¿Dónde está Chicky? | Dibujos Animados Para Niños | Compilación De Dibujos Animados #51

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Hola yo edite una música
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Chicky !🥰🥰brilliant video , i used to listen a lot of spanish when i was a baby ,loved the video of yours 😘😘🥰🥰🥰🥰
Eddie Paz
Pls make a vid chicky as a zombie PLZ
Armani Malkhozov
Chicky !🥰🥰brilliant video , i used to listen a lot of spanish when i was a baby ,loved the video of yours 😘😘🥰🥰🥰🥰
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Chicky was FARTING!
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the animation is so cool...
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Love the video pal! Keep 'em coming! :)
Звездный Путь
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EXPLORER SEHMUZ AND THE POOR KING Explorer Şehmuz arrived in the country of poor people as he ventured around. He became more and more surprised as he walked around in the country because he couldn’t understand why they were so poor. Their clothes were very old and torn and some of them were wearing wooden sandals and some of them didn’t have even those sandals and they were walking around barefooted. All the houses in the villages, towns and cities were wooden and they all had only one floor. The fields were in certain places and these places were very small compared to the largeness of the country. He went to the capital of that country. He asked for where the king’s palace was. They said it was not very far away and it was in the middle of the woods. He dismounted from his horse near the woods. He walked through the woods the trees and after a while he ended up a flat place. He looked around and could see nothing except for a two storeyed wooden house. There were about five or six people digging the ground around that wooden house with pickaxes in order to plant something. He went closer to these people: ‘ Excuse me, misters! I was told that the King’s palace was somewhere around here, but I couldn’t find it. I wonder if I am looking for it in the wrong place.’ he said. ‘ You are in the right place sir. This is the palace of our king.’ said one of the man as he pointed to the wooden house. Explorer Şehmuz was so shocked that he couldn’t speak for a while what is more he couldn’t believe his ears and eyes. How come the King of such a big country would live in an old building like this. He couldn’t believe it. It was so strange and ridiculous. Then he started to feel dizzy and his eyes closed. Then he fell down because he lost his consciousness. 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Explorer Şehmuz wanted permission from the king to leave the country as saying he has been in this city for three years, he will feel himself happy and fortunate , and by the help of learning , examining , searching and working without looking for advantage will develop the countries. The king and his people did not insist on this precious man whom they owed their everything, who annihilated the poverty. They know that he is an explorer. There would be some other people who would need help and learning. Yes....... A king was crying.  Written by: Serdar Yıldırım       Serdar Yıldırım Masal Okuyor Serdar Yıldırım Reading Story ÇAKAL - JACKAL https://youtu.be/kHuXg5YC-oI
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So funny! But I love it
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