Rihanna - Take A Bow

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Kat Kuntly
*Me screaming this song at 9 years old like I've been cheated and used*
Geraldine Miranda
Anyone July 2019?? 🤷🏽‍♀️♥️
Geraldine Miranda
Anyone June 2019?? 🤷🏽‍♀️❤️
Daiane Paiva
Cadê os brasileiros curtindo??😍💕 🇧🇷
Belson Sanjmbm
Anyone watching??? May 2019😍😍
Justin Terrell
When people come back to look at these videos it just shows how we all miss this kind of good music. When music was real & had a meaning to it.
Ok Rihanna, we need you to come back to music for a little bit pleaseee
Riko budi
is it just me or anyone July 2019??
take a bow to the left (riri ft beyoncé) lol
Grandma Betty
I remember singing my heart out word from word when this came out 😂
Thiago Silva
Pelo visto o Brasileiro não esqueceu essa música... Julho 2019???
Amy Howcroft-Sims
I recently got cheated on by a long-term boyfriend who wanted us to move in together. I always listen to this song to remind myself that I'm not an idiot for not seeing it sooner. Obviously men can lie pretty well.
Valiente Chiquita
2009 - 2019 still perfect 👌🏻👌🏻❤❤❤
Bruno Dacruz
This song is old school. We just don't see songs like this anymore
suga velvet
am binge watching rihanna's old songs since she just quit music
Kimberly Carey
Am i the only one hurting listening April 2019
Megan Fitzpatrick
Ok Rihanna, we need you to come back to music for a little bit pleaseee Anyone else singing their heart out acting like someone played you 😂😂
Elaine Garcia
The richest female musician of today.. You go mah gurl Riri💕
2009 - 2019 still perfect 👌🏻👌🏻❤❤❤ Anyone else singing their heart out acting like someone played you 😂😂 Cadê a galera do Brasil,em 2019?
iasmim moreira
Cadê a galera do Brasil,em 2019?
Caroline Oliveira
Rihanna com seus sucessos avassaladores. Umas das melhores cantoras ❤👏👏
Dylan Hawks
That moment when you realize Rihanna can roast you any second without even realizing it
Repeka Isara
Anyone else singing their heart out acting like someone played you 😂😂
Winicius Bastos
Depois desse clipe ninguém faz a rihanna de trouxa 😂😂😂😂
Just Fabulous
This song helped me with my breakup Made it so easy to walk away
cici life/journey
Anyone still listening to this In June 2019 or 2019 PERIOD
Jahmeca Jonea
If you listening in July please give me a thumbs up 😍😍😎
Anubhab Chatterjee
missing rihanna from this types of songs.. love u RIHANNA😙😙😙
Kayla Stoney
Anybody watching in June 2019???
R yatra.com
The richest female musician of today.. You go mah gurl Riri💕 Anyone watching on june 2019? This song is old school. We just don't see songs like this anymore
Dr Bloggerz
Rihanna: "You look so dumb right now" ♫♫ Tik Tok: Hippity Hoppity this is now my property
Skele Bro
People who disliked........ "You look so dumb right now!"
vivian kikeri
Singing this song 8 years old not understanding the lyrics. Years after here FOR the lyrics.
Daniele Soares
BRASIL 🇧🇷 2019 CADÊ?
Redious Lights
My favorite part is “very entertaining” at 2: 21❤️
Cris Santos
I love u rhiana... Batang 90s here... Always idolize u😘😘😘 Still watching now july 16 2019
velisha frazier _
I miss these type of songs from her
Who loves Rihanna Brittney sprees Madonna Pink Avril laving Dua lipa Cardi b Nicki Minaj Lil kim Ke$ah Billie elish Gin wigmore
Débora Caroline
Saudades dessa época!😔😪❤
Esther Nyika
may 2019 still watching????
Lauren Mathison
10 years on and still one of my favourite songs🙌🏽
This hairstyle is on every black hair salons window 😂😂😂😂
Anitah Mwachugha
Don’t tell me your sorry coz you’re not I only know you’re sorry you got caught🔥🔥 Who else likes this line??💃💃 2019 Anyone ??
tomtom fj
Anyone watching on june 2019?
Jerry Palmer
She did not sing this at her concert. I thought she would. But still did a great show...
Claudia Oliveira
Brasil 2019 ❤❤❤
kellyann noble
When all the girls wanted to cut their hair like Rihanna’s😭😛😍
pc hard
Pleno março de 2019 e eu aqui relembrando dessas músicas maravilhosas 😍😍😍😍
Daisy Maia
gente, será que nessa época a Rihanna já matava homem?
Zuzana Liščinská
...Aand the AWARD FOR THE BEST LIAR GOES TO YOU...always my fave part, always emphasize it when it comes on 😂❤
Errie Berrie Boo
my boyfriend dumped me for my best friend when he told me he would love me forever. Now i realise that Nothing , absolutely nothing lasts forever Edit : Thanks so much for all these likes 😁 Also we worked everything out between us and i forgave him because we’re back together but i’m not gonna forget it ❤️
Karina Novaes Cruz
Mano do céu , minha adolescênciaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!eu era feliz e não sabia 😥😥😒
Delta Craft
Me screaming this song at 9 years old like I've been cheated and used She's absolutely gorgeous!! and, even more so I think with short hair! Love this song!😍😘💕💋
L5 Celulares
29/05/2019 "gouana teique a baau ... " kkkk <3
Vivian Osa
Who is washing with me in 2019
Anyone else see that green line on the right? Lol
Zelda Williams
She's to fine for him anyways! 😂 Bye-bye ( it's over now)... 🙄
Rodrigo Gomes
Me remete a minha pré adolescência... 💭😟🇧🇷
This song makes me cry. Love u forever Queen of Pop Rih
when you salty as hell cause your friend ate the last of the french fries you were saving
Erica A
My favorite song on the album.💖😎🌞
haydee arroyo
I know the lyrics because of Ryan lol (nigahiga) 😂👌🏼♥️
Luis Filipi Matos
Muitos não sabem mas essa música foi escrita por ne-yo
2017? Anybody?
Milton Sanchezjr.
Yes for you standing ovation let them why I left but tell them at least the truth you had me going you put a show but it's over now And people she hurt me so much she never told you the the truth. Sorry you got caught bye😢😢😢😥😈
Natalia Hamilton
Do u guys know who she song this song for???🤔🤔🤔🤔
dottyanabelle D
Love this song brings good memories... that hair cut on point tho😍😍😍
Æyad Sumّood
you look so dumb right now.. Sorry! The good music back in the days, what happened to art!
Alex Evans
Talkin bout girl i love you your the one...blah blah blah...thats my ex
James Johnson Dingal
May 5, 2019 9:46am? Anyone? Haha!😂😍
Sobahn Khan
Rihanna inspired me to start making Music again - I aspire to make a song with her some day. Mark my words!
Sandy's xox love ur self
I'm like all emotionally hearted when I hear this song. Then I stop at end think, wipe my tears away. Say gurl why crying And hit back botton play again say this the I'm not cheating on. I just relized how deeply her music gets to our souls. 8/6/19 time clock wise, 5,45pm
Tsundzu Adelaide
Who's gonna be here in 2018
Awkward Silence
I only came here for a specific part of the video but stayed till the end cos of the beautiful audio and nostalgia
Nessa Mendez
Rihanna looks so pretty in this video. That guy is fine af too 😄😍
Nina Santos
Aqui estou eu, escutando essa diva linda.❤️
Racquel McDonald
Still loving this in June 2019 💖
Marie Exantus
Who still watched in 2019?😍😘😍😘
Ahmed Malik
20muthafuckiin19 Juss the feelings from the song is like yesterday 🙏🏼💜
rainbow Fie
Old song but never get voted heard this song 😍
Drew Tucker
These men don't know how to love you, which is why you've never been loved. I got you when I get there.
Niha Silly
PopFancyGuy 20
I used to hear this song everywhere when i was still in kindergarten (I'm born in 2006 btw)
I stand ovation to you Riri ❤
Tatted Bella
Sexy ass woman then heels and pixie cut is bussin 💯🥶
Por Siempre Vondy Vídeos
Larissa Costa
Amo essa música Adorava esse cabelo dela❤
You forget how long ago these songs came out until they pull out a cell phone that looks like it’s from the Middle Ages. 😂
god damnit
jennie from blackpink♡
Tirryl Wright
Now July 2019💜🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲
lifewith Niya._
Anyone listening In 2019 I'm here 1•1•19
china Anderson
Who still listening 👂🏽
general tv
The level of sound 100000% Legend
Red Red Blue Music
Rihanna has never looked better...before or since. Love this version of her.
You good 👍🤘👌👏
Mc Payne
This is still one of my favorite songs and she looked so beautiful 😍
Lily Friedrich
Your rlly pretty and I love your songs my favorite is take a bos🤞💙🔥
Pâmela oliveira
Queen! 👌👏❤
Came out when I was little I remember seeing this on mtv and being drawn to her hair and loved her ever since