Short Bus Pile Up - Ball Peen-Beating

Artist: Short Bus Pile Up Song: Ball-Peen Beating Album: Repulsive Display of Human Upholstery

got to love the name Short Bus Pile Up
St. anger snare, but overall this is an awesome song \m/
Astreas Bliss
Needs more cowbell
I love that snare! Sounds like Oscar the Grouch's trash can lid.
Mark Holmes
the band name.... damnit hahaha I'm dying! I can't stop laughing lol
Ptah Adam
Workout was more intense than usual .
John LaMotta
i love the furniture
Yummy Nukes
Generic infectious groovality, nothing gained or lost just how I like it.
Take Thislife
The Punk Rock MBA brought me here
Aidan Weitz
Unreadable band name, check.
Michael Wolf
The name keeps bringing me back here its just too hilarious n plus the songs pretty good
Janelle Rioux
My favourite song of the album. That snare at the beginning is so great. 
Twinkieboi Beatz
I dunno man I think it needs more cow bell! Sketch from SNL🤣....great job guys, awesome sound 👍🏼
Rigor Mortis
this first riff... scrotumsmash! ;d i fucking endorse it so much!
Your welcome, glad I could help.
Ryan Embry
Why not!!!!
Lucas Marcao
That is one of the most brutal logos I've ever seen. Sick song, though \m/
Chronmike420 TTV
This is the song I run too lol
Kyle Jarrels
It's a good thing I missed the bus the day that pile up happened
They have a serial killer to start out the song x) you know they are good
this is probably the most fucked up band name i've ever heard lol
a squealing lead break woulda put it over the top. but i was not disappoint.
yeah!! nice....awesome/.
i came across ur logo when i googled for a slime logo in images. i dig metal and your logo is nicely designed. and in my experience, u usually can judge a band by their logo. haven't listened yet so i hope it's good.
Keaton Williams
Jesus Christ the bass is super dark and foreboding; the drums are ridiculous, yet tasteful. I can't believe I hadn't heard of these guys before.
matt weaver
i think it's just good ole' rock in roll my momma used to bitch at me about and a pasture laid hands on me and i ball peened the shit outta him.........
Short bus pile up is the shit, vocalist might look like a emo but he has some of the sickest lyrics and the band is fucking sick. drummer is one of the best slam drummers ever
Tim Crouch
Lol you know what i hear when i listen to the first riff in this? Invisible Kid, from Metallica's St. Anger. These guys' name got my attention, and i expected it to be some standard lo-quality, bad-vox, lo-creativity slam, but this is actually quite good. Hats off to you, Short Bus Pile Up.
Thomas Fellner
Lord Phantom
Such a sick band!!! You guys need to release some new shit!
nah, he used titts as lamp shades.
fuuuuck the cd was worth the money, i tell you guys...
Winter Extravaganza
Where the fuck can I get there music?!
Christer Fredriksson
Man, the start of this song is so fucking groovy...
your welcome.
love that picture
dan nelson
Robert Butcher
Vocals remind me of Dying Fetus, but with more slam into it. These guys are fucking sick!! \m/ Brutal guitar too and drums
jymgerson tiburcio
Well, hello, Shortbuspileup, you're an awesome band, keep up the good work, hope you make it big in the Metal scene.....Just from hearing this song, I can tell there's talent and passion....Keep it up, Slammers.
they are brutal death metal.The band's earliest material was deathcore/electronica, though after the band recruited a full time lineup these releases have been totally disowned and are not even mentioned in the discography section on the band's Myspace. The material itself is impossible to obtain, except for a few downloads which exist spread throughout the internet.
Cody Noeller
You're a fucking faggot, go ahead and delete your comment faggot face.
Jason Spaulding
sick slams nice snare work
@MutantClannfear 0?????????????????? I heard grind beats ALL through this album, DEAF!!! If you think it has influence from pornoshit..and pornoshit is a genre of grindcore, then you should already notice the grind influences.
@MutantClannfear Slam death metal, 100%. They might have some GRIND influence, but thats from GRINDCORE, not from pornoshit.
@MutantClannfear That just sounds like a METAL riff, not a Rompeprop pornoshit riff.
@DJPsychosiSCO no prob
Cody Noeller
@outlawformetal614 lol my bad.
@DJPsychosiSCO grind porn is porno where the grind on each other and never fuck pornogrind is porn plus grindcore just like goregrind,deathgrind whatever grind goes second never first
Cody Noeller
the fuck is pornogrind? Its called grindporn
Aaron Sanchez
@Cannibalcorpse55 I know i agree with you bro its just like people calling cannibal corpse deathcore which some people do
DeathMonsterMunchie25000 FuckALastName
are they gonna release anymore albums?
andy wolf
skip to 0:50 if you want to skip intro of dude talking :D
@colorblindvids i'm just talking about the first riff, the one with the skank beat drums. don't tell me that doesn't sound like cock and ball torture. the rest of the song is slam, clearly.
@confettiembolism666 You fail.
@Sharktasm sounds like pornogrind to me...
Lindon Faynes
Fucking brutal
Eric Hidalgo
Pretty good
christian carr
i don't like the sound of that snare but everything else is pretty great :D
Andy Helms
I am no one
wooaaaaaaa lmL
Michael thomas
just wonderful sounds a bit like crypt or blood duster and its a world away fuckk the tags etc we are death fukk you. death forever forever death.
Derrick Axtell
Haven't heard this in such a long time... this album rules!
Captain Slam
Short Bus Pile Up = the only good wigger slam band besides Kraanium and Cephalotripsy,
Nafid ma'ali
this is more than amazing
I know the lyrics by heart.
Patrik Mršić
I can dig this.
Lovelace Camilo
Souunds very good
Walt Walters
I had to ride a short bus in 5th grade, it made me murderous...
666 Markofthebeast
Boris Vasilievich
Too bad they didnt make more albums.
Adair Naois
666 likes! No more words!
Quality death metal.
david morison
Nice snare sound what a joke
- imperium -
anyone know how you get this snare sound?
Six feet Under
change your name to CHOPPING FINGERS, come on!
Noise Fish
Nick Dismore
You're from va? Wtf I did not know there was a slam band from here
Leonardo Yasser Amar Lopez
Jose Cat
Mr Reed
To all the idiots say the snare is trash can it is a snare drum with the snares turned off, it’s common in slam
thomas hinchey
cool name
Maxim Maunz
Anyone know tuning?
eric moeller
good song but could they come up with a better name sounds offensive
Hard to believe I first heard this 5 years ago. I remember on the bus going home from school, my friend said listen to this and it was the most brutal thing. Now this stuff isn't brutal to me anymore. I grew up on Devourment but even they aren't brutal now.
thomas hinchey
i had this snare sound years ago not for death metal though i was too lazy to buy wires for my snare drum so i just tightened the shit out of my heads presto who would have known it would be a hip sound later on
eric moeller
could they come up with a better name for their band
vapor dreams 翁萎円
The only good Slam band ever.
Serpico's Beard
The music's cool but i'm not really down with the burping into a pigs arsehole vocals.
Congratulations are in order to all who like this band.  You have once again proven that wiggeriffic shitstains like yourselves are slowly leading humanity to an aural apocalypse of poorly composed chug riffs and slam breaks.
Dixie Nõrmous
I'm currently riding the short bus, high as giraffe pussy on meth
That Harley Dude
I'm from va and I fucking love this shit! been a fan for a good while now, #vadeathmetal
Fuckin groovy need me some merch hook a brother up!
F...kin mettaal
THAT SNARE SOUNDS LIKE SHIT. As i was writing this is saw a comment saying "That snare, fucking orgasmic" I guess it comes down to mother fuckin taste. It sounds like a timbale., sorry...
yahtze3 cs
mustaineforpresident 2016
That snare, fucking orgasmic