Paul and Linda:A love story

I made this video because they are my favourite couple. I hope you like it.

Wow, they would have been married 50 years this month! Nice video of them. One could only hope to ever have that kind of love in their lifetime.
Nastase Carmen Nastase
Linda & Paul Mc Cartney forever! Linda & Paul Mc Cartney Legend!❤💖❤
Michele Walburger
He never loved another woman and never will the other two are cheap replacements for Linda. Sorry. There was only one Linda and love like that is once in a lifetime. May this lovely lady who i have always respected and admired rest in peace. Lovely Linda
ghostt girl ghostt spook
she got the guy of my dream's, I fell in love with him when I was 8 in 1964, love you Paul forever.......
David Trobaugh
They where great together. What a team they mad together....... R.I.P. Linda......
Does anyone know where the beach scenes are from? Beautiful coastline!
Beatlemario Benitez
Lisa Lentile
they got together in may like my boyfriend and I also my son's born in may
Agnes Ragó
As she is hugging him from the other world at the end, it is simply beautiful and moving.
Silvana Pandolfo
Excellent Job! I just love everything about them (EXCEPT FOR her death) ...such an amazing relationship with Linda Omg. & also really wanna get a love like that one haha. 💕😃
Denise Catarina De Jorge
Val Manseau
Raquel Morales
Their love be forever😏😏