Kask Utopia Aero Road Helmet | GTN Unboxing: Kona Special Edition

Kask’s latest aerodynamic road helmet, the Utopia, has two special limited edition designs to celebrate the Ironman world championships in Kona. And you could win one! In association with Kask. Subscribe to GTN: />Check out the GTN Shop: /> Enter the promotion here: /> That’s right we’re giving away three Kask Utopia aero road helmets in the special Kona limited edition design. The Utopia is Kask’s latest entry into the aero road helmet market, released earlier this year at the Tour Down Under, and worn exclusively by Team Sky in the Tour de France. Bridging the gap between a dedicated time trial helmet and a regular vented helmet, the Kask Utopia is a capable all rounder. Faster than their previous road helmets in wind tunnel testing, the Kask Utopia also has the advantage of being better ventilated than a dedicated aerodynamic helmet which is an attractive and adaptable prospect for triathletes. Developed using Kask’s proprietary computational fluid dynamic testing against 10 of the best aero helmets available, the Utopia was designed to perform at different speeds and varying wind yaw angles. This means that it is equally effective in cross winds as it is in conventional time trial simulations, where it will save a claimed 6 watts when riding at 50 kph. Internally the Utopia has some ingenious Resistex padding, which uses fast wicking fabric to draw moisture away from your head, whilst also providing a comfortable fit. The helmet also uses Kask’s popular Octo Fit adjustment system to hold the helmet secure in place. If you'd like to contribute captions and video info in your language, here's the link 👍 /> Watch more on GTN... 📹 Custom Kona Tech | />📹 Kona by numbers | /> 🎵 Epidemic Sound: Markers - Homebody Odyssey - [ocean jams] Once Upon A Time In Detroit 2 - Axel Ljung Photos: © Triathlon / Getty Images The Global Triathlon Network (GTN) is the best triathlon YouTube channel, with videos for anyone who loves triathlon: from seasoned Ironman racers to first-timers – and everyone in between. With the help of our pro and Olympic medal winning team, we’re here to inform, entertain and inspire you to become a better triathlete; including videos on: How to swim, bike, and run faster with expert knowledge Beat your PB with record-breaking expertise Get the best from your bike and gear with pro-know-how In-depth, entertaining features from the heart of the sport Chat, opinion and interact with us across the channel and on social media every week Join us on YouTube’s best triathlon channel to get closer to the sport and to become a better, faster and fitter triathlete. Welcome to the Global Triathlon Network. Thanks to our sponsors: Assos of Switzerland clothing: />BMC Switzerland: />Canyon bikes: />Cervelo bikes: />Continental: />ENVE wheels: />KASK helmets: />ON Running: />Orca: />Park Tool: />Polar: />Profile Design: />Quarq power meters: />Roka: />Team Bath: />Vision wheels: Zipp wheels: />Zwift: /> YouTube Channel - />Facebook - />Instagram - />Twitter - />Google+ - />Strava Club - />GMBN Tech - />GCN Tech - />EMBN -

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Do you use an aero road helmet in your triathlons? Let us know in the comments below 👇
Daniel Campana
Marginal gains! People, that's what we're talking about!
Steven Crane
Oh KASk just take all of my money! Great looking helmet. I'd take the white and black or pay a pretty penny for a white and red option
Luke Tolchard
Kask have done it again! Would be great to show up to the next race with one of these lids <3
Talabaskic Tube
I biught an aero road nike helmet and I look more stupid on the bike. There are no advantages for the rider, only for the industry.
Liam Harris
love these! Currently use a Kask Infinity in White and Grey xD My Bike is white and orange I would die for a matching helmet! :p
Charlie InTampa
I wonder if it is only me, or if this topic is worth an episode: does your neck get tired on a long ride on the aero-bars? I have a Garneau helmet that is thin and high on front and am OK with that, but the Giro Air Attack does not let me glance up and see the road further away. So I have to lift my head regularly, which is bad for aero and is uncomfortable for the neck. How do others deal with this issue? Can you have your head down, glance up without raising your head and see up ahead on the road in a Kask Utopia?
Karsten Meinders
I'm missing the visor. Saving 6 watts on 50 kph means saving ?? watts on 40 kph?
Dan Vogel
I would if I had one, been looking to get one for awhile now.
Tiago Maranduba Schröder
When on the road, YET
Zachary Kuhns
@Global Triathlon Network Has the winners of the Polar Vantage giveaway been announced?
King Yurt
I would litreally give anything for one of them it’s a pity I don’t really have anything
Bart Girdwood
Giro Air Attack - semi-aero helmet.