Yeti SB130 vs. Evil The Offering - Is One Better Than The Other?

These days, the number of mid travel full suspension mountain bikes seems endless. It feels like every week, brands are coming out with new all mountain slayers that promise to be longer, lower, and slacker. Two of those brands are Yeti Cycles and Evil BIkes, who recently released two completely new models for 2018/2019, the Yeti SB130 and The Evil The Offering. We decided to put both mid travel, 29'r, trail rippers head to head to see which would come out on top. How good are these bikes? If you compare the two, which is best? This is a head to head review comparison on two of our favorite 29" Enduro MTB's. Read on to find out! Visit our blog for more information: />Subscribe to our channel: /> Shop Bikes and Frames: /> Want to learn more about fork offset? Check out our video: /> Check out our SB4.5 vs. Following comparison: /> Website: />Instagram: />Facebook: /> What's the Worldwide Cyclery YouTube Channel all about? Demystifying the confusing world of MTB's one video at a time. We eat, sleep and breathe bicycles and love to make videos about them. Worldwide Cyclery is one unusual bike shop on a mission to build the best bike shop on the planet. We are a group of passionate and motivated riders who are all about having fun on bikes by any means necessary. We mostly live in the world of high-end mountain bikes but pretty much just love anything with two wheels. Our content provides riders with the most amount of information possible on everything from new product releases to bike and product reviews. We're here to provide relevant content that will inform and educate our fellow riders/bike enthusiasts so that they can upgrade and shred their bikes with a smile. To learn more about our shop check out - /> Shop online at or... Visit a shop in Newbury Park CA or Lancaster PA. Come ride bikes! Or drink a beer, or a fruit juice... #yetisb130 #eviltheoffering #yetisb130vseviltheoffering

Worldwide Cyclery
Yeti SB130 or Evil The Offering, which would you pick? Let us know!
Being Human
Pound for pound both of these bikes need more bang for the buck
Haven’t ridden the SB130 but I have to say I love my Offering. Both badass bikes!
Will S
I love the color of the Evil, reminds me of a Yeti!
novic rider
Just bought the offering. Thanks for the help
Doug&Margie Fit couple in the Philippines
Can you compare the Pivot 429Trail to the Yeti 130?
Michael Bartovsky
Great comparison gents. I'd love to demo both and get a feel for which one wants to get rowdy.
Nathan Libot
Evil for sure even though they say 3 years customer service is great at evil and if your a long customer I’ve herd they take care of faithful evil people, not just that Evils are way more fun to ride 🤙🏼
Mike Sima
Hope you do a SB100 Vs Following MB soon please?
Ol' Roy MTB, etc.
Too close to call... both are dream machines! Lots of $, but, lots of bike too. I'd be just as stoked to ride one as I would the other...
Sandstone Cycles
If you all made more of these vs. videos i would watch them.
Sparks 701
Too close to call. Send them both to me. I'll let you know in a year. I guess if I had to choose it would be the Yeti. Because I believe in Bigfoot😆
Josh K
Honestly, I think if you end up with either one of these you're in a pretty good place.
Larry Burke
Reamonn Ryan
everything I had ever hoped for in a comparison video between these two bikes : )
Nick Watkins
Santa said just box them up and deliver to me Merry Christmas 🎄
these edits are 🔥
Paul Nieh
Let's boil all that pointless jibber jabber down to three words: Go test ride.
That Lil John Yeah! cracks me up. Ahahaha
Logan Mulally
I want a DELTA link paired with Switch Infinity
Yeti carries the water bottle lower in the frame.
Titan's Guild Dre
Can you make a video of the best trails in/near La?
Taylor Hall
This was my dilemma. Went with Offering and very happy about it! Don't think you can go wrong on either one.
David ?
YETI beats all..
Hard choice. Both great looking bikes !
eagle boy
❤ this channel
Andrew Greenwood
Hi jeff, can you tell me why there is different shock on the yeti SB 150 ie; on the Turq frame fox x2 & on the C frame Dpx2 won't they ride differently & on the SB 130 Turq & C frame both have the fox DPx2 shock, I know the C frame has the performance version against the Turq having the factory ( Kashima coating ) but the internals are pretty much the same apart from the coating. Is it because there isn't a performance version of the X2 to go on the C build that's why they have the Fox DPX2 performance on the 150 C build Kind regards Drew
Easton Becker
this video is awesome
Slushy Rides
Please do some DH bike test. Please
Sherman Collier
What would a mid grade evil following cost? With a mid grade build and a 150 fork.
Dave Farrell
Hi Jeff. The following quote is from the 2019 Bible of Bike Tests regarding the SB130: “The bike corners exceptionally well, but it requires the rider to completely shift his or her weight forward over the front end. It can actually feel unnatural and uncomfortable at first, as you timidly inch farther and farther forward, corner after corner, to get the front wheel to stick. That much forward bias would pitch you over the bars on a lot of other bikes, so it takes some practice to get used to it. Also, it takes more energy, so when you get tired and want to sit up and relax, the bike will understeer and blow corners. But when you’re switched on, the SB130 will not disappoint.” – Ryan Palmer, Bike magazine What's your take on this? Do you agree?
J.P. Sayer
I live in Thousand Oaks CA area. The video looks like it was filmed here recently (post wildfires) is that the case?
Dave Farrell
How does the Offering climb vs. the MB? What's your take?
Adam Englander
dannngggggggg I pick both
Robert Pavsner
Good videos, but why no mention of the full bike build weights? I mean they were right there, in the stands...
Andrew Greenwood
Hi jeff, the Yeti SB 130 can take 160 mm fork as you know from the yeti website, which would give a 0.5 of 1 deg slackening down to 65 deg upfront would that make it better on the downs , but compromise a little on the climbing abilities of the 130 ? Kind regards Drew.
Michael Sanchez
What do you guys think of the Santa Cruz Hightower 27.5+ S Build?
Justin E
I flipped my chip, feeling dangerous.
Misfit Outdoors
Knott looked so much hotter when he was riding, uh..MY Transition Any chance He could give a comparison between the two in the future?
David fournier
Awesome comparison 👍🏻
Chef's Surprise
Jeff, don't know what the fan base is for alloy bikes but I'm one. Can you do something on these?
The Middle Aged Masher
Two beautiful whips
Frank Strobel
if i was able to have/afford either bike.. i would lean torwards Yeti. Afterall Doddy from GMBN almost had an orgasm just mentioning Yeti his latest video....
Craig Collins
Two major issues with the Yeti are a press fit bottom bracket and the switch infinity system being directly in the path of wheel mud and dirt accumulation. The Evil has one of the best suspension linkage designs in terms of owner serviceability and all of the links are well away from mud and dirt being thrown by the rear wheel. I rode my 2009 Yeti AS-R for ten years, and wanted to go with Yeti again but decided on the Evil after riding both and contemplating the long-term maintenance associated with each.
That Gopro Kid
I don’t really like the way the yeti looks, and that evil looks soo good. If I was a dentist I would 100% go evil
I have been considering both of these and leaning towards the yeti. I just can’t get past spending 6k on a bike that doesn’t have internal cable routing.
Scott Gibson
I know every one is looking for the silver bullet but Nate Hills says its 90 percent rider 10 percent bike, don't over think it. Bikes today are awesome and no you do not to spent 6,000 dollars to have fun and ride hard. Nice video thanks
Quoting the great Will Smith, "Woooo thas hot".
nice vid but where can i get a sticker to stick on my hoodie?!
Callum Young
The 2best looking bikes😍
Clay DellaCava
You guys added a Push shock to your Offering and a nice wheel set. I'm guessing you like it. Can you comment on the bike with the Push shock?
what trail is that? thought it was the luge?
Greg Palloni
Can you get a 2.5 or 2.4 WT on the rear? They come 2.3 on rear right?
Bod Breaux
The black Yeti and turquoise Evil had me completely befuddled from the get go.
Rafed Hossini
awesome video
Rob Bradshaw
Hi Geoff, love your videos, how would you compare the offering and 2019 comp alloy LT stumpy? Is it worth upgrading the frame? Also want to upgrade wheels to carbon
Alexandre Asselin
I demoed lots of bikes last year and ended up buying a Calling. It s just so fun to ride. I modified the fork to a 150 mm and put the flip chip in the X-Low setting. Nice video again. I wish I could try that Yeti just for fun though...
Caleb Kittleson
If I was to build up the Offering, would it be okay to go with a 150mm travel fork? and does it have to have the 51mm offset?
I Love Conversation
Hey Jeff I know it’s not a brand you sell but you must have ridden one. How’s a ripmo stack up to these?
Verdon Rocks Photography
chosen 130 INDEED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you got it, by now?!? LOL!
Felipe Rios Moreira
It seems like you're a Yeti fan. Love Evil hate Yeti. My opinion 💪🏼🤙🏼
Donn Pass
I buying a yeti sb130 but what about size to go ? im 178cm looking for large because i had SC Hightower large and it was perfect but not sure how does it feel compering 5.5 is the size similar?
Lardo 5150
Any of your testers, are they 6ft even and did they ride a large 130 and Offering?
Tino Schneider
If the Evil just wouldn't have this terrible bulky headtube area and the ridiculous external cable routing :( .
Dan Rashtizadeh
Does anyone have a USED BIKE similar to these two bikes that they are willing to sell? I can't afford these bikes brand new, but maybe used. I live in Californis, so let me know someone. Thanks
Lauro Garza
4 out of 5 dentists choose the yeti.
Mike in C.C.
Yeti, in a heartbeat. The Evil rear suspension linkage is weird looking, probably heavier, and too complex to want. Not sure why anyone would even want an Evil. Looks like you need an engineering degree to even service the Evil shock.
Gary Caruso
Every Villain Is Lemons ? Is it true that the Yeti Infinity link needs to be replaced almost every year? for $300...
pasha c
But these are not similar
Mathias Eversheim
Forgot to talk about the way the suspensions differ??? That’s what is the main thing that separates these two