20 Childhood Toys That Are Now Worth A Fortune

If you grew up in 1980’s or 1990’s you would have experienced playing with toys much different than what’s sold today although some of those old toys are now worth a fortune. From the original Gameboy from 1989 to star wars toys and G.I Joe figurines worth tens of thousands of dollars, we take a look at 20 Childhood toys that are now worth a fortune. Click Here To Subscribe! /> ----------------------------------------­----------------------------------------­----- All prices are based on what the market has payed in the last 20 years. Most of which were original boxed and or mint condition. ----------------------------------------­----------------------------------------­----- Legal stuff Background music copyright Jason Shaw (audionautix.com) This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License. /> ----------------------------------------­----------------------------------------­----- If you enjoyed watching subscribe for a new video every 2 days. Subscribe HERE: /> Thanks for watching! Wacky Wednesday

Who else thinks Furbys are a little creepy?
Anyone remember the Light Bright?
Vanessa Riley
Let's say the greatest treasures in the world is our parents got all of those toys for us to enjoy first. They are memories of our original fun. Which is priceless.
Rae Kinlaw
My granddad literally used a peanut the elephant beanie baby as a doorstop when I was a child
Who buys toys 20 years ago and keeps them sealed though?
James Honeycutt
Someimtes I wonder if I should go out and buy a toy that comes out today and hold onto it for 30 years. I think an unopened Hatchimal might be worth money in 30 years.
M Staton
We werent thinking about how much our toys were gonna be worth back in the day. We tore and broke all our toys up.
Cheryl Simpson
Who would have ever thought certain toys would become priceless today, it would sure be nice to have one that could pay your mortgage off 😁
Richard Turner
How much would Teddy Ruxpin and his pal Grubby togeether be worth?
William Xu
Who's bored and is watching random stuff? No one? Just me? Ok.
Tor Berg
The 13th one is the only one that ACTUALLY costs a fortune
Kelsey Thayer
3:15 - Into a cassette ¿WHAT? In his back??? Bwa ha ha ha! That's what I thought...
Well idk man, I saw an original Gameboy for 25$ plus tax at GamePoint.
I had all of the Ghostbusters figures and vehicles, the He-Man and cat, the Gameboy and *loads* of Star Wars stuff (including two AT-AT Walkers and a Millennium Falcon). They all went in the bin when I moved house in 2001.
Laffy Taffy
Moral of the story: NEVER open your toys.
Should be "20 Childhood Toys That Are Now Worth Some Money" Seriously. None of this is 'A Fortune'.
Eric Pabon
i remember filling up the super soaker outside at the side of my house they have a spigget in CHICAGO. good times back in 1993
I still have the Tetris for the gameboy
That's crazy I had the gi joe tank and the he-man and battlecat pack... wish I still I had it
Napoji TV
At 3:17 did he just say cassette DICK????!🤔🤔🤷🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️
I have the gameboy. And furbys are just...creepy.
well I have a friend that had w furby that is about to magically disappear
Angel Rivera
I need somebody to buy my old 80's toys can somebody help me
i shouldve kept my original Furby instead of skinning it and making its skin  into pants for my doll. Sigh. 700 Dollar Pants..
My Cool Nostalgia
I just realized I was a millionaire when I was a kid since I had most of these back then! I still have some of this stuff!
I have one of those Furbys!!
EVIL FURBEES!! They started the rumor that the government was spying on us.
Trying to sell most of this toys at Pawn Star be like:"The Highest price we can give you is a $100"
ben reds vintage toys and repairs
3:16 casset dick lol 😂😂😂😂
chris bevins
I can get a og game boy for 25 !
Jo Noel
Is anyone else really annoyed by the way be says figure?
Ed Findlay
OMG $6000 for that dumb Darth Vader?! I melted mine with a lighter as a kid lol
Ruth Sheller
Things are only worth what someone will pay...gotta find a buyer!
belle mcellis
Oh yeah the Demonic FURBY😉
Born Blazed
I got 2 gameboy classics. both are broken.. Are pogs worth anything??
Melting dish soap 101
How much is a game boy color
Alyssa Jones
Omg I remember Teddy Ruxpin. I took him for show-and-tell in 1st grade. Lol I had the storybook as well as the tape playing. My classmates were enthralled lol.
I have the Power Charger and stand for a Game Boy,still in the original plastic.
TDA Channel
I've the furby , and the game boy :"D but I think nobody will buy those stuff .
Gabriel Alvarez
I have a Game Boy and I'm 13!
Shattered Lens
furby was sued by the creators of gremlins
SSJ Dennis
First time I really regret leaving my GB with pokemon Red at my ex-girlfriends house :(
Man, I HAD one of the Vader figures with the lightsaber inside the arm!
Snowing Fire
Pokemon card , gijoe tank gameboy .... may have/had these
Robert Willoughby
I wonder what my old Firefox game is worth (if I can find it!)
I always end up on these typed of videos when I'm bored Af and I can't sleep. Like to enter the middle of the nightclub like me.
I loved my cabbage patch dolls. I remember teddy ruxpin with the cassette tapes.
Rebel Weaver
It all depends on the buyers, they will ultimately determine it's value not the seller. I still had my original Gameboy from the 90s up until a few years ago, with games and original packaging and it still worked. Sold it at a auction for $375 with the games. It just happened to be the right day. A little while later somebody else sold one at that auction with more games, they got $30 for it. So it depends on the buyer. Your best bet is to take your product to a auction and the right auction. Those Beanie Babies though wow, those things get insane at auctions. Seeing what some of them go for makes me wish I kept mine when I was a kid. Brings a tear to my eye as well, I mean because I realise the money I'm missing out on.
Pawn Stars be like: "Yeah, man...I'll give you 50 bucks for it and I'm taking a huge risk here."
Brian Banks
Gameboy 👍🏿👍🏿💯
I have a white and black spoted old fashioned furby....
Jokez Paine
Who remembers the race track where you pull the trigger to race the cars. I can't remember the name.
James Bond
I wonder how much of these people in the comments are lying. :/
They sold something like 20mil original Game Boys, they are not worth anywhere near $80, I'd say $20 tops.
DevilZ driver
the gamegear was better òwó (and a sealed gameboy only cost 200$)
Joseph OBrien
Why is everyone turning British?
8-Bit Eric
this video is totally misinformation.
David Masterson
Is that Robert De-Niro in the background of the original GI Joe? No wonder it went for 200k
Sulejman Omeragic
boba fet originaly whit rocket today worth 150 000 DOLARS, NOT 2000... DO YOURS HOME WORK
I had most of this stuff haha still have my teddy and my 1st edition Charzard
Esther Chairez
I think I might have that blue elephant!❤😊 20 out 100 of a chance
My mom somehow kept an original gameboy and it's now mine >:3
Kathya Miranda
My brother owns 2 game boys a Gameboy color and a Gameboy,p.s he bought them at a thrift store for $113
Dragon -Mike T.v
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A PSA 10 Charizard recently sold on eBay for over 13k
I got a mint on box super soaker for sale :D
When I was little I pissed in the super soaker 50... got the neighborhood bully.
David Southon
i had loads of the matchbox cars . my dad used to work there nearly 50 yrs ago ..
J Black
Back in the day in Philly this car was hitting people with drive bys — it’s the good so people guard up when they slowed up and pulled the gun out but it was a super soaker LOL
tomtom vicky
Mising Air Raid on Atari VCS 2600 which sold for over $40.000
How 2 Draw
I can go to GameStop and buy a Gameboy for $80
quick go back in time and buy everything he just mentioned!
Sebastian Spatafore
a gameboy for $500 lol yeah! right, I got one complete in box for $40, are so easy to find.
Random . net
14:36 Click this for a glitch
I can remember the Cabbage patch kid insanity back in the day . it was a sight to behold. Now on the prices, they are subject to change any collectable item always is.
Huddy 9
The original game boy is worth 40 dollars
Animatronic bear? no thanks, i'll pass. Don't need another reason to not sleep at night D:
I had most of this lol
Dacx Dacunos
0:28 I'm not gonna say it, I'M NOT GONNA SAY IT... oh no, WO- **vomits** the serum worked........
Mo Prasad
I wish I could buy that Charizard card for that price now
Guy Code Academy.com
*Fixed "20 Childhood Toys That Are Now Worth a Lot of Money When They Happen to Have Never Been Opened or Are Graded Mint"
Nicholas Letts
Dude sounds like danger Dolan
I have a 1989 original Gameboy but it's opened 😢 even though I have all the packaging
Samuel FlaBra
Still have my original Charizard card 1st edition!!!!
Rowdy Bodine
If you had two Furbys, they would yak together. How cute! Sometimes they would start to talk in the middle of the night, so I took their batteries out! Still got them, they're sleeping.
Vickie Hicks
the information was great , anything on 1960?
Dokter Vip4r
I got the original gameboy for 3-4$
David Fredenburg
shreyash parajuli
Humm old games are very interesting
billy barkly
In the 1970s I bought many sports cards at 10 cents a pack or 1 cent per card. In the 1990s certain rookie and star cards were worth 100s of dollars from the 1970s cards. My friends mothers often threw the cards out at the end of each season not realizing in later years some of the cards would be worth so much.
sorr 1212
I got 3 game boys 1 game boy colour 1 gameboy cam 1 gameboy printer 3 dsi 2 3ds 1ps4 1 xbox 360 how much is that today??
Notice. What eBay says you will fetch for the price does not necessarily mean you are going to get it for that price. Some items are just insanely expensive and nobody ever purchases them.
Sage Anderson
Are you kidding? You can easily get a furby on ebay for $20
Ryan Rodgers
I've seen gameboys for $35 at gamestop
Creations Maxo
Man... I remember having a Teddy Ruxpin when I was about 6.
Hello neighbor pla Fan
I got a gameboy for 10 pinneys
Bruisy From Runescape
I had stadium events. That could've bought a house. I'm going to puke. My mom threw it away when I went to college.
Kaylynn Huddleston
excuse me. I have toys from the 60s it's real vintage.