Paul McCartney - Monkberry Moon Delight (MusicVideo)

Ram is an album by Paul McCartney and Linda McCartney, released in 1971, the only album credited to the pair. It was the second of the two albums McCartney released between leaving The Beatles and forming Wings. Future Wings drummer Denny Seiwell plays on the record, alongside the McCartneys and session musicians. Three singles were released from the album - the American #1 hit "Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey", the minor British hit "The Back Seat of My Car" and "Eat at Home", which was not released in either the United Kingdom or the United States.

the girl in question
Tom Breen
what power in his voice there will never be another like it
Raylan Givens
The entire Ram album is weird and completely great! Was well ahead of its time.
Screamig Paul is the better Paul
Patricia Goodman
Paul McCartney is a damn national treasure! <3
This song is a masterpiece I swear !
Tim Richardson
I'm ashamed to say that this song is new to me. I think it's excellent and Paul's vocal range is incredible.
Letz cg
Thanks Universe for McCartney.
Best musician of all time
4:46 "What is it?.." "Monkberry Moon Deli-iiAAAAAAHHHH A-AAh A-AAh AAh" That's hilarious
John Smith
The falsetto starting at 3:50 is one of the few perfect things in this world.
The voice is legendary .i love you Paul 👐✌👏😍😘😜
иван иванов
Одна из лучших композиций Пола! 
Good Sam
Sir James Paul McCartney - genius
Jerry Siss
McCartney's voice was never better than on this song and Back Seat of MY Car. Both from the Ram album which was panned by critics when released. In retrospect, I think it's his 2nd most complete album next to Band on the Run.
Linda's voice is perfect for this song. She was under appreciated.
Laís Bentes
Linda`s backing vocals: simply amazing.
randall starling
Susie Lovasz
I was listening to Ram when I was 14 yrs old on my first portable cassette playerr in a bread truck that my father converted into a camper and when I listen to it now, 41 yrs later, I go right back there ! I love this song, the entire album is gold to my soul. TY PAUL and WINGS ! God Bless You !
Carlos Tello
Paul's "Why Don't We Do It In The Road- Oh Darling" voice
Giovanni Ferreira
Viva a música inglesa
The man had one helluva voice....
Allie Bishop
And this is why Paul will always be mentioned in the same breath as Beethoven and Mozart. Tell me two songs of his songs that sound the same, that follow a formula. He's a fucking genius.
Paul  number  one !!!!
Salvador Mulgado
The Hard Voice Of Mccartney in this song is amazing!!!
aurelio lalaguna
¡¡Qué gran LP!!  En su momento denostado y tachado de hortera y facilón por todos esos crítiquillos para los que o eras de Lennon o eras de McCartney y lo bien visto para todos ellos era lo primero!  Irradia frescura,  encanto y calidad por todas partes ¡Enhorabuena Paul,  siempre contigo!  y con John,  por supuesto,  tengo la suerte de que si Paul es mi artista favorito en la escena musical,  John es mi segundo.
Tim Jackson
This is my go to song when I am feeling down, it brings me right back up even if I have to play it over and over!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Наталья Корнеева
Влюбилась сразу, перевела, Монах Бэри любуется Луной, семидесятые. Вот такие мы странные пенсионеры.
Юрий Овсянников
Гитара, пианино, ударные и огромный талант! Вот и все что нужно что бы написать песню на века! Сейчас таких песен не пишут. Нет в мире композиторов . Одни компьютеры! Маккартни гений !💕💕
Neil Martin
Paul is master of the melody. Nobody did it better than he did....EVER! As far as best complete songwriter ( lyrics, melody, chord construction and hook lines) in can make a good case for Paul, Bob Dylan, Paul Simon, Bernie Taupin and a few others and there would be no wrong answer but when it comes to melody....they all bow down to Sir Paul.
Glen Carta
Paul used this vocal style a number of times and always killer...sic: Mumbo, Wild Life, Oh Woman Oh Why, to name a few
The beginning and end of this video is proof that Paul and Linda were such a CUTE friggin' couple!
Lisa Lentile
Paul McCartney is the antidepressant of music long live Paul
Ибрагим Сулейманов
Впервые услышал эту вещь в 1979 году.... И вот сейчас...
игорь SII
у нас на танцплощадке эта песня всем нравилась !
Lucas Seman
the best singer in the Beatles, undoubtedly. If you want to hear another mindblowing vocal performance from him, search for the song "shake a hand". He was 57 at the time of the recording, and belting notes like he was 30 years younger.
Зина Олч
Теперь слушаю каждый вечер!
Amit Kalderon
Talk about a VOICE! Better than everyone. Sir Paul is the best musician of all time.
Александр Волин
большой талант этот Пол-Маккартни как в прочем и остальные участники великой группы  Битлз
Исполнители: Пол Маккартни, Линда Маккартни Альбом: Ram Дата выпуска: 1971 г. Жанр: Поп-музыка
paul calderone
Most recognized voice in music history, LADIES AND GENTILEMEN PAUL MCCARTNEY!!!!!!!
Water Falls
I said this on the Beatle Bible forum and I think it bears repeating. This song, this wild, wickedly wonderful song, is a delightfully funny, crying in your beer, pity party MASTERPIECE good time, served up and delivered by THE BEST songwriting genius of our times! McCartney paints a picture of his wallowing in drunken reverie of bitter breakups,(Beatles) getting left behind (adios songwritng partner) pelted with tomatoes (raked over coals by ex bandmates,Yoko,Klein,music critics and fans alike)he felt like beatletomato soup, pureed and spit out by everybody (this is a pity party) "A rattle of rats had awoken, the sinews the nerves and the veins" (The piling on of everybody on the bash Paul and his music bandwagon, really hurt!) "I stood with a knot in my stomach as I gazed at that terrible sight of two youngsters concealed in a barrel sucking monkberry moon delight" (In hindsight he could see himself and John in cased in a naivete bubble, unaware the fountain of fame they were drinking from was the craziness of Beatlemania, the tiresome phenomena that started to take the fun out of Toppermost of the Poppermost "When I leave my pajamas to Billy Budapest" I think are Paul's subtle phrasings, I hear 'When I leave my PaulJohnmas (dramas)to Bully, Boo the Pest in my head (poor, Paul, with his best "Don't cry for me Argentina" musical deception, hidden in plain sight! This song demonstrates how McCartney can camaflage dress his "woe is me" in the funniest, cleverest, let's have a good time party than anybody ever! That, my friends is True Genius for my money!
Cristian Tangemann
Of two youngstEEEEEEEEEERRRRRSSSSS concEEEEEEEEaled in a bAAAAArrel!!!!!!
Efrain Mcshell
what a man, what a woman, what a couple! what a song. is one of those things that make you to hate why we have to die. all the best paul all the best linda, all the best wings.
wayne pitty
I was blown away by this song when I first bought "RAM" back in 1971! I love the entire album. This is my favorite!! The things he does in this song. What an arrangement!! Love the vocal changes ;-) Love Paul! Love The Beatles ❤ The only person that can top this album is Paul..
Dana Preis
This song rocks.
Рафаель Сакаев
Oh.. Great song.... Fantastic Thanks McCartney.. Forever... Ooh.. Ooh...0oh...
Vic Shackley
Больше так никто не может
Paul's banana is definitely older than the rest now.
Агутин Игорь Александрович
Вместе с тобой, Paul? прекрасные 80-е ,b вечно молодые, 19- летние лучшие годы...
Ираида Дмитренко
Посморти, за окном, тихо падает снег, Мы на поле, поле , на поле! Мы пели это в 70-тых, Собирая картошку. Мгу. Привет, всем!
Валерий Миронов
Я снова Услышал через 40 лет 👍👍👍👍👍🙌
Carl Baumeister
This was one of Lennon's favs of Paul's solo career. My kids alway ask me to play this in the car. BTW, McCartney is the only person in the world who can scream sing so high without sounding falsetto.
Phil Hinto
Paul McCartney just scares the crap out of me, how can anybody have so many unbelievable songs in them!
Валерий Румянцев
Были времена..!
Greg Hubbard
This track is an absolute masterpiece totally Epic
brian miller
Linda was the perfect wife for Paul
Chris Skinner
"Monkberry Moon Delight" So i sat in the attic, a piano up my nose, And the wind played a dreadful cantata. Sore was i from a crack of an enemy's hose And the horrible sound of tomato. Ketchup, Soup and puree, Don't get left behind. Ketchup, Soup and puree, Don't get left behind. When a rattle of rats had awoken The sinews, the nerves and the veins. My piano was boldly outspoken In attempts to repeat this refrain. So i stood with a knot in my stomach, And i gazed at that terrible sight, Of two young sters concealed in a barrel, Suckin' monkberry moon delight, ho! Monkberry moon delight, Monkberry moon delight, Monkberry moon delight, Monkberry moon delight. Oh - Oh-oh, oh-oh. Well, i know my banana is older than the rest And my hair is a tangled beretta. (beretta, beretta) But i leave my pyjamas to billy budapest, And i don't get the gist of your letter. Catch up, Catch some kittens, Don't get left behind. Catch up, Catch kittens, Don't get left behind. Oh - monkberry moon delight, yeah, Monkberry moon delight, Monkberry moon delight, Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, Monkberry moon delight, yeah, yeah, yeah, Monkberry moon delight, Oh, monkberry moon delight, Oh, monkberry moon delight, Monkberry moon delight, oh-oh, Monkberry moon delight Suckin' monkberry moon delight, Monkberry moon delight, Monkberry moon delight, Monkberry moon delight, Ah, monkberry moon delight, yeah, yeah, Monkberry moon delight, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh.... Uh, monkberry moon delight. "try some of this, honey! "what is it?" Monkberry moon delight, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah.... (ooh) monkberry moon delight, Uh, monkberry moon delight, Monkberry moon delight, Monkberry moon delight, ...
Piers Regan
What a shame Jimmy Saville gets into this vid and ruins the atmosphere!
José Pinheiro
The screaming Paul is a real big show!!!
erbo trewns
This is a crazy crazy crazy-assed song. I love it.
Luiz Fx Silva
Nobody else can sing this song. Paul is God.
steve w
What can you say that hasn't been said, I personally am glad I grew up in the era that Paul existed. When you go back in time and recorded history, very few had left a musical imprint so great...Franz Schubert wrote some great melodies, along with Mozart, then maybe Gershwin, but for sure and absolute is McCartney..although he would no doubt say that's all rubbish. wink..wink
Ярослав Прага
Beatles, Wings, Paul McCartney forever!!! Linda inspired him! Blessed memory of her!
Dima Klondt
Paul is next to W.A. Mozart as a melodic genius.
Gerry Sandell
OK, Paul is my man, but does this MEAN?????
Изя Рабиноввич
Моё первое знакомство с wings спиздил плакат с бара
Vilis Lacis
If I didn't know this was McCartney, I'd never guess it!
alonso stange
This could easily be one of the most underrated songs of not only this mans carreer, but of rock in general. The vocals are so experimental it blows my brains off. This mans capacity to create exeeds all comprehension of mine. Really amazing. Very thankful for your existance Paul, your music has really helped me to pose a world to myself that i can bear.
wow Sir Paul did make A great song who the hell knows what the hell is that MOONBERRY DELIGHT BUT SURE Linda would have recipe only hers lol
Mauri Mendez
linda´s voice <3
Андрей Витальевич
Аццкий отжыг!
Vjacheslav Vezhnin
Well I sat in the attic, a piano up my nose And the wind played a dreadful cantata Sore was I from the crack of a enemy's hose And the horrible sound of tomato Ketchup, soup and puree Don't get left behind Ketchup, soup and puree Don't get left behind When a rattle of rats had awoken The sinews, the nerves and the veins My piano was boldly outspoken In attempts to repeat its refrain So I stood with a knot in my stomach Man I gazed at the terrible sight Of two youngsters concealed in a barrel Sucking Monkberry Moon Delight Well I know my banana is older than the rest And my hair is a tangled beretta And when I leave my pyjamas to Billy Budapest And I don't get the jist of your letter Catch up, cats and kittens Don't get left behind Catch up, cats and kittens Don't get left behind Monkberry Moon Delight
Oleg D.
Jack Winterheld
I'm getting strong Screamin' Jay Hawkins vibes from this
randall starling
Great song and video! Was taken in New Orleans at Mardi Gras when Paul and Linda rode in Bacchus parade while they were recording tracks at Cossimo Matassa's Sea Saint studios for Venus and Mars album!
Светлая память Линде.
sta chida la rola aki en mexico keremos a paul
Pepo Conde
Hermosa canción..... me regresa al pasado, a mí bella adolescencia y me recuerda a mi padre ( + )
Ed Boersema
Ignorance is bliss :D
Ludmila G
‼️‼️‼️shanks you Paul , we love you and listen to amazing song in 2018!!! And tell you bravo!
Victor Huyco
Поль Маккартни всегда поражал своей мелодичностью и не предсказуемостью. Это Шедевр.
aguinaldo silva
My brother Mauro,que se "deliciava"com esse jogo de palavras na canção do grande Paul, lá então. E estamos ai firmes para "remember" ....
Mike Lynge
Paul McCartney performing Screamin Jay Hawkins´ Monkberry Moon Delight :-) both very good at it ;-)
Wes Martyn
Damn. Wish I could meet a lady like Linda . She is stunning in EVERY way. Love to Linda. Hope you having good times up there.
Adam Woźniak
Great vocal...
El Barto Runner
My Banana is older in the rest? Hahahaha. funny line!
Saw the Beatles and McCartney 6 times. I can die happy.
gaston ernesto pineda
tamaso ,un tema muy loco jajajaj
Brad Hill
Paul seems to be just as professional at being famous as he is at being a professional musician...He always seems quite amiable..
Good Sam
Sir James Paul McCartney - genius!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!8
Carlos Velasquez
Was he trying to sound like Mick Jagger??
Lucy Lloyd
OK, I give up. How can one man be so dam clever?  Not only does he have amazing hits that everyone knows, but just by simply searching you find incredible stuff like this - does anyone think that someday Justin Timberwolf will be this good?   HEY!  I AM JOKING!
gerry neirinckx
what a surprise this song! First time i hear it, it's crazy!
sean rafuse
loved that when he started wings he included they were together as a family he said...
George Saga
A powerfull voice, Paul the best singer in the World forever
Luckiest man who ever walked the earth
Ирина Белова
George Sthonore