mwase Films
This was Years ahead of its time.
Jimmy Javier
The feeling I start getting at 4:39 is one of the most unique things I’ve ever experienced.
Eric Lee
-Do you know she is a bird? -K: No, I never notice that. 🤚🏻 Runaway
Owen MacDevitt
I get that he's been pretty crazy lately but, I feel like he's been pretty mistreated. he's one of the most talented musicians of all time.
Terry F
I hope Tyler does a movie like this for IGOR
Jose Nunez
Shouldn't this be the most watched video on Youtube. I mean how tf does Hotline Bling have like a billion views and this on about 20 mil?? Shit is crazy...
Before Lemonade there was this. Oh, and in case y'all didn't know, the idea to drop an album without any promo was originally KANYE'S. #yourFavelovestoSTEAL.
one day, people are gonna regret not paying attention to ye, his message, or sticking beside him. he is truly one of the greats.
This will always and forever be a masterpiece....
Oscar Echavarria
Kanye"s ballerinas did the mannequin challenge before it was cool
Steve Similien
5:56 is the best part of the video. I need this version of the song
LadyPosche Da Star
His escape is music like I. Whatever we don’t say, it’s in our music or on paper✨ my fellow ♊️🔥🔮
Noko Tlhako
You have to be on a different level of crazy to even begin to fathom Kanye! I STAN 🖤
Anyanwu Linda
2019,who else is watching
Mr. Cleveland
HOLD ON!!! at 7:17 you’ll see a kid in all red with smoke! In the song Sicko Mode you’ll see Drake dressed in all red with the same red smoke!! Coincidence? I think not!
yeezus stan
who here in April 2019?
Erik Clemente
I remember being in elementary watching this on the mtv awards thinking Kanye west has one of the most creative minds out there
He was pretty ahead of his time honestly, if you look at hip hop today you can see how much Ye influenced the game.
Max Fausnight
I believe the title of this film is where you can find the meaning. Runaway. If you have ever listened to Kanye he always talks about how we are slaves to society. He is showing us within a film that the way people perceive us and our own egos trap us into a mold that we doesn't necessarily represent who we are. The bird is Kanye and his own inner beauty. Kanye's entire motivation to create and be heard is the fact that he feels shorted by what people think he should be or what they think he should do. He feels like his true self, untainted by society, is a phoenix and if he let's society control him then it will turn to stone. Kanye wants us to see that the stereotypes created by us limit our own expression, our true authentic beauty. Now, you may think it is crazy to think this much about the symbolism but artists don't make art unless they are compelled by some larger mission. Art is expressing the soul. Art is sacred. So yes, on the surface this is beautiful and enjoyable but for him, it is so much more.
Allan Christensen
9 years almost, since this come on Kanye !! get in the game again, step up mtf ! ))
Tarron Nez
I’ve loved coming back to watching this for years. I recently met Kanye west and had the honor of being around him for the day, the conversations were just as good if not better then I imagined. Truly a great creative soul and such a genuine person 🙏
Mecca Godzilla
Gather round children, Zip it, Listen.
Jas Minda
Still one of my favourites. Kanye West you are truly magnificent. Such creativity and so ahead of your time. Forget all the haters. They just haven't reached your level yet. 💗💗💗 The world is ready to hear this now!!
Don't pay attention to anything you see in the news.
Kennedy Rogers
June 2019?🙋🏽‍♀️
commenting 5:56 for myself so I can keep replaying that power remix
this entire video has such profound symbolic messages, pay attention to the fallen angel arriving in a Comet.......
City Supreme
The white servants serving all black aristocrats. Never noticed that.
Matias Freiria
still 2019 and nothing can beat this masterpiece
" I fantasized 'bout this back in Chicago Mercy, mercy me, that Murcielago" 😫 I love this shit 😭
Steven Medina
Yeah I always find something wrong... I'm so gifted at finding what I don't like the most...
simon hudson
This was an ABSOLUTE masterpiece!!!!!
In retrospect, maybe serving your bird girlfriend a turkey dinner wasn't a solid choice.
Who still here watching this legendary video in 2019
Abdul Shakir
This video will always be a masterpiece.
King Kyle
Why is the film called Runaway and not Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy? 🤔
Lachy Cummings
Mbdtf was never ahead of it's time. Its timeless
Hilarious Humphries
He makes another one of these, ill vote for him #KANYE2020
Edger Deuce
07th April 2019... And it still sounds like the greatest album of all time...
Zuko Tola
It's 2019 and no other artist has done this yet 🙌🏼
Christopher Powell
Im not got lie bro.. this one some of the most beautiful shit Ive ever seen in my life #2019
Queen Zey
"All the way in Hollywood and I can't even act" he didn't lie...
Yung Squidward
This is the most "Kanye" thing I have ever seen ever.
Christopher russell
@5:56 needs it's own video, geez the instrumental and beat breakdown is gorgeous
Chriss 7
This always gives me goosebumps like it’s sad how people hate kanye but don’t see the genius he is
Oscar Diaz
Watching this again makes me feel like Jay-Z kinda took ye artistry.
Matija Kovačević
I fantasized about this back in Chicago...
This will never die out this is art