final approach 1991.

I love this film and so would the paying public if they got a chance to buy it. As yet only released on 12" laserdisc or rental-vhs, and rarely shown on tv. james b sikking and hector elizondo tread the stage in fine form. enjoy.

Terry Robinson
I forgot the title of this movie and have been searching for it online for many years. Hard to do when you don't know the title or the main actors name ( James B Sikking). All I knew is it had the SR-71 Blackbird. So grateful that you uploaded it to youtube. Thank You!
Chris Love
Love this film. First saw it with a bunch of mates trippin back in 93. Managed to find a vhs copy about 10 years ago but no longer have a video to watch it on. Thanks for uploading.
Matthew McClure
Don't. Ever. Touch the beard. 27:56
I.A .M.
Call me crazy, but I think this movie is what it could be like to lose your soul...
Zoe K
thank you...I really liked this film
Darryl McMillan
Remember when I saw this film is when I was in the mall. A stereo store ( I believe it was Sound Warehouse), was using it as a demo for some home sound system. I was so intrigued with the sound, that I had to by the laserdisc. Took me nearly to the end of the movie to realize what was actually happening. Kinda of like the last part of 2001 spooky.
Jim H
Great movie. I remember making my parents watch it in '91 or '92. They were bored stiff. They just didn't get it.
Frank Martin
Poorly recieved on release, I enjoyed this Sci-Fi flick.Best of all are the performances of the two lead actors James B. Sikking and Hector Elizondo who make an enjoyable duo.Give this  a go and remember 'DON'T EVER TOUCH THE BEARD!!!
Wayne Joseph
I had this on video a few years ago. Shame it went to charity.
willard fillmore
We used to trip and watch flicks. Good times Bro!!
Joe Renaud
Klingon 1701
board at 11:35 . eject , Eject , EJECT . buy Buy !!!
Adam N
Sounds is pretty incredible in this thing.
Michelle Volkfire🔥
For the *Luger Pass Agent fans* - 37:55. You're welcome.
Got halfway through this and had to turn it off,i was enjoying the interview scenes but had to turn the volume way up to hear what they were saying but those stupid noisy flashback scenes that play every 3 minutes are about 10 times louder.
John Whitten
Great movie. I haven't seen it in years. I always love the ending.
Peter Kier
Saw this when it was first released, loved it! Thank you for posting!
one hell of a ride this film,great acting by all the actors all 2 of them
jeff geer
I rented this back in 91-92 and loved also was the first film to have an all digital soundtrack
Ryan Kadlec
James B. Sikking of Hill Street Blues and Doogie Howser M.D. co-starred with Hector Elizondo in the first movie that has all-digital sound, Final Approach. The Experience of a lifetime.
saw this years ago and have been looking for it everywhere cheers Is it me or is the audio a bit shit - all the special effects audio blast out my ear drums but I have to turn the volume all the way up to hear what they're saing
Happy little tire swing.
This is a good movie it makes you think.
Love it. Have it on VHS so haven't seen it for ages! Genuine thanks for sharing.
Howard babcom
Stunning, and very thought provoking. Many thanks for sharing.
I have this on laserdisc and used to watch it back in the day. It's a fabulous demo for a home theater system. The scale of the film is not epic, more of a one-room play but the digital sound and some pretty good acting make it an interesting title.
Gidon Lev Eli
I recommend J Magic's brilliant track inspired by the film (and titled the same) check it out
I was lucky enough to get this for $3.00 in the discard bargain bin at my local video store. I suspect I was the only person renting it anyway. Very intriguing story and a good cast. I'm surprised this isn't better liked. Maybe people expected it to be an special effects adventure story when in fact it is a character driven, psychological story, with a twist. All the fancy sound effects really are not essential to the story at all. I hope more people will appreciate it.
ilya simkhovich
watching "scarface" right now and i just realized that in frank's office there are two paintings that quite resemble the pairs of paintings in this film. frank is doomed to die, you know, and his office is a great immersive trip into a "room", like this film is.
Fan Made Videos
I remember renting on VHS and was amazed at the 3D sound quality. I didn't even have a decent stereo hooked up to my VCR and my beat up hand-me-down 24" Zenith Television still was able to give me great sound
barry o
Deadly I have spent fifteen years looking for this, Cheers
Nelson Del Pino
I really like this movie. It's really weird in a cool way. The dialogue keeps me guessing about what's going on compelling me to watch to the very end making me want "validated" my own conclusions. Is he dreaming or is it real? (What's going on) or maybe it's a little bit of both?
Gave up at 20.00 life is too short .
I actually saw this film in a cinema when released....loved it then, love it now......fantstic twist...Just watch crefully
A friend worked at Tower Records and brought this home to watch. I always saw it on the shelf in the Horror/Sci-Fi section but always ignored it. Well since then I began renting it several times until I wanted to buy it. They tell me they can order it but it would be near $100! I was lucky enough to have another employee there give me a copy. But yeah, I would love to have this on dvd. Blu-ray even!
Tealc Sg1
I just want to add that this film has never been released on DVD and I don't think it ever will. I got this on VHS when it first came out, and it blew my mind. First ever digital sound film. Thanks again. 1 million likes.
Tealc Sg1
Yesssssssssssssssssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I found it. Hey mate your fantastic, just fantastic. This should be on DVD, but hey this is awesome.
The first time I ever watched this movie I was on LSD. We expected an action flick so you can imagine my surprise at the actual content. I felt like it was made for me to experience at that moment.
weird movie. it really does play mind tricks on you.
Gracias por esta pelicula.... poner mucha atencion... ver el mensaje!!
So do I understand correctly that he had died and entered into the afterlife?
Joona Vainio
Hey, I was thanking the guy who uploaded it, and said I like the movie. As for cheesy... Some (like me) like cheese. A matter of taste.
Philip Gregory
Well directed, but pointless boring story
Thanks for posting. I always used to see this movie in the sci-fi section at the video store by my house when I was a kid, but I never watched it. Another movie that is similar in theme to this one is called Jacob's Ladder. Have you seen that? It's also interesting.
Joona Vainio
@mywhipperin2 You are extremely welcome. I must also thank my long time distant Internet friend Kittypie here, who told me about this movie and helped me to find it. Maybe it was in Finnish theatres for a while when I was 21, but I missed it (maybe too busy being a young male chasing girls...), and it is indeed impossible to find as a DVD. At least here.
Joona Vainio
This film is kinda abandonware. But it is really good "little" film. I'd say you did a cultural effort worth some kind of medal uploading it here. Hope the Tube won't nuke this. Naturally seen before, but glad it is now more accessible to others. I won't spoil a bit, but IMHO the ending is a bit cheesy and sucks. Still doesn't ruin the very gripping basically "one room drama". Thank you.
This movie was weird for the sake of being weird. There is nothing "to get" it's just weird. the point (what there was of it) could have been made in 20 min as a twilight zone short and then we could have gotten on with our real lives. I skipped through most of it to get to the end. Watching grass grow would have been a better use of my time.
Joona Vainio
Never done acid, but this flick trip would warrant it. Subtitled it in Finnish just to amuse myself in some cool pilot talk. And my very few friends who don't speak fluent English. Eli jos kiinnostaa, voin nakata SRT:n pyydettäessä.
Native Sista
Happy 80th birthday Hector Elizondo.....
Cherkov Binfaggenov
They need to create a 4K copy of this film its amazing.
Alexander the Ordinary
One of the best psychological horror / mystery movies for existentialists.
wide awake
i watched this on acid (LSD) back in the day it was and is the best film iv ever seen
Scott Gullion
Great movie. Thank you.
"Why do you touch the sky Jason"?
curt childress
A little tough to hang in with but I'm glad I did. This movie deals with the concept of God making use of technology and some science fiction to draw in a broader audience beyond folks who would only be interested in a quasi-religious God type movie. The ending is a little lean on real substance or clarity about the writer's idea of the hereafter, but I guess that's something none of us can comprehend in reality; though a purely fantasized version of the writer's idea of the hereafter would've been a real bonus at the end of the movie.
Deanie Wood
*"Closet Land"* with Allan Rickman & Madeleine Stow is another really intense movie that makes you think
Malcolm Cartlidge
It's a tree - just a tree....... good movie, well worth the wait/time expense, hang in there viewer. Thanks for the clip Mr Whippy.
andy kidd
Bongo Frenzy
interesting symbolic approach to considering the end of one's own life...
Red Threads
I watched this movie on 8 hits of LSD locked in a government think tank back in the 90's, was like slamming my head into a fucking oak. Really crazy groovy, I think about it a lot at my job washing dishes
Laurence Mardon
What a cool movie! Thx for posting.
Philippe Mabal
This film describes what happen in a NDE (Near death experience) but in this case not so "near" since the end is the death of the pilot
Ken Graham
One of the best movies ever. There is a lot of declassified data put into a film framework that is presented in this film. How about the coast of Florida to I heard over the radio was that they would be landing within 10 mins. WOW!
James Allard
I wish I could have a blu-ray, high def version.
Tim A
I saw it shortly after it came out on video. Remember Blockbuster? I enjoyed making friends with the employees. Occasionally meeting regular customers. We'd discuss the latest, or one another's favorites. The entire paradigm of movie watching has changed. But I rented this one on the case-the photo of the SR plane. I really liked this one. It was a little long; a little slow. But it was cerebral. Ethereal. And it was a great story. Over the years I've seen it at least a half dozen times. Including tonite. "You know, you REALLY out to try this bread. it has little nuts in it..." Thanks for putting it up. I'd recommend it to anyone. Good stuff!!
James Stevenson jr
Good movie watched 3 times n still don't understand is Hector elizondo suppose to be God or was the pilot dreaming or is the movie about reincarnation lmao idk but still an amazing watch I first seen it wen it came out in 91 or 92 I was six or seven
ssesf Movies
Final Approach (1991), 100 min, sci-fi thriller, IMDb:5.5/10 (451), 360p, 2.35:1, Col. Jason Halsey (USAF) has just had a terrible air disaster and can't remember a thing -- even his name. Now he must go head-to-head with the psychiatrist Dr. Gottlieb as his only chance... Director & Writers: Eric Steven Stahl, Gerald Laurence, Stars: James Sikking, Hector Elizondo, Madolyn Smith, Thanks for uploading. First time I come across this movie but if it's only been out in LD and VHS...
Ody Ssee
Love it !
William Childress
Good actors lost in a murky sci-fi script. I think. I don't know what the hell it is. william childress.
Claude Hayden
So did the plane crash?
Not just jumbled trickery. There are several science fiction and and other classic themes in this movie. The most obvious is "why are we here"? It capitalizes on the saying "my life flashed before my eyes". It portrays judgement by god as not moral but purely a scientific and academic examination of human life and God is there just to learn what he can from you because he made the earth and you but sure as hell does not understand his creation, a sci-fi go to theme. Ever think of your life in those terms? Perhaps you missed he's "dead" yet he still has a body, seizures and bleeds when he bites his tongue. He wants to "compress time as a boy" and when the elevator opens at the end the digital sound track restores his memory from birth to death. Then there's the doctor's name along with his secretary- Ms. Peters vs. St. Peter. There are elements of our conceptions about death that are nearly true and yet Dr. Godlieb points out "Human beings have a simple conception of life and death, not to mention God". Follow the carefully chose series of questions and answers with the word reaction exam. Sure you might figure out he's dead or not but what matters is when HE will figure it out. Watch it till you start to notice things and you will never stop finding them. Ask yourself why the pen runs out of ink??? WHAT DO YOU KNOW THAT YOU DON'T REALIZE YOU KNOW?
summer rose
What the heck did I jut watch!WARNING!DONT WATCH THIS MOVIE!You will NOT be the same ever again!
Amigos alguien sabe si esta pregunta existe en alguna parte en formato DVD o BlueRay?... es una maravilla digna de los inicios de cine digital---Gracias Friends anyone know if this question exists somewhere on DVD or BlueRay format? ... It is a wonder to the beginnings of digital cinema --- Thanks
What a God-Awful movie!
Edward Hahn
Conceptual-!? This is silly. Why does he toss things around? Why doesn't he simply ask the doctor why he is there, and so on. Take the initiative. He just babbles to himself instead of simply asking 'What happened to me?'
moo moo
I was hoping for some clarity...but it's just a movie, oh well,, guess we will all find out one day...whether we want to or not
Harold McBroom
The problem with government, everyone is on a need to know basis, they each think they are above the law, above the People, justified in everything they do.  Such arrogance has always been the downfall of any nation, and America is no different than those before.  Beyond dark agencies are the scourge, and rotting STINK within any government.
I saw this movie in cinema 25 years ago and i liked so much... but i never see again after. Where i could find this movie in french ?? :'(
chad jackson
Wow, thanks for posting this. I rented this several times in the early 90s while at university. Payless video in Denton, Tx had the best Sci-Fi and Cult Classics sections. Another one I always look for is an animated film called Light Years. Slipstream with Mark Hamill was also a favorite.
Harold McBroom
This movie was dumb.  The entire movie was spent with this so called god-scientist asking psychological questions, that at the end of the day, has nothing to do with the overall "end validation".  He could have just as well said, "You're dead, and this is the after life!" saving all the wasted time in-between trying to convince the audience that he's still alive.
Can someone help me understand the end. When he enters the elevator, he sees the white light and his life flashes before his eyes, like we are told many people experience just before death. So...? Isn’t the psychiatrist just his own mind reasoning with him to let go and accept death? he headed to some afterlife or rebirth? The psychiatrist says “give it time” at the end which could be interpreted as the main character is already dead and be prepped for transitioning to that which is beyond “life”.
Wands Summerow
You know, I was totally confused but it really inspired thought. Over all I am glad I watched it... Even as a Christian because God just doesn't fit in a box. Maybe this is a training ground for those who will populate the universe. Maybe God is THE super scientist. I hope to work in the creation department myself. And questions....boy do I have a million beyond human science questions!!!!
check time
Dan Lester
zzzzzzzz a real sleeper.
Dark Star
Good film---mainly because of the two main actors,who were really good---wasn't expecting that kind of ending until it was nearly over.
This film could have been made in 1951 way behind it's time.
Richard What?
Such a great film. Brilliant editing and sound work.
Hoyt Bullock
Ok....Spoiler alert. Guy dies in an airplane crash. Appears to deny he's dead while talking to an angel in the rest of the movie. Finally realize's he's actually dead and walks out into the Great Light of Eternity.