Dude she is cute.Take a chance and ask her out.
Michael Brown
She’s also very fluid and confident in her movements. Has an ASMR effect. Very good stylist, wouldn’t mind a session with her.
Good haircut. Stupid loud TV.
You can tell he has a crush on her lol he looked nervous LOL
William M. Heckstall
She got skillz and she's gorgeous. I would ask her out.
Michael Brown
She's so f**cking cute!! What is he covering up with the minute of random music in the middle?
Paul McClung
She did a good job,  She knows how to cut hair.  He looks good in short hair.
Mark Richman
This girl is gorgeous.
Love Sick
This female is better to be an introducer in a tv channel or programs host
Silke Fischer
This beautiful hairdresser really knows how to handle the clippers. And wow! how handsome he looks with the short haircut. The short-trimmed nape suits him really well. Perfect!
edgardo03com wax543212345
Turn off tv too much noise
You could tell he was relieved when he found out the guy was her cousin
Josh Oman
She is absolutely gorgeous and I would let her cut my hair anytime
Michael Glover
Where is that place at?
24:35 aww so cute you are enjoying your mini massage
josh sundar
the talks, the noise (unacceptable even for time). . why caption (is gone all wrong), just cut hair in silence air
My exact haircut when I was 13 years old, many decades ago.
Paul M.
You look way older.
Herich Nilson
The woman who is cutting your hair is too beautiful.
Andy Freeman
Wow, a girl that hot running her fingers through ur hair, the goosebumps alone r worth whatever they're charging there.
Brenden Small
Can you cut my hair
Bro, what were you hiding with the music? Were you asking her out?
ARK Vlogs
I only watched this video cause of this young sweet lady...🤓
Emad Al -Lawati
You completely ruined your look with this lousy haircut bro!!!! Sorry for being frank
what sport clips does she work at?
E. C.
He looked cute and a very good looking guy both before, and after the haircut. The long silky hair was beautiful, but he looks much better with short hair: more masculine, manly, and, of course much sexier. Next time he could try to go even shorter (like #3 buzz cut all over), This will surely suir him. Good job!
david wong
You 2 look like a couple
Hồ Vương Thiên
so good i like this hair style
Steve- in-Cornwall
Your hair is far too gorgeous to have it cut so short. xxx
david wong
The barber She is good.
This is without a doubt I have ever seen done by sports clips...Really looks nice!
Jake Tyskiewicz
What Great Clips is this at?
Milo Carr
Nice haircut, please post some more, handsome young man.
edgardo03com wax543212345
Barber women she pretty ask still single..too bad cousine lol
Shahrukh Shan
graet work
Shane Pleasants
A lot of people hate that the barbers constantly talk to the client but that is a vocal and main teaching part in barber school to have conversation and really make the clients feel at home
Nahla nana
Shes hottttt woww
Milo Carr
Please do another haircut vid
I watched this whole video in the background mirror!
Александр Батрак
The girl is very charming and beautiful!
Milo Carr
Drop dead handsome, would love to be pal.
Dimitris Asvestas
nice girl.....
abii iphone
Nice girl
Morteza Rezaee
They are both nice and friendly...🌺🌺💐💐
Sri Rangaswamy
Is there a way to reach Sport Clips President or CEO at Austin, Texas please
Paris Kalachnikov
Too much background noise.
Jeff Watson
She can run her CLIPPERS on me
john dillinger
these places are a joke.
Brenden Small
Can my hair
I would...!
27:00 girls girls girls
Azarkfatal delusion
wtf Illuminati... that mirror in the background... wtf
You look like dybala
Tomy Ferraris
Believe me i have a nose in. my face and i have a drool character, i can't looking for them, i never says if they are looking for me they can't find me no i don't says that, but those person I'm looking for may be different than them or another Nation because I'm afraid what so called deception. Thank you.
Andrew Raye
Lambert Longhorns in the back on the football helmet?
Tanduay 5 years
Take my life savingsssss
Emídio Pimenta
Shes the kind of person that cant be quiet close to others
Trace Dunn
What was your hair styles name?
tito .H
Can I get to know this beautiful girl😍😍
Do you have the unedited video of this still lying around?
richie rae
whats up with the damn .talking and the damn music comes on.
So, is this like the "Hooters" of hair cutteries? It would be better if they served their customers beer!
Brave Heart
It happens, man. Chics like that they all talk you into it. Anyways, take it easy, it will grow up.
Agus Morant Alexander
Belal Mohamed
Barbers are always babblers. It's like a part of the job. But I don't mind this one to babble it's ok
Clay Masten
Nice change in length for the cute stylist from the Aug. 2012 video.  A very nice look for her...:)
Carpenter Family
She is cute & I think the camera caught him checking her out !
Ernesto Aravena
ERNESTO zybaybsymstvatvatvstvsyvayvstvstva. Umfumdy💋💐💕💌♥️💪
Bruh mans hair would look so good if she kept it like it was on 6:07
Jake Iscariot
The hairdresser cut her hair
麦茶うっま ノンカフェイン
Nick Dominick
She's cute
Tim Kusky
beautiful girl
I love her
Nice to see a young man shape up all neat and tidy with a haircut.  Reminds me of my cousin when he joined the Marines.  He left home a long haired, sloppy smartass.  When he came back from Parris Island, he was transformed.  Had that high and tight haircut, every word out of his mouth was a "yes sir, no sir"....he was shitting us tiffany couplets LOL.
Every time she turned around he stared at her but LOL
Shannon Williams
I Love Her!!! 😍
Kier H Reyes
Hi cute
Tynan Gibson
Dude i think u should keep the length u had at 5:26. That hair lools better on u than the beginning and the end
khalid Bhutta
such a pretty barber nice to have hair cut .
very beauty Barber,
Selam Dua
Niec Niec Niec Niec Niec Niec
ruffa danganan
what a gorgeous  young hairdresser she is stunning...she know how to make the guy more looking handsome she is so entertaining some hairdresser will not talk to you just do their job ,,she did perfect,,i just noticed the guy whenever she turned around he's eyes moving somewhere lol. 
Her ig ?
Isaac Casaus
She is cute!
B cup
khalid Bhutta
this video is too old how she looks to be now?
Silvia Menskes
He looks really nice with the short hair. I love the close cropped nape. It's the correct length for a man.They should not be longer, because otherwise it would look too girly.
Bathory Burzum
Jeff Watson
She can buzzzzzzzzzzzz mine
David Coruña
Where is the hairdresser from? (I mean the country)
Claudinei Barber
Very good haircut
That WWE ad made me happy... so did the Packers ad after it.
Anand Teli
Sabin Sunuwar
so Very good job
Dark Side83
Shes cute.